It may seem exaggerated, but nail polish is a substance that many people consider devilish. It has immense ease of splashing any object near the bottle it is in, and there is nothing worse than a nail polish stain. Most think these stains are timeless, which makes using the substance a titanic task worthy of skilled people, but the truth is there are several ways to fix this liquid’s disasters. Today we will show you how to get nail polish off walls so that they have the dazzling appearance they deserve again.

The problem with nail polish is its composition. The substance is made up of different hardener compounds, pigments, and solvents, which will potentially damage any surface. Most objects will develop stains that will seem eternal, but there are still ways to clean them.

When it comes to walls, the cleaning process is not that complex, although it is demanding. Nail polish is essentially paint, so it’s like removing one coat of paint over another. This means that anything that may remove the substance potentially represents a danger to the wall paint.

Will nail polish remover remove paint? The answer is yes, that is why you should avoid using it. Fortunately, you can use other less abrasive alternatives.

The first thing you should do is use a cotton swab to remove as much of the nail polish from the wall as possible. This small piece of cotton will absorb any liquid that could continue to spill, avoiding creating larger stains. Now it is time to use other options.

How to get nail polish off walls

Alcohol solves almost everything

alchohol How to get nail polish off walls and have clean walls again

If the nail polish has just fallen on the wall, first try to remove it with warm water and a cloth. This should be enough in most cases, especially when it comes to smooth paints with semi-gloss finishes.

In case it’s too late and the nail polish is dry, you can try using isopropyl alcohol. In the same way, use a cloth and gently rub the wall. Use as much alcohol as necessary until the stain is removed. Before evaluating the area, clean the alcohol with a damp cloth.

alcohol-clean1 How to get nail polish off walls and have clean walls again

If there is still nail polish on your wall, then try a bit of nail polish remover. As we mentioned before, the nail polish remover is harmful to the wall, so you have to be careful with its use.

When you are satisfied with the result, or the stain can no longer be removed, finish the process by cleaning the wall with soapy water or dish detergent. Apply it with a clean cloth. With another rag, this time dry, dry the wall to avoid future moisture problems.

Soap is ideal for smooth walls

soap1 How to get nail polish off walls and have clean walls again

If you think using alcohol is exaggerated, then you can replace it with liquid soap. Part of how to get nail polish off walls will depend on the type of wall you need to clean. Smoothly finished walls are easier to clean because the compound does not adhere as strongly to the texture.

You will not use the liquid soap in its entirety: you will mix two cups of warm water with one cup of liquid soap. The amount will depend on what you want to clean, but it will always be in a 2:1 ratio.

Soak a rag with the mixture and rub the area that has been stained by the nail polish. Then dry the area with a cotton cloth to remove any remaining dirt.

Combat nail polish with nail polish

nail-polist1 How to get nail polish off walls and have clean walls again

The best way to remove nail polish from walls is to clean it as soon as it splashes them. If it is too late in your case and it has hardened, there is a chance that another layer of nail polish may remove the stain.

The idea is for the new layer of nail polish to soften the one that is already dry, allowing you to remove it with a cloth. Apply a small amount, and after a minute try to remove it with a cloth making upward movements.

If it is already dry, scrape it with a razor blade

razor-blade How to get nail polish off walls and have clean walls again

When the above options are not enough to remove the nail polish because it has already dried, there is a drastic option that involves removing it with a razor blade. The problem is that if you are not careful you can remove the paint and leave a hole in the wall.

You can try to smooth the surface by rubbing a block of ice before you start scraping to make the blade slide more easily.

Acetone is an extreme method

acetone How to get nail polish off walls and have clean walls again

The best thing to remove nail polish is acetone. This is a compound found in nail polish remover, so it will act similarly. However, this means that it can also damage the wall, so we will explain how to use it.

How to get nail polish off walls using acetone:

  • Dip a small piece of cotton in acetone and squeeze out the excess.
  • Gently slide the cotton over the affected area with the nail polish. Rub it until there are no stains.
  • Since you cannot leave acetone on the wall, be sure to clean it afterward using wet wipes or substitutes.
  • If you do not have acetone, turpentine can replace it.

Before performing this process, you can test whether the compound will not damage your wall by passing it over a surface that is out of sight or behind a piece of furniture so that if something happens the effects would not be visible.

The magic eraser will make the stain disappear

magic-erazer How to get nail polish off walls and have clean walls again

As its name implies, these types of erasers are capable of performing magic when cleaning up disasters. The process is so simple that you only need to use it as a normal eraser. Likewise, due to how strong this method can be, it is recommended that you try it first on a non-visible surface.

Borax is another miracle substance

soap How to get nail polish off walls and have clean walls again

Borax will be a key ingredient in a mix that will allow you to clean your painted walls, but you won’t be able to use it on wallpapers or it will damage them. In a container with two liters of water, you will dissolve one teaspoon of ammonia and two ounces of borax.

Now you will rub the mixture with a cloth using upward movements so that the dirty water does not leave stains on the wall that you will not be able to clean.

Walls with textured finishes will be slightly more difficult to clean as rags will not work to clean small holes. Fabrics with absorbent capabilities, such as those found in socks, can help you with this cleaning. Instead of using a sponge, try a pair of worn socks.

Heavy duty with WD-40

spray How to get nail polish off walls and have clean walls again

Not only is it an excellent lubricant for gears and mechanisms in general, but it can also be used to remove nail polish stains.

Spray some of this lubricant on the wall and remove the residue with soapy water and a clean cloth.

Sometimes the simplest is the best

water How to get nail polish off walls and have clean walls again

The last option you should know about how to get nail polish off walls is the simplest of all: water. Water might be all you need to clean up that annoying stain.

It may have happened to you that when you wash the dishes, the nail polish begins to come off little by little. The same can happen on the wall. Of course, unlike your nails, you can’t wash the wall as consistently or you will end up damaging it.

Use a cloth or sponge depending on your preference, and wipe it several times until the stain is removed.

When there are no more options

If all else failed, you may consider painting the wall with a fresh coat of paint. This is not always effective as the nail polish stain may continue to stand out. It is recommended to always remove it before trying to hide it.

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