Looking for dorm room ideas? Yeah, it’s not easy to decorate them, but you can get creative within the decorating limitations.

Dorm rooms are built in a way to meet the bare minimum requirements, since these are mostly for commercial purposes or to accommodate large masses. College dorm rooms can therefore, be a challenging job at times to arrange it for a little more than comfortable living. There are many college dorm room ideas which can help achieve to maximize the space by organizing properly.

Usually, all the college dorms would not be a single room rather a shared one, so that also makes the job a little complex. Not only one has to keep in mind his/her own necessities but also has to maintain coordination not to disturb your roommate’s space or essentials. This is a task involving creativity to design the interior without impacting other’s liberty or comfort of living in the shared space.

The way you keep your room says a lot about your personality. In the case of a dorm, there is just one space for your studies, leisure, sleep etc. So, the dorm room decor must also meet each of these specifications or be designed in a way to alter the area as per your needs.

The first thing to begin arranging is to socialize with your roommate and discuss a few things in ahead to make life easier for both. Next step would be to start with a list of things you are going to need and see if some of the larger things which acquire more space should not be replicated, for example, fridge, TV or over etc.

Space is very crucial in dorms and the focus should always be on the maximum utilization of it. Therefore, such items can always be shared, and that way leave enough space to accommodate other things.

College Dorm Room Ideas for Maximizing Space

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We will discuss in this article about some of the college dorm ideas to increase space and decorate it. Let’s begin.

1) The elephant in the room:

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The most significant and space consuming thing in your room is the bed and most of your dorm room decor depends on it. This is the place to start with. There are many things which can be adjusted in and around the bed which can hold your items.

This completely depends on the type of bed you have in your dorm. If it is a loft bed, you would have plenty of space below your bed which could be used as a lounge area or your small workspace or study space.

2) Bed Risers

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If the dorm does not have a loft bed, the next best thing you could do with your bed is, lift it using bed-risers which would create some space under the bed. You can add under the bed carts or boxes to store your shoes or extra clothes or dirty laundry or quilts and sheets.

Just with 4-5 inches high, a lot can be accommodated in that hidden space. It is a very good way of decluttering your room.

Since the bed is the place where you would lean on for every mood, throw in some pillows and soft fluffy sheets to make a cosy place for you to take a chill.

3) Multi-functional Furniture

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This could come very handy in your day to day life. You can add a lift-top coffee table under your loft bed which can be used as a storage unit and for work or dinner table.

You can also add a rolling caddy to use as a snack station or make a small coffee bar. This would take care of your hunger pangs during those late working or studying hours.

A Storage ottoman can fit near your study table or bedside which can act as a storage space and also a piece of seating furniture for any visitors who come. It also adds décor to the room.

Foldable storage boxes are another useful product which you keep for any spare items that you have and later can be folded and kept inside when not in need.

A tiered shelving unit will not only add décor to the wall but will also add some storage capacity.

4) College Dorm Ideas for Wall Art

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Dorms will have their restrictions for nailing or painting it as you like, although there are décor ways which can add a tinge of wow in the boring plain walls. You can use pretty wallpapers on your bedside wall to give an artistic look to it. It can also be easily removed so there is no worry of violating any rules.

Other ways of utilizing the wall space could be to add an over-the-wall hanger which can be used as additional storage space or add a mirror.

5) Leave No Mess Around

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Sometimes even fewer things add up to make the room look messier, especially if it is smaller in size. Always try to keep all the clutter contained. If you have a work table, use a file cabinet to organize any files in it or a pen-stand for any small stationary material lying on it. Try to keep things in neat and tidy order and the area would appear spacious.

Use over-the-door hanger for shoes or clothes, instead of just laying them around the room which would only shrink the space.

6) Leave No Space Unused

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It sounds chaotic, but if done the right way can be a super space saver.From the door in your room to the walls, space alongside your bed or under it, everything place can be utilized to its full potential. We have already discussed the ways you can transform these spaces for your storage purpose.

A Closet is another apparatus in the room which can be exploited in many ways. The door of the closet can be used for a mirror if it does not have one already or an over-the-door hanger can be added. Inside the closet, you can add hangers which can instantly double the holding capacity and many outfits can easily fit in the space without making it cluttered.

Bathroom space can be utilized wisely by adding wall cabinets and shower- wall organizer to hold all your accessories. You can add low-cost two-tier stands or hanging baskets to keep it economic.

College Dorm Ideas to Add a Personal Touch

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As long you are in college the dorm would be your home away from home. Try to give it a personal touch while decorating so that every time you get back from work or college it would feel home. You can add some of your belongings from home near your bed-table or wall to give you the same essence.

Add your favourite colour wallpaper or any use picture frames of family members or anything favourite which would leave a feel-good sentiment every time you see it.

You can add that little bonsai indoor plant, near your side table or that dream catcher over your bed or frame a picture of your countryside and hang it on the wall. There are many such college dorm ideas to make your room feel at home.

Coordinate with Your Roommate

Sharing a room can be tricky at times when you are planning to organize the space. It is, therefore, very important to coordinate with your roommate before you start planning the make-over. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, few of the things which are more area consuming and can be commonly used can always be shared which would save space, such as, fridge or TV etc.

Whether you are choosing a colour shade for the room or fancy wallpaper, if there is a good harmony with your roommates, the task becomes easier and the workload would be shared as well.

You cannot have it all as your own house in a dorm as there would be few compromises along the way since the room transformation is going to impact everyone staying there. Therefore, ensuring that no one’s liberty or comfort of living is violated, is also of equal importance while organizing the room.

Don’t Carry Everything

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Do not carry all the items from your home as you can always go and get in case you left something behind or need it in future. Yes, you can and always add storage units in your room for containing the extra clutter, but if there is a way to keep them out, better go with that.

Storage units can come in handy to declutter the floor space. If you have a bigger one and have still space left, you can always share it with others in your room and split the cost.

Light the Mood

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College dorm ideas list cannot be complete without the involvement of lights. Just as colours in the room, lights too can make a lot of difference in its overall appearance and your mood. Here are a few dorm room ideas for light decoration and also can make your room look bigger.

Use a dangling pendant light to give a subtle and polished look to your dorm with extra light. Chose a natural colour so that it will make the tiny dorm look more spacious. Adding a mirror on the walls is also a good idea as it reflects light and gives an illusion of more space.

Use a LED clamp lamp mostly can be adjusted anywhere on your desk, nightstands or bed frame to help in late-night study or work.

String lights are another beautiful option to add that flare to your room. It can go anywhere, wrapped around your jars or lined across the wall. (Remember the trick is to use natural light shades.)

Ending thoughts on these College Dorm Room Ideas

Once you have set up everything, it’s time to enjoy the new décor. Although don’t forget to make it a habit of staying organized and keep things the way they are and in their designated spot. Otherwise, it would not take long before it turns into a clutter despite all the efforts.

College or work life can be strenuous at times but also fun. Be focused towards your goal but that does not mean it has to be dull or soulless. Hope the above college dorm ideas would make your room more appealing and provide you with some relief from those homesick days. Happy Living!

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