It is scientifically proven that natural sunlight coming from windows has enormous benefits. Not only that, but it can create a very serene and natural atmosphere in your home. However, such light is not needed when sleeping or taking naps. Especially if you do this during the day, dimming your room can sometimes be impossible. Perhaps you have see-through blinds or draperies which let sunlight in your room. So how do you solve this?

It might be essential for you to block sunlight. And there are many options available on the market. By being informed, you can know which product to choose from. Depending on your wants and needs, these methods can be successful at fulfilling them.

Here is a list of the most popular products and solution on how to blackout windows:

Put A Mesh Liner

Put-A-Mesh-Liner The best guide on how to blackout windows

This is not necessarily going to dim your room. However, it will improve the airflow of the room. It is cheap, and you can set it up on your own. This fabric is good at improving air circulation, but it is also great for sunlight protection.

  • The first thing you need to do is to fix the blackout curtains. Then cut the mesh fabric proportionally to the curtains. You can also make it the same as the size of your window.
  • You don’t have to worry so much about the fabric’s width. However, you should probably opt for a format that suits your needs. If you strive for more airflow, go for a full-size mesh. However, this means that more light will pass through.
  • Once you have cut down the fabric, make sure you fix the pieces securely to the curtain rod. This is not necessary if you want it up for a short period. Instead, you can take the mesh. But if you want to use it permanently, buy a more durable adhesive or hook it up to a curtain rod.

How to blackout windows with foil 

blackout-windows-with-foil The best guide on how to blackout windows

It might sound silly, but you can use aluminum foil to block sunlight. As before, measure the window and cut the foil according to those measures. You can stick the foil to the window by using a bit of tape. If the foil isn’t big enough, you can always overlap multiple pieces together.

  • Using a foil will add an extra support level. That way, you will be able to achieve impermeable curtains and blinds.
  • You can always use trash bags if foil is not available. You can tape them to the desired area and enjoy complete darkness.

Use Curtains

Blue-linen-curtain-panels-with-thermal-blackout-lining-by-Nashville-Drapery-Bedding-Blinds The best guide on how to blackout windows
Image source: Nashville Drapery, Bedding & Blinds

Use blackout or thermal curtains. They come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and even sizes. They are all made to synchronize with your interior decoration.

  •  You can put blackout liners on top of your curtains. All you need to do is merely hook them to curtain rods. Installing them in such a way will ensure you have absolute blackness in your room.
  •  Make sure the curtain rods are placed above the windows. That way, you will achieve minimum sunlight exposure.

Blackout curtains are great for darkening your room. Not only that, but they also increase energy efficiency in homes with single-pane windows.

Treat Your Window With Film

Treat-Your-Window-With-Film The best guide on how to blackout windows

Another thing that is easy to use is window film. It has a thin profile, allowing it to cover the whole window pane. Alongside that, it can dim your room immediately. With this, you can have a peaceful time in your room, with no fear of invading your privacy. Apart from that, the window film is also great for blocking unwanted UV rays, thus creating a much colder room.

Place Privacy Film On The Windows

Place-Privacy-Film-On-The-Windows The best guide on how to blackout windows

Privacy films are also a great idea. With them, you can block sunlight almost immediately. It is built from plastic, so it is straightforward to use. Cut it accordingly and attach it to your desired window. What’s also great about this film is that it does not darken your room entirely. It only reduces the light coming through the window.

Shutters with curtains

Window-Shutters-by-The-Blind-King The best guide on how to blackout windowsImage source: The Blind King

Here’s how to blackout windows with window shutters. They provide a blackout featured combination of treatments. They can often be instrumental indeed and can create the light closure required. If a heavy fabric curtain is hung in front, the combined efforts will usually provide the desired result.

Set up a window awning

Set-up-a-window-awning The best guide on how to blackout windows

A window awning is made from layered sheets. These sheets come from a canvas that can be hanged. It is a useful tool to minimize the amount of light that comes into your room. If you place it right, you should be able to control the brightness levels.

Paper Shades

Paper-Shades The best guide on how to blackout windows

This is how to blackout windows with paper shades. These inexpensive shades are accordion-folded and customizable in width and height. You only need to cut the shadows to the size of your window. You can set them up in almost no time. Peel them and then stick them at the top of the windowpane. Not only that, but they also come with clips that you can adjust to change the shade you have in your room.

Black Sheets

Black-Sheets The best guide on how to blackout windows

If you happen to have black sheets in your home and don’t know what to do with them, use them for sun blocking. Attach them to the back of the curtains to decrease the sunlight, which passes through. If you don’t want them to fall or be carried by the wind, use magnets to stick them to the window frames. This is how to blackout windows with black sheets.

Bed in Cordless Blackout Shades

Bed-in-Cordless-Blackout-Shades The best guide on how to blackout windows

This is also a window cover. It consists of silver and black parts. The silver part is face to face with the window and offers shelter from UV rays. Meanwhile, the simplistic look keeps your room looking messy. Cleaning the surface doesn’t require much work. Soak a rag in water and wipe gently. It is easy to use but practical at the same time.

Cover The Glass With Cardboard

cardboard The best guide on how to blackout windows

If you struggle with finding the previous materials, you can use cardboard from your home. With a simple tape, attach them to the windows. Cardboard is excellent for dimming light and blocks UV rays simultaneously. That is not all. It is excellent for lowering temperature as well. That way, you will keep your room dark and cold.

It is not always easy to have a nicely dimmed room with a pinch of cold. This is especially hard to achieve during the unbearing hot summer period. Knowing how to blackout windows is crucial. Decide for a treatment for your window. Go for a treatment that will meet your financial limits and be an effective solution simultaneously. It is best to pick a procedure that is also going to be aesthetically pleasing. Design is crucial for a great room.

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