Are you looking for a brand new countertop water filter for your home? Then you have come to the right place. Here, we will analyze how to choose a new countertop water filter.

A good water filter can be a good addition to any household, as it can improve the quality of the water coming out of your kitchen tap, and it can destroy any potential contaminants like lead. We have examined the best water filters for you, and we will help you pick your new countertop water filter.

These filters come very handily in any household: they don’t take up much space, they are easy to use, and they work in your favor by getting rid of the possible contaminants and unwanted chemicals from your water. What is more, it will alkalinize your water, which will make the drinking water better for staying in shape and for weight loss.

Deciding Factors for Choosing a Countertop Filter

The Size

One of the first things to consider when picking the filter for you is its size. Will it fit your tap and your overall kitchen design? Do you have enough space next to the faucet, so that you can install the filter there? Most of them are not large anyway, so they will fit most of the environments. Still, it is better to make sure that it fits your home before buying it, instead of becoming something you will regret later on. Some of the filters are also significantly larger and can take up quite a lot of space, requiring you to carefully juggle and handle the spacing.

The Material of the Filter

You might also want to enquire what your filter is made of. Is it made from cheap materials, or from plastic that will leak all over the kitchen? Is it made of the BPA materials, or from other quality materials that will enable you to have the best performance? This isan important thing to consider when picking your countertop water filter.

The Capacity of the Filter

This is also a vital quality of the filter that you should consider. Are you buying the filter for your whole household, or will it be placed on a faucet in one of the smaller rooms? There are various filter sizes, and you can choose whatever suits your needs best here.

Is it Easy to Use?

Generally, most of the filters are relatively easy to use. However, some are more complicated than others, and when it comes to installation, it does also require a degree of knowledge and know-how. If you are leaning towards the ease of use, then this is certainly an important aspect of your new filter.

The Quality of the Filter

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You also need to ask yourself whether the filter is quality enough to last for several years, instead of having a product that you will have to replace in a few months. The filter’s lifespan is very important, and you should go for the ones with a longer lifespan.

Buying replacement filters are also a good idea, as you will be able to filter the water for longer periods, and you will be able to change the filter instantly, while also saving some money.

What does the Filter Remove?

It is in this category that most filters distinguish from others. Some filters are focused on removing toxins, such as lead, arsenic, fluoride, and other similar chemicals, while others are more orientated towards improving the quality of the drinking water.

Whatever your preference might be, you should first check what the filter does, and what contaminants it removes. The better filters will tend to focus on providing a complete experience, while some are geared towards a specific task.

What does the filtered water taste like?

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For some, it is very important that the water tastes good after the filtering process. Does it taste good, or is it not to your liking? While it might seem a minor thing, some people find it very important. But how can you know? Some products offer tests and various tastings, so you will be able to know about it.

Pick Your Countertop Water Filter

Here, we will provide you with some good examples of filters that you will hopefully be able to choose from. Some of these are geared towards specific tasks, while others provide a wholesome experience. Whatever your preference might be, you first need to know what your water contains, and how it can be improved.

It might be a good idea to take some measurements with your water, which will help you establish what your water contains, and which contaminants need to be eradicated. Then, based on those measurements, choose the filter that best fits your needs. Watch for the certifications for the best quality possible, and they should be from reputable certificate providers such as the CSA Group.

Here is a list of the best countertop water filters around. Take a look, and make your pick.

Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter

The Apex Countertop water filter is one of the most effective filters out there. It will get rid of almost all the contaminants – 99% of them, to be more precise, which will make sure that your drinking water is of the best quality possible. Harmful bacteria, parasites, fluoride, lead, chlorine, arsenic, and other chemicals will be no more.

What we found very useful with this filter is the fact that you can add minerals to your water through the filter itself. That allows you to have a high quality of water straight out of the filter, with plenty of minerals and other beneficial elements.

Big Berkey Water Filter 2.5 Gallon System

If you are looking for a filter that is made from high-quality materials, then this is certainly one to consider. It is a 2-gallon dispenser that is offered at a very reasonable price for what it has to offer. Like most filters, this one also removes most sediments and unwanted chemicals, but takes a step further to remove fluoride and arsenic. If you want a good filtration of unwanted metals and a pure water taste, then this is the countertop water filter to go with.

pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer

This is a pitcher ionizer for your water, meaning that it will increase the PH of the water while also raising the ORP of the water. It is perfect for those who want to increase the alkalinity, and they want to add essential minerals to the water.

Selenium and calcium will be added with this filter, while also removing fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, and VOCs. The filter also inhibits the bacteria growth and will filter all the unwanted heavy metals such as arsenic and lead. This filter offers everything you want from a good quality filter.

New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter

This is a filter that will fit almost any faucet out there, as it is one of the smaller options on this list. But still, it offers premium performance with its ten stages of filtration, taking out the solid waste while also getting rid of unwanted chemicals and metals.

Lead levels will be reduced, and the filter will also work towards eliminating mercury, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, and organic matter, from the water. The filter will purify the water very effectively, and you will be left with a very clean, and pure water.

AquaTru Countertop RO System

If you are looking for a premium reverse osmosis filter, this one is one of the best. If you want to know more about reverse osmosis and reverse osmosis systems, then check out our review of the best reverse osmosis systems.

AquaTru provides a 4-stage RO filtering. In the first stage, also called the pre-filtering stage, it will remove the bigger particles, such as sand. The next stage is the activated carbon filter, and all 4 stages of the filter will provide excellent quality of water.

CleanWater4Less® Countertop Water Filtration System

As the name of the filter suggests, this is a very high-quality, energy-efficient and very powerful filter that is capable of saving you a lot of money – both in terms of the initial price and in terms of the long-term costs.

What impressed us the most about this countertop water filter is its capacity – this filtering unit can process up to 10,000 gallons before it needs to be replaced.

APEC Portable Countertop Water Filter System

One of the most compact systems on this list, you will be able to easily move this filter. It also offers a 4-stage filtration. The first stage is the sediment filter, where the bigger particles will be removed. Next, the water will go through the activated coconut carbon filter. That is where most of the unwanted chemicals and ingredients will be removed. The next stage is reverse osmosis, where most of the heavy metals will be extracted, leaving you with a very good quality of water.

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

If you are looking for a compact, small, and high-quality filter, this is it. It is unique in terms of its capabilities, and it can do almost everything. It can remove more than 230 chemicals and heavy metals altogether, providing you with a very high standard of cleaning. It is also made from BPA-free, recyclable, and FDA-approved materials.

Home Master TMJRF2-BK Jr F2 Sinktop Water Filtration System

One of the better options for households and home environments, this compact system offers almost everything needed for a good quality of filtration. What you do need to keep in mind is that it won’t find some filters that don’t have a removable aerator. This filter is very capable of removing almost all the chemicals from the water. In fact, it can remove up to 93% of the chemicals.

iSpring CKC1C Countertop Water Filtration System

This filter is a relatively economical option, and is very easy to maintain, set up, and also quite small. Those three qualities are certainly desirable from a filter, but let’s not forget its quality, which is supreme. It will remove most contaminants, and provide you with clean water.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

This is the Aquagear water pitcher, which means that you can take it with you almost anywhere. Because it has a portable design doesn’t necessarily mean that it lacks in quality. In fact, it is quite the opposite: the quality of this filter is very high, and it will remove many chemicals and heavy metals.

Ending thoughts on the best countertop water filter out there

Having a good countertop water filter is very important for some people looking for a good quality of water. Hopefully, you will be able to choose one for you from this list.

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