Green kitchen decor, in particular, is becoming more and more popular among homeowners, but only for as long as they know how to combine the right nuances.

Most people like green because it energizes them, but the truth is that this colour can be pretty calming.

Let’s analyze the following scenario: You’re decorating your new kitchen, and you’re ideally looking to select green kitchen cabinets, green kitchen accessories, or any other element in this amazing colour. The palette is quite challenging to round out, and there are many decisions that require double thinking.

It will be much easier, of course, for those that are only repainting a kitchen, as the challenge will probably go as far as to paint green kitchen walls. That’s why we often come across simple green and white kitchens without excess colour manipulation.

Updated-Antique-Shingle-Style-Summer-Home-by-Benson-Interiors-Inc. Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Benson Interiors, Inc.

When considering several green kitchen ideas, start by picking the green nuance you like the most. At the end of the day, it will be you who spends the most time in that kitchen, so if you want a pair of bold green kitchen curtains, go ahead and get them!

Green kitchen decor – the basics

Farm-Cottage-by-Rosewood-Custom-Cabinetry-Millwork-2 Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Rosewood Custom Cabinetry & Millwork

Both when you’re building and remodelling a kitchen, you’re better off with a concrete design plan. Most paint companies nowadays have detailed websites where you can find information; check and compare different green collections and hear professional recommendations on how to use them. Choose the colours you like, and contact a painter to arrange the details.

Capital-Hill-Area-Remodel-by-Houseworks-Construction-Company-2 Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Houseworks Construction Company

On all instances from walls to picking the right green kitchen rugs, a painter can help you make the right decisions. You may not have the same taste or arrangement ideas, but he will certainly know how to match the colours you’ve chosen, or how to save few bucks on your account.

Contemporary-white-kitchen-with-a-splash-of-green-by-Design-A-Space-kitchens-bedrooms-interiors Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Design A Space kitchens, bedrooms & interiors

Painters can produce green kitchen chairs at a fraction of the price – an idea you probably gave up on before spending a fortune on new furniture. A good painter will certainly recommend you to choose few colours and keep them around to see how you feel about each of them.

Why green? This colour is an intuitive choice for nature lovers with small and busy kitchens. Shades that are cooler (pistachio or mint, for instance), work amazing in green and white kitchens with wooden accents, and reflect light better than you can imagine.

Belmont-Conservation-Prairie-Home-by-Greenbrook-Homes Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Greenbrook Homes

If your kitchen is darker, you can consider a green kitchen island to lighten it up. We also recommend Ball Green by Farrow and Ball and Mint Condition by Sherwin Williams for those looking to eep in line with trends.

Kitchens also look great with lime green, especially if the space is dreary and needs awakening. Lime green will turn the kitchen into your children’s favourite space; expand it visually; and make it extremely welcoming for guests and family members.

Bright-Lime-Green-by-McKinney-Photography Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: McKinney Photography

There will, of course, be those who’d choose a darker shade for their kitchen, in which case we recommend medium tones such as Leaf by Benjamin Moore or Green Apple by Martha Stewart.

Both tones look retro and fun, and inject pretty much the same vibe to lifeless kitchen. An even more vibrant alternative is Spring Leaf – a tone that definitely does the job in busy kitchens.

Traditional-Kitchen-by-copperbasinhomes Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Copperbasinhomes

To add more drama, choose emerald greens such as our colour-of-the-year Pantone. These colours are striking and intence, and therefore perfect for greean and white kitchens with metal accents and stainless appliances.

The Once Upon a Time solution that works amazingly well with terra cotta floors and subway tiles on the walls. Inspired by him, designer Miles Redd designed to modernize his New York apartment by introducing emerald green all around.

