During the new seasons of spring and summer, you might want to have your home fresh as well. A new color, both inside out, can spice up and refresh everything. It can make your home look clean and brand new. It will add life and improve the overall atmosphere. But, it might seem like a laborious job to frequently reapply paint every season.

It is excellent if you have mixed paint in your house storage. Sometimes walls, doors, and cabinets require repainting. It is essential to buy a durable and long-lasting color before buying all sorts of paint and spending a lot of money, research. Make sure you know which paint is the best when it comes to vibrancy and durability.

This article is meant to help you with paint basics. You’ll know how long does house paint last and which type of paint is the best by the end of it.

The average lifespan of interior and exterior paint

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When determining the lifespan of pain, you have to have several things in mind. There are a lot of variables. Overall, interior paint lasts approximately five to ten years if stored and maintained correctly.

Exterior paint lasts less. That is due to its exposure to the outside environment. Climate, materials, and many other things impact their durability. Typically this kind of paint lasts up to 7 years maximum.

Factors affecting the lifespan of the paint

The quality of the paint

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To begin with, it is crucial to know the quality of the color. The greater the quality, the longer the lifespan of the color. Priming is essential, as well. Not only that but, if the paint has previously been poorly applied, it will cause the new one to fail to adhere. That is why you should always ensure to have an excellent application method. Some painters offer low prices for their labor and do a terrible job at painting the house. If it’s necessary, make sure you hire someone whom you’ve had previous experience with. Or, it is best to paint your home all by yourself. 

How long does house paint last in Regional Weather Conditions

How long does house paint last in weather conditions? Weather can have a massive impact on the paint. If your house is located in a moderate, mild climate region, your color can last for quite a long time.

That is because it is not exposed to harsh weather conditions. Extreme temperatures can cause your paint to be damaged, thus resulting in more frequent touch-ups. Wet and moist conditions also can shorten the paint’s lifespan.

Coastal distance

Coastal-distance How long does house paint last? (Answered)

Air contains salt and moisture. This typically isn’t a problem. However, if you’re living in a coastal area, this could be detrimental to your paint. Wooden surfaces tend to rot and deform the structure. You have to have frequent inspections. Because of the salt, the color will also peel faster. And you will have to repaint the surfaces every couple of months. This can be time-consuming and costly.

How long does house paint last on different surfaces?

How long does house paint last on different surfaces? The surface and its structure have a massive impact on how long paint lasts. For example, aluminum and vinyl surfaces keep the color for more than twenty years. Wood surfaces, on the other hand, can keep paint up to three to five years. However, it is essential to maintain these surfaces and the paint itself. Avoid parts that have direct sun exposure. Only paint if necessary. That way, you will double the paint’s lifespan.

Color shades

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Another critical element that plays a considerable role in paint’s lifespan Is the color of the paint. Darker colors tend to absorb more sunlight, causing them to fade faster. If you keep those painted surfaces away from the sun, the paint will last longer, of course.

If you can’t avoid sunlight, keep in mind that you have to repaint those areas every 3-5 years.Light paints reflect sunlight more. That is why they last twice as much as darker ones. Their lifespan can hold up to ten years or more.

Experience of the Painting Contractor

Experience-of-the-Painting-Contractor How long does house paint last? (Answered)

If you’re hiring a professional to do your job, you will have a longer-lasting paint. The reason for this is that this person will prime and prepare your surfaces for painting. Experience shows in the house.

Not only that, but this person will take time to repair everything beforehand. He will scrape and sand any irregularities. This is important as the paint will stick more to a clean surface. If you’re painting by yourself, make sure you also do these things before painting.

The Previous Paint Job

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If you’ve just bought or moved into a new home, you may not know the last time the property was painted. You should find out when that was, and find out the type of paint used as this will help you determine when you’ll need to repaint the home.

Things like the type of paint used, the quality level of the paint, and even the color can all speak to the exterior paint surface’s overall longevity.

Signs that you should repaint your house

Unfortunately, even the best of paint jobs will need to be redone after a certain amount of time. But how can you tell if it’s time to repaint your building’s exterior?

Mildew or Mold Growth

Mildew-or-Mold-Growth How long does house paint last? (Answered)

Wet and moist places can be the perfect component for growing mold. Your house can be the target or these kinds of spots. It is entirely normal for homes to have mold. However, it is a problem that has to be taken care of seriously. If you notice mold on your exterior walls, it is time to call the professionals.

Fading Paint Colors

faded-paint How long does house paint last? (Answered)

Fading paint is another sign that it’s time to repaint your walls. If the paint has faded to the point where the surface underneath is hugely noticeable, it might be time to repaint it. Faded color can’t offer protection anymore.

Removing dirt and debris

Removing-dirt-and-debris How long does house paint last? (Answered)

It is essential to pressure wash your house every once in a while. It is the best way to keep your paint from deteriorating. Plus, you will remove any dirt and debris by doing so. If you can’t remove dirt with washing, it might be time to repaint the house.

Blistering Paint

blistering-paint How long does house paint last? (Answered)

How long does house paint last if it has blisters on paint? After a while, it is normal for some paint to start blistering. This is caused by losing adhesion. This problem often appears if you’re painting the house in too scorching temperatures. A lot of moisture is trapped in the wall, thus causing blisters.

It is essential to know how long does house paint lasts. If you know which factors play a role in extending and shortening the paint’s lifespan, you will learn how to maintain it.

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