Many times, we do not give the importance it deserves to the half bath, because it is a small space that we often forget. However, it is part of the whole of our home, and that is why we must treat it as it should. Today, we’ll talk about half bathroom ideas that you can apply to make this area stand out.

It is common that small areas in our home are not considered when decorating. After all, nobody shows the cupboards or the half bathrooms to the guests, but that does not mean we should just discard them. However, before moving on to decorating ideas, it’s good to know what a half bath is and how it is built.

What is a half bathroom? Does it have any unique characteristics?

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The concept of a half bathroom is divided into 2 features. The first is the furniture that it has. Usually, a half bath has only a toilet and sink, and some additional decor as mirrors and shelves.

The other important aspect is its size. Half bath dimensions tend to have around 50 square feet in total area, not only in the walkable area. Its compact dimensions are part of its appeal since they allow it to be located almost anywhere in our home.

You can found them with other names, such as a powder room or guest bathroom.

How can I design a half bath?

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If you own a modern house, it is likely that it already includes a half bathroom. Not only for constructive requirements but also because it increases the property’s value. In the case of older houses, it is likely that no small bathroom is available.

Either we do not have any, or we simply seek to give utility to dead space, the construction of a half bath is relatively simple even in narrow places. We only need a little imagination and follow the guidelines that we leave you.

Minimum half bath size

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Although each location has its specific building codes, we can guide a design standard in terms of sizes. If we are going to try to do our half bathroom ideas, the best thing is that at least we have 11 square feet of room.

This dimension is somewhat tight, but it will allow us to locate a WC and a sink without problems. The minimum distance that should exist between the center of any sanitary piece and a wall should be at least 15 inches. In addition, many jurisdictions require at least a front free area of 21 inches, although the ideal would be to have 24 inches.

Save space with the toilet

Being the largest piece that we will install, the toilet should be our design guideline. It is also a piece of furniture that allows us to save space due to its multiple presentations.

For example, those with a round bowl tend to be larger than oval ones. In addition, those that include the tank in the inferior part allow us to save space and are more aesthetic.

Choose the sink wisely

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The sink is the other important piece of the half bath. Like the toilet, this comes in a good variety of designs. Using one without a pedestal will allow us to have more freedom with space. We can also choose smart options, such as a corner sink or one that includes a toilet.

The door is an important piece

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Especially if it is swinging. The doors usually open into the room, and that sheet of at least 32 inches may be annoying inside the bathroom. The ideal solution is to add this element to our list of half bath decor and use a folding or sliding door style.

Do not locate the half bath in the center of the house

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Always seek to build it on a wall that faces the outside. Beyond the implications that can have at the level of Feng Shui, a bathroom is a room that must include ventilation, and the natural one is the best in these cases. Additionally, a bathroom near areas where people perform activities such as cooking or reading can result in uncomfortable moments and a sense of lack of privacy.

Finally, we can go to the half bath decor ideas

We already have our half bathroom, now we just have to decorate it in such a way that it leaves a positive impression on our visitors. Do not see this bathroom as a small residual space that we must decorate to not leave it empty; see it as an opportunity to create something amazing. These half bathroom ideas will allow you to have a guide of the right path to great scenery.

The color is always the first step

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For such a small bathroom, color is an important accent. If you want to really highlight it, use intense colors. Do not limit yourself only to the walls: paint the ceiling, get furniture and utensils with strong colors. Use white color if you want to give the feeling of having more space.

You can also add two contrasting tones between the wall and the towels, in a way that dazzles the user and facilitates the search for objects.

A cozier floor

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Floor’s treatment is a little more complex. Because it should be able to be preserved from moisture, it is best to use vitrified ceramics. However, we have other options such as granite or marble. The best thing is to stay in the stones, avoiding rough finishes.

A mixture of materials, color, and design

The previous set of half bathroom ideas can work very well when combined. For example, selecting a bright color for a wall, we can add textures similar to those we use for the floor so that they create a contrast between the other visual elements.

If, on the other hand, we use subtle colors such as light brown or green, we will achieve a more natural and rustic finish. We can use patterns, but in moderation so as not to over saturate the design.

Another way to highlight the half bathroom decor is with the right lighting. We can save a lot of materials and construction work with the right choice of lights.

Something daring, like the pattern on pattern

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Here is a controlled example of the use of patterns. It is definitely an idea that in the main bathroom does not work very well, but in a half bath is another story. Try that the floor and the walls are not equal so as not to overload the environment.

Store what is needed under the sink

As previously mentioned, using a pedestal sink gives us additional space below it that we can use to store bathing implements. We can even install small shelves.

Tiled mosaics always work

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Use small tiles on the walls and create fun patterns with them. Try to limit them only to the middle of the wall, so that they remain functional, but do not become oppressive for the bathroom user.

Lighting plays an important role

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The next half bathroom ideas are ideal if you do not have natural light, or if you are looking for something more elegant that cannot be achieved with simple wall finishes.

Install small lamps and sconces with extravagant designs. Limit the amount of light to specific points to create more capricious environments, or illuminate the entire bathroom for a more cheerful result.

For a better result, divide the lighting into two types: a functional and a purely environmental. The functional, as its name suggests, is what we will use to enlighten us when we use the sanitary pieces or look for something on the shelves. The environmental will add a touch to the decoration, being these optional.

For example, a ceiling lamp with a bright bulb can be our functional lighting, while a set of candle-shaped fixtures with a dim light function more like ambient light.

Install a mirror with any shape. In this bathroom, we do not look for it to be so useful to groom us, so we can let our imagination fly. In addition, the mirror will help us to reflect the light of the lamps, which will allow us to reduce the number of wall lights that we need to install.

You can use wallpapers without fear

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Wallpaper offers multiple advantages. The first is that it is easy to install. The second is that they resist moisture very well. Finally, we can found it with almost any design we look for. For a powder room, wallpaper is ideal.

To get a New York colonial style like, you can use Farrow & Ball’s Lotus wallpaper, but this is just one of the thousands of patterns we can get in the market for half baths.

Let’s go back to a simpler time

The use of vintage furniture is the favorite choice of designers and decorators. How about installing a toilet with a marble lid worthy of the 18th century?

If we do not want to go back so far in time, we can keep our style updated with the use of ikat fabric strips as wall upholstery.

Look for bold designs with animal patterns

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Definitely opposites, but attracted to the visual level, the upholstery with a leopard design makes the metallic vanity stand out without creating a conflict since both have their appeal. In this scene, the mirror with worn pink stripes works as a touch of color, adding only the necessary quantities.

Of the stones, marble is the most reliable option

Thanks to its natural and complex patterns, we can see the marble in several of the half bathroom ideas. It combines with everything and is very resistant. A wooden dressing table with a large mirror will finish our stage in the warmest way possible.

Remember to add accessories

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Finally, after we finish with the furniture, it is the accessories turn. These small final options can be the difference between our work being in vain or in which we get a half dream bath

Consider using candles, decorative vases, towels with unique but similar designs among them, some small plants such as orchids, and basic utensils such as a trash can, a soap dispenser, and the tissue box.

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