If you’re redecorating your bathroom or any other room in your home with tiles, then you’ll need to know how to remove grout from the tiles. Grout is a dense material that’s used to hold the tiles together. It’s made from water, sand, and cement, and it’s left to dry. After that, the grout will hold the tiles together effectively.

If we’ll want to remove and replace the tiles, we’ll have to remove the grout first. And to do that, we’ll need a good grout removal tool. We’ll help you find the right one for your needs in this article.

Grout can’t be removed with a knife, as it needs a specialist tool like a grout removal tool. So you’ll have to get one, even if you want to save some money on that. For DIY enthusiasts, the grout removal tool is an essential part of their kit.

It will serve you well for future projects as well. We’ve taken a thorough look at some of the best grout removal tool options, and we found some of the best that you can pick from Amazon right now.

Oscillating Tools with a Grout Removal Blade

First of all, we have to note that there are several types of grout removal tools, and oscillating tools are great for removing grout. They’re easy to use and control in tight spaces. Here are some of the best ones.

DEWALT DCS355D1 Multi-Tool Kit

DEWALT-DCS355D1-Multi-Tool-Kit The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

The DEWALT tool kit is a great option for people looking for a versatile tool. You’ll need to have a good blade to make grout removal simple. It comes with a high-speed carbide blade that will last for hours of chipping into grout without dulling. But the grout that’s removed won’t dust, and will stay in place, letting you vacuum the grout away easily.

If you’re looking for a simple and reliable tool, this DEWALT tool is perhaps one of the best on the market right now. Versatile and quick, it’s a no-brainer.

Dremel 3000

Dremel-3000 The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

Speaking about lightweight, we just can’t go around the Dremel 3000 tool. It has variable speeds between 5,000 and 32,000 rpm, and it’s effective for a lot of types of grout.

It’s crucial to have the variable speeds to combat various types of grout without making too much damage.

Tacklife PMT03B 20V Max Cordless Multifunctional Tool

Tacklife-PMT03B-20V-Max-Cordless-Multifunctional-Tool The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

The last oscillating tool for grout removal we have to mention is the Tacklife grout removal tool. It’s a multifunctional tool, but it shines when it comes to grout removal. Easy to use and also durable, this tool will serve you well for a variety of different tasks. This sort of tool can be an essential part of a DIY enthusiast.

Rotary Grout Removal Tools

Next up, we have rotary tools for removing grout. It’s an electric grout remover that’s perfect for smaller repairs and redesigns. While it’s not the best for tight spaces, it will make much less dust than some other similar tools. The blade is 1/8 wide, which limits the options when it comes to what tiles we can work.

Dremel 4300-5 /40 Tool Kit

Dremel-4300-5-40-Tool-Kit The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

If you’re looking for a good rotary tool for grout removal, then you can’t find a better one than this Dremel tool. First of all, it’s quiet. For the power it uses, at least. It has an 1.8 amp motor, which is perhaps the most powerful motor on the market. Its lightweight nature makes it highly portable.

But the tool is not limited to grout removal. Instead, it focuses on a wide array of various tasks, such as drilling, shaping, sharpening, cutting, and of course, grout removal. It’s not that expensive as well, making it one of the best choices in this department.

Wen Rotary Tool Kit

Wen-Rotary-Tool-Kit The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

The Wen rotary tool kit as also a versatile kit to use for a variety of tasks. It has more than 100 attachments, which makes it extremely helpful for a wide range of tasks. Grout removal is one of them, of course.

Dremel 4000-2/30 High-Performance Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel-4000-2-30-High-Performance-Rotary-Tool-Kit The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

This is another versatile, high-performance tool that will let you perform your tasks perfectly. It’s very powerful, which is an important feature for grout removal.

It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for value for money. You don’t get many better deals than this one, that’s for sure.

Angle Grinders

Angle Grinders are especially useful for tasks where you have to focus on details. If you’re looking at a bigger grout removal task, then an angle grinder is probably the way to go.

The best feature of an angle grinder is that it’s maneuverable, which is an important feature to have if you’re looking for precision. But it can also undertake bigger projects that demand power.

One of the best choices is the Porter-Cable Angle Grinder Tool.

Porter-Cable Angle Grinder Tool

Porter-Cable-Angle-Grinder-Tool The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

In this department, you won’t find many better tools than this one. It’s superior in almost every aspect compared to other angle grinders. Comfortable and super easy to use, and also very safe, the Porter-Cable angle grinder comes with a metal housing that will make it durable.

The metal housing also makes sure it doesn’t heat up that quickly. So it’s fantastic for tasks that require precision as well as durability.

Grout Saw

For additional precision, a grout saw can be an excellent addition to your arsenal. You’ll be able to work tight corners where other tools can’t get to.

Goldblatt G02738 Pro Tile Grout Saw

Goldblatt-G02738-Pro-Tile-Grout-Saw The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

This grout saw provides a lot of versatility. It’s perfect for beginners that are conscious of the budget, but it brings a lot to the table for more experienced users as well.

It has hardened carbide blades, which are superior than other blades on the market. It’ll remove grout effectively, but it will also enable you a lot of precision.

Edward Tools Grout Removal Tool

Edward-Tools-Grout-Removal-Tool The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

This Edward Tools Grout removal tool brings even more durability to the table. It has a tempered alloy steel blade, which brings durability and excellent performance at the same time.

The ergonomics of a tool such as this one is important, and this tool doesn’t fall short of expectations. It will put less strain on your wrists while working, as it’s ergonomically friendly and beginner-friendly.

DeWalt DC385B 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw

DeWalt-DC385B-18V-Cordless-Reciprocating-Saw-1 The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

The last grout saw we’d like to mention is this reciprocating saw by DeWalt. This product just screams of quality. It’s cordless and simple to use. Plus, the blade changes are almost instant and will take you no time to get used to the tool.

The tool is comfortable and relatively lightweight. This makes it highly portable and especially useful for tasks that are expected to take a while. There’s also a manual and warranty with the product.

Grout Grabbers

Grout grabbers are more heavy-duty, so to speak. You’ll have to attach it to the reciprocating saw, which will take the grabber along the lines to remove grout.

This will remove the grout without you having to worry about tile damage. It’s great for corners and areas that are not easily reachable.

Grout Grabber GG001 Grout Removal Tool for Reciprocating Saws

Grout-Grabber-GG001-Grout-Removal-Tool-for-Reciprocating-Saws The best grout removal tool you can get on Amazon

For those who already have a reciprocating saw, then you should certainly consider this product. It’s perhaps the best choice if you want to remove grout quickly and effectively at the same time.

It has a unique blade that will remove grout quickly. Plus, it leaves behind a smooth surface without the possible damage to tiles. It’s a monster, this machine. But it’s also precise, as it has a 6-inch grout rake that will make it precise.

The carbide grit will help you remove cement and cement-based residues. The grouts vary from 1/16 inch to ½ inch.

Ending thoughts of grout removal tool

To sum up, these grout removal tool options will help you get the job done easily. Manual grout removal takes effort and time, and it’s not that precise. These tools can make your life much easier, as you’ll be able to remove grout without too much effort.

Some of the tools are also ergonomic, meaning you will be able to use them for hours on end. Your tile removal job or redecoration will be a simple task rather than an unwanted chore.

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