Condo interior design trends have changed in the last couple of years. Covid made people stay at home, and the living experience was repetitive thanks to dull, simple colors and décor. 2022 is reflective of that, causing the interior design to focus on creating more variance.

2022 condo interior design trends in Chicago favor changes in texture, color, and material heavily, creating as much variation within the living space as possible. I’ll feature the most popular trends in this article and talk about where you can find some condos with the best-looking interiors on the market.

Inspiration From Nature

Nature has played a large role in condo interior design trends in Chicago. People have experienced a life detached from the outdoors and nature, and they hated the isolation it created. To compensate, many have brought elements of nature into the house.

It’s not just a few pots in the corner. Natural surfaces such as terracotta, marble, and travertine are being used with larger, branching-out trees to create a more organic space. Pottery, raw natural elements, exotic flora, and fauna motifs are taking over.

Shades Of Green and Brown

Part of 2022’s design trends has been a shift back to the 70’s retro style. Caramel, chocolate brown, cognac, burnt umber, and other earthy shades play with more aggressive colors like fiery orange very well. Creating a cozy space with personality seems to be the central point here.

To match the inclusion of natural elements and greenery in the living space, lighter shades of green are being used to accentuate it. Green is being used sparsely to only highlight and creates a curved, natural flow to hold the design together.

Sparkling Elements

Sparkling jewels, swirling marbles, and other dazzling elements of the earth have become the centerpiece of many homes. These jewels are being employed to contrast the earthy tones and introduce passive sources of light and color in the house.

Typically, this inclusion would be gaudy and aggressive, but it’s being used to shine a spotlight on the rest of the décor. Bejeweled lines and curves are indicating where each segment ends and add a touch of playfulness. It also helps to merge two different tones in the room, creating a convincing segue.


The texture is a key element in condo interior design trends. The texture was typically considered invasive for condos. It took up space and made the interior look smaller. But Chicago condos have taken to include texture and create variation in the interior view.

Earthenware and stoneware have invaded the interior, creating natural sources of texture. Furniture is curvier and more organic, featuring wood grain and heavily textured fabrics like bouclé. Walls are sporting wallpapers, jewels, and metals, to create color and texture.

Curving Lines

Curving, natural lines have become one of the condo interior design trends. The straight, linear, industrial lines created a mediocre, hospital-clean view. It didn’t feel lived in.

Curving, flowing lines replace that feeling with more natural, bold transition points to interesting furniture, natural elements, or swaths of main colors. They also create room for mimicking nature, styling around your plants, and earthenware to create a more cohesive vision.

Multifunctional Rooms

c2-1 Condo Interior Design Trends in Chicago (2022)

Covid forced people to get used to making the same space their home, office, and entertainment spaces. Now that people have gotten into the habit, there’s a rise in demand for multifunctional spaces.

Instead of piling everything in one place, larger rooms are being filled with isolated, purpose-built spaces. These spaces have linking features or elements that lead you into each of the sections of the room, smoothly transitioning from work to entertainment.

Invisible Home Office

Over 9 million people worked remotely in 2021, and many still prefer to take some work home. But many employees have returned to their offices in 2022, and the need for a dedicated space for work has diminished.

People are still reserving some space for work, but it is designed to not look isolated. These workspaces are mostly as minimal as can be and blend in with the rest of the space.

Inclusion Of Technology

Technology made life at home connected and convenient. Technology kept people working, occupied, efficient and working. Changing house climate and lighting from smartphones gave room to effortlessly fiddle. Automated security provided assurance and safety.

Now, powerful desktops are making it into every home. Smart lighting and heating solutions, security cameras, multipurpose kitchens, and home gadgets are in demand. Technology is serving as the neutral element, with off-white tones or shades of dark black.

Where Can I Find The Trendiest Chicago Condos?

You like a natural, earthy, playful home and modern facilities, not the hassle of refurbishing a condo or purchasing it. It’s time-consuming and wasteful if you lack experience.

As a solution, you can check out these high-rise  buildings. They are all furnished with the latest interior design trends and sport the latest in consumer technology. You won’t have trouble finding your dream home.

The pandemic has changed how we see our homes. It became our world instead of a place for rest during quarantine. Including natural elements and variety gives a stark relief from the monotone we’ve suffered from and makes our homes play a bigger role in our lives.

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