Studio apartments are becoming more and more popular among people who did not yet dive into family waters. No wonder-studios have uncompromised benefits compared to all other small apartments. It’s true; they are really size-limited and household-unfriendly. After all, it is a couple of meters where you have to perform each activity (cooking, showering, watching TV, or even working). That is exactly why you should develop groundbreaking plans when decorating a studio apartment.

A studio apartment is not the first choice we would make if we ought to choose. We usually opt for one due to financial reasons and we try to deal with the lack of space as good as we can. What we need to know is that living in a studio doesn’t necessarily cut comfort and style, as long as we comply with strictly prescribed studio apartment interior design ideas and rules. In the end, we would obtain a beautiful and functional living place.

Divide it in mini-rooms

Studio apartments are usually arranged in a way there is a single room. What you need to do is to divide it in smaller living areas and to define each of them with different furnishing elements. Basically, you could get a living and sleeping place with a flexible divider, but you can push your creativity and create cozy reading or yoga corners (throw a soft rug, put a lamp or hang a bold picture and it is done!).

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Use the most of it

‘Hide’ useful pieces of furniture which you will use only when you need them. Few extra stools under the dining table, shelves hanging from the ceiling or a sofa with hidden drawers can really help you organize stuff. The main point is: don’t cut the walking space unless it is absolutely necessary.

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Find furniture that serves multiple purposes

Designing a studio apartment will require some serious ‘furniture hunt’. You need to replace extravagant pieces with multifunctional elements (sofa that can serve as a pull-out bed, vintage tanks that can turn into coffee tables, dining tables that function as desks, etc). The main point is to ensure some additional storage capacity.

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Use the benefits of natural light

Brighten the studio as much as possible. If the windows are not enough to stir sunshine in the dark corners, produce some artificial lighting. Choose lamps or mounted wall fixtures, or hang a large mirror to reflect the natural light.

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Lean on the Neutral side

Colors and tones can really make up the space deficiency of studio apartments. Decorating a studio apartment involves neutral palettes for the walls, curtains and throws, refreshed with black and silver accents which make the place look much bigger. Neutrality is most efficient when applied with small, almost invisible furniture pieces.

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Think about flexible dividers

We can all agree that one room is not enough for a proper household. If nothing else, you would certainly desire to have a separate corner for sleeping and eating. You can fix this with movable dividers (sliding doors, curtains, drapes or folding screens) which take up minimal space when you are not using them.

Decorations should remain curvy, transparent and textured

In order to ensure some visual spaciousness, you should use curvy elements (to oppose the sharp box-shape of the apartment), higher tables with tiny legs or shelves hung on the ceiling. The main idea is to oppose the angular monotony and to stimulate comfort within the place. Besides rounded furniture, we recommend you to throw few fluffy cushions and to mix different textures (from silk to knit).

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Use the vertical aspect of your space

Built-in shelves and cabinets should be as high as possible, in order to ensure they’ll gather all of our belongings. Vertical spacing should be equally considered as the horizontal one, having in mind there is no space to lose on the floor. We also recommend large curtains and layering patterns which create coziness.

Funky and dynamic wallpapers are more than welcomed

Be brave to experiment with vivid colors! The neutral tones would fit perfectly with lively draperies, posters or 3D wallpapers. For instance, orange and black graphics can do miracles when applied next to a white sofa. Sharp green draperies can also contribute to the dramatic image.

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Black & White is never out of style

Black and white is the ultimate choice of those who are not sure how to decorate a studio apartment. This classical combination can easily turn your place into a sophisticated paradise. All it takes is balance between the two tones, and a colorful accent here and there to light it up.

Decorate with your own belongings

How about using personal stuff instead of purchasing expensive accessories that don’t have a meaning? Maybe it is time to personalize our space and to insert a bit of ourselves when designing our studio apartment. Everything you use, and which you consider to be appealing enough, can serve as a decoration. You’re even welcomed to hang your bike on the wall or to display the clothes you’re proud of.

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Go for large floor coverings

The larger the floor covering is, the larger the room will appear. Use carpets with interesting textures, or large rugs which can warm the apartment up.

The biggest investment is your bed

Purchase a loft-style bed. It will look stylish and comfortable, and it will contribute to your privacy. Due to the fact that it will only be present when you need it, you will have lots of available floor to repurpose.

The biggest plus is that it will be your own little heaven, which guests will not be able to see.

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Thought of introducing industrial style?

Creative and artistic people will aspire for uniqueness when dealing with studio apartment interior design. They can browse among the sea of alternative ideas on the market, and purchase all kinds of large accessories. What could look really fancy is to divide your sleeping space with a tall bookshelf or a curtain with interesting imprint.

Keep furniture small, but comfortable

If there is something you’re expected to cut on, it is the size of the furniture elements. Your sofa doesn’t have to be large, neither do your chairs! Tall barstools or foldable armchairs can be equally comfortable.

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Make sure there is enough space to pass

As fun as designing a studio apartment turns out to be, you should not forget space is your number one priority. It may take a couple of seconds to cross the entire apartment, but you have to make sure there is a decent pathway to do it. What you certainly don’t want is for you and your guests to climb and jump over stuff in order to reach the toilet!

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There is no such space that cannot be used

Turn around and think-is there anything else you could do to make your studio more efficient? You’ve worked on the space issue and all of your belongings seem to be stored, but are there more options to improve something? Sure there are! Be careful and you will find out that even the ceiling, the small decorative baskets or the space under the fridge can be employed.

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Tables should be high

Classical dining tables are not the most suitable options for small studio apartments. You should consider high bistro sets, funky pub tables or bars which take little space and are pulled out only when you need them.

Color bravery is an excellent idea

What we all want is to live in a positive, cheerful environment. Vivid colors can do that for our studio-the small space can benefit from lively splashes of warm colors. So can our mood!

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Maintenance is crucial

Regular cleaning is an essential rule for small spaces-don’t gather stuff that you don’t need, because there will be no place to store them. Keep only what seems pleasant and functional (practice shows it will be less and less stuff with time). Clean regularly and try to avoid mess, because even the smallest one can look awful when you’re lacking space.

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