Cabinets and countertops receive all of the attention in the realm of a kitchen renovation. They may consume the majority of the money, but it does not imply that they are the sole focus points.

Your ideal kitchen backsplash is also an important part of the renovation. It’s a statement item. What is your personal style? Is it refined or edgy, neutral or loud?

The tiles you pick to liven up the wall space between the countertop and cabinets, as well as above the range, should reflect your kitchen’s color scheme and concept, whether modern or traditional.

We’ll walk you through the process of how to choose a backsplash for your future renovation in the instructions below.

Consider Height

The-Saxony-by-Sarah-Tombaugh-Architect How To Choose A Backsplash That Looks Great In Your Kitchen
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When thinking about how to choose a backsplash, you must consider a kitchen backsplash’s “standard” height is 4 inches. For many individuals, this is far too low, and the walls are still vulnerable to splashes and damage. Many homeowners increase the backsplash to the height of their wall kitchen cabinets, leaving no visible wall above the main countertops.

It’s a brilliant concept!

Some kitchen designs include a backsplash that extends all the way to the ceiling (a “full-height” backsplash) to help the overall design of the area seem more cohesive.

Choose a higher kitchen backsplash if you’re going to make a lot of messes in your kitchen. If the mess isn’t a major deal for you, the 4-inch standard size could suffice.

What Color and Shape Best Complement Your Kitchen Style?

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The tile for your kitchen backsplash should be influenced by the design of your kitchen. A basic subway tile backsplash is appropriate for a Scandinavian-style kitchen. If you have a traditional kitchen, you may choose a stone tile that incorporates some of the hues from your countertops.

In terms of color, you’ll want a backsplash that complements the rest of the kitchen’s finishes. Take cues from your flooring, cabinets, and countertops. You might also consider the color of the paint in your selection, although the paint may be changed afterward. Consider how the tile will seem when you enter the room. What color would you choose to tie everything together? Do you like something light and bright, or a dark contrast?

Because of their adaptability, we normally recommend neutral hues for all kitchen finishes. By shifting out décor, you may modify the bursts of color in the area. This is less difficult than replacing the kitchen backsplash, and it optimizes your return on investment.

Does it Match Your Countertops?

Waterfall-Countertops-featuring-uQuartz-Collection-by-UNIVERSAL-GRANITE-MARBLE How To Choose A Backsplash That Looks Great In Your KitchenImage source: UNIVERSAL GRANITE & MARBLE

Because your countertops and backsplash meet in the middle, you must ensure that they complement one another and operate in unison. If your countertops and backsplash clash, the design of your entire kitchen will be thrown off.

We don’t want a squabble.

The primary guideline is that a “busy” countertop should not be paired with a “busy” backsplash. If you want one of these qualities to be the main point, pick one or the other.

If you have granite countertops with a lot of veining, for example, you should go with a plain, minimum kitchen backsplash. If you have a simple white countertop, you may choose a vivid tile backsplash in an accent color.

When the kitchen has a clinical all-white aesthetic, or when the homeowner extends their granite countertop upwards to create a granite backsplash, you are more likely to see matching kitchen backsplashes and countertops.

Invest in the High-Impact Zone

Invest-in-the-High-Impact-Zone How To Choose A Backsplash That Looks Great In Your Kitchen

There is extra wall space above the range and sink, so you may experiment with tile design. That region receives a great deal of visual attention. Consider a neutral field tile for the rest of the kitchen, then add a crazy glass tile over the stove to make a striking centerpiece.

This is the time to emphasize the pattern. Installing tile on the diagonal or creating a stunning brick pattern with narrow subway tiles are two choices (now they come in sizes like 1-by-2 inches or elongated 4-by-12 inches). In this space, we can use various tiles, or we will take the same tile and turn it differently, or we will build a border with a contrasting tile.

Don’t be scared to experiment in this 2-by-3-foot space. Even though it is one of the bigger swathes of tile area, it is still rather modest. So, if you choose a bright color or a fashionable tile design for this zone, you can always alter it later without having to replace your entire kitchen backsplash.

Focal Points

Focal-Points How To Choose A Backsplash That Looks Great In Your Kitchen

One of the fundamental principles of interior design is the presence of a focal point in a room.

In the kitchen, the eye is first pulled to two areas: over the stove and above the sink. These are the areas where complex decorations should be concentrated.

Most kitchen designs center around a focal point that draws your attention as soon as you walk in – you must determine whether you want your backsplash to be the main point or not.

A backsplash may be a great focal piece, especially if the remainder of the area is simple. A mosaic tile design, for example, or vividly colored subway tiles, may provide a splash of color and energy to your kitchen. Mosaic tile is especially effective for creating an aesthetic focal point.

If your kitchen already has one or more main areas, a modest backsplash design that doesn’t catch the attention is generally preferable — mosaic tile in a crowded kitchen may rapidly become an attack on the eyeballs.