Contemporary-white-kitchen-with-a-splash-of-green-by-Design-A-Space-kitchens-bedrooms-interiors-1 Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP

Another colour that works really well with green is yellow. Both colours are embraced significantly by Feng Shui, and guarantee balance and wellbeing in the kitchen. Yet, ot is very important to dose them right, so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

When it comes to kitchen decor, balance is everything, according to Home fix planet. Green has the leading role in the process of establishing balance, as it plays well with warm and cool tones, it releases a positive and calming energy, and weeks well wherever you decide to apply it.

Green on the floor

Presidio-Heights-Kitchen-by-Moroso-Construction Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Moroso Construction

Why not spreading the fresh greenery curl on the floor? This way, you’ll be enhancing the energetic flair of your design, and enjoy with all your senses while you’re cooking. Floor tiles in mint green look simply adorable in elegant kitchens, as they contrast the colours and patterns of your modern utilities, and make the room look larger and cleaner.

The green-and-white-vanilla wonder

Crisp-Architects-by-Crisp-Architects Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Crisp Architects

Pastel frenzy works of art look just as good in the kitchen as they do in the bathroom, so let your magic come out! Make the kitchen livelier and more charming with a catchy mint-vanilla combination. A great way to do this is to install creamy, whimsical cabinetry agents your mint tiles backsplash, especially if you’re a nature lover.

Green with chic and shabby pastels

Bailie-Scott-House-Kitchen-by-British-Standard-by-Plain-English Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: British Standard by Plain English

Remember the charm of your grandma’s vintage kitchen, and that entire shabby chic vibes harnessing its power? The upholstered furniture, wooden and rough beams, and other farmhouse details take a second to lance us to the past, with the pastel touch of such decor evoking the sweetest of memories.

The good news is that you can easily replicate this feeling with minty greens and peachy pinks all around, and transform the time spent in the kitchen in pure pleasure.

Green as the main colour in your kitchen

Green counters

Kitchen-Designs-by-Ken-Kelly-Kitchen-6-by-Kitchen-Designs-by-Ken-Kelly-Inc.-1 Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc.

If you want a green counter top, pick an accent shade that is also available on other elements, or at least an undertone of it. You can do this by using granite that combines yellow and blue, or salmon/red toned laminate instead. The same undertones can appear on hand towels, wall art, on throw rugs in order to ensure a consistent look.

Green walls

Leschi-Residence-Kitchen-by-Zinc-Art-Interiors Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Zinc Art + Interiors

Green is quite a common choice for kitchen walls, as people like having it around as their main colour. The ideal tone for the walls would be at least 2 shades lighter than the darkest green applied in the same room, as for instance a green kitchen table or several green kitchen rugs.

To avoid feeling completely overwhelmed by green, purchase very light cabinetry, such as white or creamy. For a more dramatic look, position a much darker island in the middle.

Green cabinetry

5th-Wheel-Renovation-by-Dreamhouse-Enterprises Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: Dreamhouse Enterprises

Green can easily become the dominant colour in your kitchen if you apply it on the cabinets themselves. There are several methods to do this: the cabinets can be lighter or even yellowish-green, and have a deep green counter identical to the one of the island.

The other way is to simply keep all cabinets lighter and minty green, and to combine them with accents in other colours. The ideal match for green is cream, taupe, and white, or an unexpected darker nuance that will make the look more dramatic.

Accent colours

Modern-Farm-House-by-TruexCullins-Architecture-Interior-Design Green kitchen: ideas, décor, curtains, and accessoriesImage source: TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

The accent colours for secondary elements can be nuances and undertones of the green you’ve already used. Green is a secondary colour itself (created by mixing yellow and blue), which means you can easily find as many undertones as you need.

Olive green, for instance, will come with a yellow undertone, and will look just adorable paired with a yellow mat or a gold-toned table.

Ending thoughts on green kitchen design

There are endless possibilities to decorate a kitchen with green, but you should always pick the shades and nuances that inspire you.

Ideally, you’ll get a green tone you can never really get bored of, and love each and every moment you spend in the kitchen. Repainting, however, is always an option, so be brave and turn your kitchen into an adorable haven!

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