Christmas time is coming, and with it, many ideas for decorating your home start to spring up. For so many people, Christmas time is the favorite time of their years – people like to spend time with their families, decorate a Christmas tree and decorate their homes.

It is the perfect time to start decorating your home in the Christmas spirit. You can decorate just about anything you want; a good place to start would be the staircase. In this article, we will take a look at the best Christmas staircase decorating ideas you can try for your home.

How to decorate your staircase

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The staircase is one of the most visible and important things in your house. You can start decorating your home with the staircase and make it stand out even more.

The important thing to keep in mind is to decorate your staircase in the same style as the rest of your house. You can opt for a really classical-looking decoration, or you can choose something completely extraordinary. The choice is all yours.

For decorating your stairs, you will require some tools and gadgets, such as a wire, hooks, fishing line and stick tape. These can be used to hang decorations from the staircase.

You can create a nice decoration by simply layering. Among the most interesting and desired ornaments for your staircase include lights, tree ornaments, candy, monogram letters, and ribbons. You can also incorporate some of your own ideas, of course. There are many possibilities when decorating your staircase.

Best Christmas staircase decorating ideas

This year, it may be time to do something different. While you might have already decorated your Christmas tree and put it up, or you have already decorated your living room, it might be time to try decorating your staircase next. You’ll be surprised at how many options there are and how many Christmas staircase decorating ideas you can try.

The staircase is not only a functional element of your home; it also acts as a sort of a focal point of your home, if you decorate it properly, of course. Here are the best Christmas staircase decorating ideas you can try.

Snow-Dusted Staircase

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To add a simple decoration element, you can decorate your staircase with snow-dusted garland and some white-colored roses to accomplish the whole look. It would really complement the Christmas spirit.


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Adding beautiful poinsettias would really liven up your stairs. It is really a simple way to decorate your staircase, but a very effective one. You can complement the look by adding other pieces of a garland of the same color and large bows on the top and bottom of the arrangement.

Add Letters

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Another simple, but a very beautiful idea would be to add marquee illuminated letters to your staircase. You can add anything you like, as long as it is in the spirit of Christmas.

Add Flowers at the Bottom

To make your staircase stand out even more, you can add a flower or a large bow at the bottom of the staircase. You can be really creative with this, as long as it is in the spirit of Christmas.

Buckets with greenery

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If you have some nice buckets around your house that you don’t use, then you can utilize them as decorative pieces. You can grow or plant some Christmas greenery into the buckets and place them on your staircase. These buckets will grow to become very beautiful and unique pieces of decoration.

Decorate Your Staircase With Ribbons

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A very good Christmas staircase decorating idea that is also quite easy and affordable is to use ribbons of various colors and shapes to decorate your staircase. Here are some of the best Christmas staircase decorating ideas with ribbons.


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Give your staircase decoration another dimension by placing ribbons in colors of Ireland and you can even add big red bows to the whole decoration to make it even more appealing.

Garland and Stockings

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Another very traditional way to decorate your stairs would be to place stockings on it. If you don’t have a fireplace to place the stockings there, then you can utilize your staircase for that and make it stand out.

Add Ribbon to Existing Décor

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Adding ribbons is always a good idea because they bring another dimension to your existing decoration.

Santa’s Reindeer

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Coming back to great Christmas staircase decoration ideas, here is another one. You can create a very unique decoration by simply decorating each and every one of your stars with the names of Santa’s reindeer. You can do this with a computer and then print it out, or you can alternatively use a pen and paper to create this decoration.

Bulbs of Different Colors

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You can add more colors to your decoration by adding bulbs of various different colors. Your Christmas staircase decoration doesn’t have to be monotone or the same as every year; you can add bulbs of different colors to create a great decoration.


Image source: The Gudhouse Company

You can add pineapples, which are a sign of hospitality, to create a feeling of warmth and home for your staircase.

Christmas Decorations using lights and candles

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To add a feeling of home and warmth to your staircase, you can decorate it with lights and candles. It is one of the best Christmas decoration ideas to make your staircase more welcoming and more charming for your visitors. For this, you can use a variety of different candles: you can opt for more natural candles or you can go for more modern LED candles.

All White

If you like white color, then this idea is for you. If your staircase is already white, you can add to it by adding ornaments in white and other different additions in white. This would create a feeling of warmth and a more homely feeling.

Silver and Gold

Image source: Dina_art

Another good way to make your staircase more festive is to add ornaments in silver and gold, which are perceived as the colors of Christmas.

Bundles of Spirit

Image source: Rae Turi

You can use greenery bunches instead of traditional flowers for your staircase this year. If you are a bit of a florist, then this is one of those Christmas staircase decorating ideas that you should definitely try. Add some simple ornaments and tie it all together; we can guarantee that it would look great and cohesive if you choose the right materials.

Advent Calendar Christmas Decorating ideas for your banister

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If you have kids, then this is one of the best Christmas staircase decorating ideas that you should try. You can put treats and arrange them in the Advent calendar fashion and your kids will definitely enjoy it.

Wrapped Greens

Image source: Poppytalk

This décor is very simple and understated – use greenery and tie it together and add it to the staircase, it will make for a very nice decoration.

Add Presents to the steps

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If you really want to create an exciting Christmas spirit, then you can put presents onto the steps of your staircase and wrap them into a nice paper.

Added Accents

Image source: Martha Stewart

There is a large number of accents and decorations that you can add – snowflakes, ribbons, ice skates that you have in your basement, some traditional greens and more. It would make for a nice decoration that would be subtle but really beautiful.

Add Pillar Candles

Image source: Julie Blanner

You can’t go wrong with pillar candles, they would make a really nice design for your staircase.

Classic Garland

Image source: Attagirl Says

Of course, you can always opt for the classical approach and add classic elements to your design. It will always be appreciated because not only it is simple, but also it looks great.


Image source: CDN Decoist

You can combine the garland with some citruses to create a spirit of Christmas. It would be something different, but if you do it right, it can make for a stunning decoration.

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