You Can Be Budget Savvy

6cm-Fusion-Granite-Kitchen-Island-mirrored-6cm-Mitred-edge-and-waterfall-edge-by-YK-Stone-Center-Inc. How To Choose A Backsplash That Looks Great In Your KitchenImage source: YK Stone Center Inc

You may have discovered that your tastes tend to fall on the more expensive end of the range after evaluating the many backsplash possibilities. Even if you’re on a low budget, you shouldn’t feel compelled to sacrifice your sense of style. Aesthetics and cost do not have to be mutually exclusive.

As with any interior design job, there are techniques you may do to make low-cost materials look more premium. Because of technological advancements, there are numerous less expensive alternatives that appear just like more expensive materials.

If you like the look of marble slab backsplashes, you may substitute ceramic or porcelain tiles with the same through-body veining. If you just must have a metal backsplash, you might go for tin tiles instead of steel or aluminum panels.

Keep the Backsplash Function in Mind

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Though different materials have distinct styles and pricing ranges to consider, you should also examine your kitchen demands.

The style will play a part, but it should not interfere with the function of the backsplash. Because the kitchen backsplash collects spills and splatters on a daily basis, its material should be easy to clean and maintain.

How do you prepare your meals? What kinds of meals do you cook? When you cook, do you make a lot of wetness, splashes, and messes? Do you prefer the stove over the oven?

If, on the other hand, you create a lot of water and steam when cooking, you might want to try a material like glass tile, which is completely resistant to water, eliminating damp problems.

If you’re a sloppy chef who spills everything, the material of your kitchen backsplash should let you wash it off fast while still being heat and stain-resistant. In this regard, granite and marble do not appear to work well, therefore you should choose a ceramic material.

Ask About Wear and Tear

Ask-About-Wear-and-Tear How To Choose A Backsplash That Looks Great In Your Kitchen

Glass is lovely, but it is not cheap. Natural stone is visually appealing, but it must be sealed once a year. Ceramic is long-lasting, simple to clean, and inexpensive.

How easy is it to clean the tile, and how should it be sealed? Natural tile, on the other hand, requires an extra step if you want to keep its beauty. Find out if abrasives will harm the stainless steel tile, and we recommend obtaining a grout additive and sealing the grout itself to keep it fresh and clean for longer.

In general, any form of tile can be used as a backsplash as long as porous materials like bamboo and cork are sealed. To safeguard any material, building standards mandate a space between the range and the wall. Because of the clearances and sealants, anything that gets splattered on the tile may be wiped away.

Mix (Don’t Match) Your Design

Berkeley-Modern-Craftsman-by-Love-Interiors How To Choose A Backsplash That Looks Great In Your KitchenImage source: Love & Interiors

Playing matchy-matchy with your tile work leads to an uninspiring aesthetic, not to mention it might be more expensive, depending on the color you select. Use complementary hues to fill out a palette, and experiment with patterns by arranging the tiles vertically rather than horizontally for a modern, stacked aesthetic.

Any pattern present in your kitchen’s counter, floor, or backsplash is referred to as movement. Instead of having a lot of patterned materials in the kitchen, make sure that the area concentrates on one so that it becomes the focal point. The same may be said about colors.

The backsplash serves as a decorative element. If your countertops and cabinets are fairly simple or monochromatic, you may want to consider a blingy backsplash.

Don’t Forget about the Grout for Your Perfect Kitchen Backsplash!

Dont-Forget-about-the-Grout-for-Your-Perfect-Kitchen-Backsplash How To Choose A Backsplash That Looks Great In Your Kitchen

Don’t forget about the grout color between the tiles when planning your kitchen makeover. When white subway tiles are paired with white grout, they seem vastly different than when they are paired with colored grout. With white grout, the tiles appear to be one continuous wall. Each tile shines out on its own with colored grout. Choose a grout color that complements the tile, countertops, or wall color, bearing in mind that white grout may be somewhat more difficult to clean.

Remember this while budgeting: color and pattern fads come and go, but the grout is the foundation of your backsplash.

Consider Eco-Friendly Options

Consider-Eco-Friendly-Options How To Choose A Backsplash That Looks Great In Your Kitchen

Choosing an eco-friendly kitchen backsplash material is as important as choosing an eco-friendly kitchen countertop material. If you’re thinking about using such materials, a cork kitchen backsplash is a terrific choice.

Nothing beats cork mosaic tiles when it comes to tiling the backsplash area. These bamboo tiles are perfect for kitchen and bathroom flooring and walls and are made entirely of bamboo. However, you will not feel the same way about your appearance.

Recycled glass tiles are another environmentally beneficial choice. These tiles are stain-resistant, crack-resistant (to a degree), and long-lasting. The recycled glass tiles and ceramic tiles are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

The best part about eco-friendly kitchen backsplashes is that they are far more affordable, dependable, and simple to maintain than others.

Ending thoughts on how to choose a backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes may protect your walls and make cleanup easier after meals easier, but just because something is practical doesn’t mean it has to look like it. So, instead of following a trend, go creative and pick a backsplash that will represent your individuality and provide you with delight for years to come.

Whether you choose a subway-style tile backsplash, a glass tile backsplash, or a large stone slab, we hope you discover the appropriate kitchen backsplash design for your needs that matches the aesthetic of your kitchen and transforms it into your dream kitchen.

We hope this article about how to choose a backsplash properly was helpful for you! Good luck with your future work!

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