The housefly, also known as Musca domestica, can be one of the worst vermin you will face in your home. This little flying insect is found anywhere there are humans, and the weather doesn’t stop them on their quest to find something to eat. Of course, flies have an important role in nature, but they could carry out their cleaning tasks far from our homes. If you are tired of dealing with them, then read this guide so you know how to get rid of flies outside.

The problem with flies is simple: their food makes them disease transmitters. Because they mainly eat trash and feces, they are always dirty. The residues they carry on are easily left on our food.

Flies have a problematic reproduction due to the large number of maggots that are born with a single fertilization. Additionally, its growth is fast, so even if you kill a fly, chances are you’ll have 100 new ones if you don’t attack the root problem.

If we add to this that the life of a female fly is around a month, then you can accumulate many flies in a very short time. Getting rid of flies entirely is impossible, but certain techniques will help you reduce their population to controllable numbers.

Flies are a passive danger

Unlike other insects, the danger of flies is not that they can bite you and cause disease. Flies are very calm insects that rarely attack other species.

The problem is, as we mentioned previously, that they feed on decomposing material, and this is a focus of very dangerous diseases. Unintentionally, flies leave the trash they eat on other surfaces.

Some of the diseases caused with the help of flies include dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and amoebiasis.

In inhabited and civilized areas, the risk of infection by any of these diseases is low because we have been able to control them through a public health system, but that does not mean that you should enjoy a lunch that has been touched by a fly.

Additionally, you will never know which one of them has a disease because they are very restless. A fly that was not contaminated in the morning can become a hazard at night.

However, rest assured, it won’t take much to eliminate your fly problem. These insects quickly disappear when they do not find food, so following some basic recommendations of good hygiene, like taking out the trash regularly, should be enough to have an invader-free home

How to get rid of flies outside – Understanding the flies

The best way to kill flies is by ending their natural cycle. A fly goes through four stages in its life, and if you manage to kill them at each of their stages, then you will ensure that they stop appearing.

In the first stage, the female fly lays between 100 and 150 eggs in a humid environment filled with food that is perfect for maggots to hatch. You are likely to find the eggs in decomposing material.

The second stage is made up of the time it takes for the eggs to hatch. This could be as little as eight hours if the environmental conditions are right, but the time is usually one day. The larva should have enough food to develop in 5 to 14 days.

The third stage is the change from the larva to the fly through a metamorphosis process. In this, the larva enters a pupal stage in which it remains inert for a month while the organs reabsorb and change position to become a fly.

With the fourth and final stage reached, the flies have reached maturity and can begin to reproduce. Their lifespan is only one month after pupation is complete, but at this time they can lay up to 2,000 eggs.

If you can stop one or more of the stages, you can control the fly population. To do this, use one of the following techniques.

How to repel flies

The air keeps them away

A fan is a simple way to keep flies out of certain areas. They cannot fly against the air current they generate, so they prefer to avoid them if possible.

With a fan that is six feet tall, you can keep them away from tables where food is located.

Fans featuring oscillating propeller motion will reach larger areas, making them ideal for when you need them at outdoor events. Set it next to your backyard grill for a hygienic space to cook on, or place it next to the table so you can enjoy food without interruption.

They are not friends of electricity

Although flies are attracted to light, it is not its best friend when it is in a Fly Zapper. Ultraviolet light works like a bait that leads them to an electrified mesh, which kills them instantly.

Although this method is not very hygienic, it is one of the most effective you can get, in addition to having indoor and outdoor devices.

Sugar drives them crazy

You can get rid of flies outside using a wide-mouthed jar filled with sugary water. With the help of a cone, pour the sweet mixture into the jar. Leave the cone on the bottle to limit the flies’ exit.

Flies hate vodka

Maybe it’s because of its alcoholic smell, but for some reason, flies can’t be near vodka. If you don’t mind using the drink as a repellent, you can create your repellent with a cup of vodka mixed with 2 teaspoons of Aloe Vera juice, one teaspoon of lemon eucalyptus oil and half a teaspoon of essential oils.

How to get rid of flies outside eliminating white lights

White and ultraviolet bulbs attract flies because their eyes pick up striking patterns on them. If you don’t have these types of lights, it will be more difficult for flies to be attracted to your lamps. Try installing yellow or opaque bulbs in your lamps.

How to get rid of flies outside with Citronella or Camphor Smoke

Smoking is bad for your health, and even flies know it, that’s why they try to stay away from smoke. However, they especially hate citronella candles and camphor chips.

Confuse flies with water

Hang a transparent bag almost completely filled with water where you want to scare away flies and you will confuse them to believe that it is a danger to them. The idea is to reflect the light through the water, so if there is no light source like the sun, they will not be confused.

Fermentation fans

Fermented products, such as vinegar and wine, attract flies due to their aged nature. You can use them as a bait to lead them into traps similar to the jar of sugar water.

Create a fly repellent for yards with Lemongrass Oil

Flies are not the only insects that hate lemongrass oil; many species hate its aroma. If you use it as a spray, applying a little in the air, you will even manage to refresh the environment naturally. You just need to mix in half a cup of hot water between 20 and 25 lemongrass oil drops.

Catch all the flies with a paper

Sugary paper is an eco-friendly way to catch flies. If you do not want to buy it in a store, you can make yours by painting a recycled paper with a mixture of 1/4 cup of golden syrup and 1/4 cup of sugar.

The power of cucumbers

For some reason, some animals seem to strongly hate cucumber. Cats are scared when they see it, and flies don’t tolerate it either. A homemade way of getting rid of flies outside is by placing cucumber slices in the areas you want to keep clear. You can even put them on top of your trashcan to keep it free from flies.

Try all possible methods

There is no best way to get rid of flies since it is very difficult to completely kill them. However, now that you know how to get rid of flies outside in different ways, you can try combining the methods until you get the result you want.

Just be aware that, even if you apply all existing methods, you should know that you will not get rid of flies if there is trash around them that they can feed on. That is why the constant cleaning of the house is the most effective against any vermin.

When disposing of garbage, seal the bags well to prevent them from giving off unpleasant odors. Flies are attracted to trash mostly by smell.

If you own animals, constantly clean up their garbage or they will become hot spots for flies. Do not leave expired food on the floor for long; if your pet did not eat it, it is best to pick it up and dispose of it.

The houses with gardens are more prone to flies because they love tall grass. If you have grassy yards, constantly mow it to keep it low.

Finally, waste or compost bins should be in very hot areas so that maggots cannot survive the heat. If you follow these tips, you won’t need to know how to get rid of flies outside because you won’t have any to worry about.

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