The front door of the house is the first thing that people interact with when they visit you. It gives personality and is probably the best way to get the attention of people. This is why an exterior Dutch door can be a great choice if you are thinking about getting one for yourself.

They look very great in both old and new homes. They are also known as split, double-hung or half doors. They date back to the 17th century and still seem to be popular. When you first see one you will notice that they are divided horizontally so that both top and bottom can be opened independently.

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Dutch doors also let you open airflow and still give a barrier at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you want to get an interior or exterior Dutch door, here are some examples that you might like.

Why you should choose an exterior Dutch door?

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Because more and more houses seem to go for a farmhouse style an exterior Dutch door fits well this type. As they have a rich history the doors enabled New England colonial homes to get enough air and light. This was because they had an open-top that kept any dirt or animal out.

Today, designers add modern features to exterior Dutch door options. They are basically fusing together the modern with the classic and the results are really nice. Here are some great advantages of why an exterior Dutch door should be the choice you make:

  • It lets the air come inside, there are just a few things more relaxing than letting the sunshine and the breeze enter your home. Dutch doors offer an opportunity so that your home can take in air.
  • Bring character to the entry point of your house. Seeing an exterior Dutch door is really nice because it brings personality. Your guests are going to be impressed by what they see. This means your home is going to get that friendly and relaxing country charm.
  • It can also be used for interior reasons, for example, it can be the door or the laundry room of your office. You can use it to let the light get inside the room but still keep a barrier for children or pets.
  • Any exterior Dutch door is going to give a visual connection between the indoors and outdoors of your space.
  • When you are letting fresh air come in you don’t have to worry anymore about somebody sneaking in or out.
  • Exterior Dutch doors are also a good choice for offices. You will see them in offices where people have to sign in.
  • It keeps your kid safe, sometimes parents even install them at the top of the stairs when they want extra safety.
  • It encourages neighbors to be more friendly and also delivery people can give you the packages with ease.

Exterior Dutch door designs

Safety first

Image source: Visbeen Architects

Is your child very energized and doesn’t really stay in his room at night? An exterior Dutch door can be the perfect baby gate if you want to keep them safe but also hear what they are doing. You can also add a shelf that is going to be your new spot for dirty laundry.

Dutch Door With Windows

Image source: Annie Diamond

The best thing about any exterior Dutch door is the fact that they create this inside-outside effect. The only disadvantage here is the fact they lack an upper screen. This means insects can get it however the advantages are quite numerous.

Two-Toned Colonial

Image source: Today’s Entry Doors

We really liked the exterior Dutch door that is painted in white and blue. It matches the design of the house really well!

Patio Door


A Dutch door is a great choice. You can connect and separate your kitchen with no problem. It’s a really nice option if you want to get a strong indoor-outdoor connection.

Polished Periwinkle

Image source: BROOKS & FALOTICO

This model is going to make a neutral house really stand out in the street. You also get the benefits of enjoying fresh air without any insects.

Modern in Black


Do you think that your split door is going to look too strange for your house? Black paint can always help you with this. The front door is going to become the next center of attention.

Pretty in Pink

Image source: ONE KINGS LANE

This is a pink exterior Dutch door that offers a unique touch to this home. Who says you shouldn’t use pink in a home?

Mudroom Makeover

Image source: Nesting With Grace

For sure your Dutch door doesn’t have to be used only for the front. A back-entry Dutch door can also be a reliable option and you can use it for sure in different situations.

Space Divider

Image source: Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Do you have a space in your home that you would like to separate without sacrificing the open floor plan? Any Dutch door can really help you with this. They come usually with a window on top, the bottom is going to be a divider and the top is going to let your eyes watch through it.

Farm Dutch Doors

Image source: Farmhouse Entry

Dutch doors are really great when you want your farmhouse to look nice. They have the right design to keep any critters away. However, don’t be surprised if you turn around and you see a friend of yours peeking inside the house.

Dark Green Design

Image source: Paint Place NY

This exterior Dutch door has a dark green color that goes well with the rest of the exterior. The design of the door looks really nice and you should enjoy it!

Clean Slate

Image source: Scott Christopher Homes

Interior Dutch doors give you practical solutions when you need something creative to use as access. They go well for a laundry room and they are going to save you time due to their design.

Ending thoughts on using an exterior dutch door

In conclusion when you choose your exterior Dutch door make sure that it also fits the rest of the house. We are referring to colors mainly but also the design elements that are being used. Check the ones we mentioned and see if you can find something to use.

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