How much does a kitchen island cost? Without taking into account many factors, they have an average price of $4,500. However, extreme cases can be found in both ends and can cost between $100 and $10,000.

The price difference between kitchen islands is due to their complexity. Among the qualities that can alter prices are the size, materials and utensils, and additional features that are included.

A stove in an island that is equipped with its ventilation and other appliances can easily exceed $6,000. However, let’s see in more detail everything you need to know about these reform projects for your kitchen.

How much does a kitchen island cost? There is no concrete answer.

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There is no way to really estimate kitchen island prices. All web pages will only give you an estimate, but the real market is affected by many factors.

Are we talking about a project that will need pipeline systems for gas and electricity? This cost is external to the base price of the kitchen island. If we install a stove in it, then it is best to accompany it with an extractor hood, and this means that we will have to install a new ventilation system.

As long as we intend to add new utility to the kitchen, there will be no way to determine its real value.

The difference between the stock and custom model

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How much does a kitchen island cost? The first big difference depends on whether it is prefabricated or if we are building it to our liking. Prefab kitchen islands are mass-produced, so their production costs are greatly reduced.

The smaller prefabricated kitchens islands are priced at approximately $100. As we add implements, such as a dishwasher or stoves, the price increases. If additionally it is built with luxury materials, they can easily reach $2,000. However, they are still cheaper than custom islands.

If we want something adapted to our style, then we must be willing to pay at least $3,000 for a simple countertop. If we get more creative with the details and materials, we could reach a budget of $10,000.

You need a sink to prepare food

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The most basic feature of these islands, in addition to serving us to store things, is usually to allow us to prepare food. That is why almost all models include a sink.

Kitchen islands with sink and dishwasher require plumbing work. Some kitchens have additional pipes, while others will need complex installations.

It is not the same to simply connect existing pipes to have to break the floor to install extensions. This can greatly affect the cost of your kitchen island.

The inclusion of a sink also opens the possibilities for the installation of other details, such as a cut-resistant or non-stick surface.

This project requires at least one plumber. If we opt for a custom kitchen island, then a designer and a carpenter will have to be hired. Between furniture and labor, you can end up paying $200 to $3,000.

To expand your storage space

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A simpler option in possibilities is if we opt for an island that only has shelves, drawers, and countertops. These will look spectacular if other storage items, such as wine display cabinets, accompany them.

Due to their limited use, the price of these kitchen islands will be between $300 and $800, all depending on whether we want to install cabinets with special hinges or drawers that open in unconventional directions. At least the labor will be limited exclusively to a carpenter and a designer.

Add some mobility

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Adding a pair of wheels or sliding rails to our kitchen island can be an ingenious way to save space when we need it most. Whenever we need to extend or remove a couple of shelves from the road, we can do it easily.

Contrary to what one would think, this basic system of wheels or rails is relatively cheap, with prices varying between $225 and $550. Everything will depend on our selection of materials, the number of cabinets that it has, and the size of the countertop.

Continuing the style of our kitchen

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How much does a kitchen island cost? If we want to make a single construction project and include it in the kitchen blueprints, this extension could cost more than $1,750.

The construction of kitchen countertops is not cheap. Using the same materials, adding the same details, and on some occasions, placing a sink that frees up space in the rest of the counters to work, can be more expensive than if we carried out a separate installation.

The advantage is that it is easier to adapt pipes since in most cases these islands are planned.

Budget needed for a kitchen island

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Every investment has a positive effect on the value of our home. Although sometimes it is very difficult to determine how large this effect will be, especially when we do not know how much our final investment is.

Remodeling and construction work, in general, can easily destroy budgets. If you have ever worked with a contractor, you will know that he is in charge of hiring other professionals to carry out the works.

The final expense is even greater if our remodeling needs to be approved through permits and architectural plans. As this probably cannot be controlled, we better review the features you can decide to create a budget that suits you.

The use can determine the price

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As we have seen previously, the installation of the different implements of a kitchen makes the kitchen island costs change drastically. That is why it is best to be sure of its use to build only what is necessary.

Some of the most common causes for building an island are having additional storage, preparing fast meals, or expanding work areas.

In case we hire a designer to handle the project, their fees will represent a good part of the work, reaching up to 20%. Of course, with their, help we can be sure that the construction will have better quality.

How much does a kitchen island cost depending on the material?

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The material options for the kitchen islands are similar to those of the base kitchen. We can select traditional alternatives such as wood and stone. Stainless steel is also available for modern kitchen owners.

Market prices vary from seller to seller, but usually, they all follow a metric. Granite is the most accessible, priced between $45 to $200 per square foot.

Quartz is a perfect option for large projects since its highest price is $155 per square foot (although it can be found for $55).

The most expensive stone is marble, which ranges between $74 and $250 per square foot, but it is also the most elegant and resistant, and it comes with many patterns.

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As for wood, they do not have an exact price since everything will depend on the type we want to install, although they are usually between $55 and $200.

Finally, stainless steel has become very popular because it is virtually eternal, withstanding the wear and tear that is generated in the kitchen. Of course, it also has the highest base price of $80 per square foot, but it guarantees to be a lasting investment.

Other materials are used by masons for the construction of the island, such as some plywood planks or sheets of medium density fiber. These are included in the budget at an approximate value of $50 per linear foot.

Labor prices

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Carpenter: according to national rates, a carpenter charges between $100 and $300 an hour, but again, you may get a better price if you discuss the contract.

Plumber: Unlike carpenters, they tend to charge a fixed amount depending on the difficulty of the job, although they can also be guided by the national average of $45 to $65 per hour.

Plumbing plans also include gas pipeline installations for stoves. Usually, the entire project will cost between $225 and $500, all depending on whether we had the pipes ready for expansion.

Electrician: Generally, the electrical work required in the kitchen islands is minimal, so you may reach an agreement with the electrician. This amount can be increased if you will install built-in lighting on the upper shelves, and some electricians will charge more depending on the height of the ceiling.

Designer: If you don’t want to spend 20% of your budget on a designer, there are other cheaper professional alternatives that specialize exclusively in kitchens.

Contractor: finally, if you prefer to let someone else take care of the employer’s job, you can always contact a contractor. Their daily services can exceed $300, but they will take care of getting all the necessary staff.

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