An exposed brick wall is appealing enough on its own, but to get the aesthetic you desire, you may do want to hang photographs and other wall art.

It makes it feel a lot more homely to hang artwork and images in your house, but many people struggle to find discreet ways to place art on bricks. Brickwork brings a beautiful touch of beauty to a home, but it can be a bit of a challenge if you try to hang artwork.

You can feel scared or even reluctant to hang it on a brick wall. However, you can achieve it. You have to pre-drill the mortar or brick holes and then screw the anchor hook in. Anchors that bind to the wall or clamp to it may still be used, but they are only best for light objects.

We have developed this simple guide to suit you for your convenience by taking every move required to print an image on brick successfully. Here are a couple of the easiest ways on how to hang pictures on brick.

How to hang pictures on brick: Preps first

Gather the equipment and plan the workspace before you know how to hang pictures on brick. It might get a little dusty for this job, so shift stuff away from the wall or at least cover it with a dropcloth. Have one for the floor, too — many brick dust that comes would be easier to clean up.

Get Right Anchors

Get-Right-Anchors How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

Consider purchasing anchors that are rated for the weight you need to hang. Set the object and record its weight on a table. Buy anchors that are valued at least this weight, and ideally above, for stuff.

Based on the weight they will carry, anchor sizes differ. To maintain a snug fit, the package will tell you what size they are—it is advised that you use a much smaller drill bit.

  • For starters, if you display a framed image weighing 7 pounds (3,200 g), buy anchors that are licensed for 10 pounds (4,500 g).
  • At every hardware shop, you will find ideal brick anchors.
  • You can try using several anchors if you’re hanging an oversized or bulky object. For example, you can attempt to turn a framed image of 10 pounds (4,500 g) using two anchors valued at least 5 pounds (2,300 g).

Choose whether to drill into brick or mortar.

Choose-whether-to-drill-into-brick-or-mortar. How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

Choose the mortar between the walls, if possible, since it is smoother than concrete and more comfortable to dig into. It would only take a bit more time and effort to drill straight into the bricks themselves.

If you plan to transfer or if you make a hole in the wrong spot, you can still fill this in more quickly. One anchor point in the center is the usual procedure for small photographs, but bigger and thicker frames are ideal for two holes near the corners.

Mark the area

Mark-the-area How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

How to hang pictures on brick the right way? Label with chalk the place on the brick where you want to photograph it. You might use a pencil or marker, but a crab would more quickly wash off. Keep the photo frame above the place marked by you.

Make sure it’s held in the way it’s hanging. Is the hanger on the top of the frame, for example, or is there a wire hanger in the center? This is where a helper can help you determine how high or low the wall arts are. You have to use the level to keep the stuff clean if you hang several frames and want them even.

Choose a good masonry bit.

Choose-a-good-masonry-bit How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

Make sure that the masonry bit for the width of the wall anchors is the acceptable size. It would be best if you chose to use a drill bit that is often less than the wall anchor’s real diameter. This is where the anchors are positioned in the drilled cavity.

Drive the drill bit into each mark 

Drive-the-drill-bit-into-each-mark How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

  • Hold the drill bit to the wall at a right angle and work steadily. Do not hesitate to use a bit that is smaller than the screw you intend to use.
  • Drill a little deeper than the length of your screws/anchors. For example, drill approximately 0.8 inches (2.0 cm) deep if your screws are 0.75 inches (1.9 cm) long.
  • When you’re finished, reverse the drill bit to get the debris out from under the hole. A pipe cleaner may also be inserted into the cavity and used to get the dust-out.

Insert the wall anchors and tidy up 

Insert-the-wall-anchors-and-tidy-up How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

Through the freshly drilled hole, insert the wall anchor. Then, take a hook for a photo and insert it into the anchor. By the side, tighten everything. Take a screwdriver and send each screw a couple of turns by hand to double-check it’s safe if you’ve used anchors with plates. It should not jiggle the screw. Ensure that the hook on both is facing upright and firmly fixed to the wall if you have used screw-in hook anchors.

brick-wall-1 How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

Gently put the image frame over the hook and change it, so it is straight and hangs safely. You’re done now. Last but not least: To admire the view, stand up!

Hanging on Brick Without A Drill

With brick, nails won’t work either. And it’s a good thing too because when you do it right, you get the most secure fitting possible. Brick is a lot sturdier than cavity walls, so you’ll get a more secure fitting provided you go about it the right way.

Use pinch hangers

Use-pinch-hangers How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

This hanger variety is sized to fit just above the height of an average brick. You can place the back of these anchors with clamps on the top and bottom of a brick in the narrow space where it sticks out past the mortar. Squeeze the clamps, and on the brick, the anchor will stay.

However, because these anchors are not firmly fixed to the brick or mortar, they are not intended to carry heavy objects.

Adhesive strips 

Adhesive-strips How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

Hanging a signal does not work on the uniform, brick-like wall of these sticky stripes. On the other hand, the painted brick has a much sleeker surface so that you can try it. Again, this is not an alternative to heavy or precious art, but for light, smaller pictures, it may be sufficient.

Exposed brick walls can be attractive on their own, but wall decor can make your home even more beautiful. With these tips, you can know how to hang pictures on brick firmly without damaging your wall or décor.

Brick Clamps

Brick-Clamps How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

When it comes to mounting brick hooks, it is hardly safer than using clamps. A single stone is put under this clip shaped hardware. They are points on the stone’s surface, winging over the mortar and protecting the crotch to the base of the brick by the lower teeth. A hook is on each pin to hang your artwork.

  • You have to measure the bricks’ height where you want your artwork to be shown, while brick clamps sound a fair answer.
  • Then go to the hardware store and pick matching clamps. These clips are locked on the wall in a few minutes.

A picture rail

picutre-rail How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

How to hang pictures on brick using a picture rail? A picture rail is a type of molding made about two inches thick from wood or metal that hangs horizontally on a wall. The image rail offers an edge for you to connect a hooked clip to wire hangers and then attach frames to them.

Through drilling holes using the five-step guide above, you’ll need to hang the picture rail safely. However, once all of the artwork is in place, you can easily add more clips or switch them about as much as you need to.


Blu-Tack How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes

Trusting Blu-Tack may be the solution for posters or pictures without frames—such as photographs, for example. This requires no unique setup, is easy to implement, lasts a long time, and is very inexpensive.

Additional Tips for how to hang pictures on brick

Raw-Meets-Refined-in-an-Open-Brooklyn-Loft-by-Corynne-Pless How to hang pictures on brick without making mistakes
Image source: Corynne Pless

  • Select a masonry piece that’s the perfect size for the wall anchor you’re using.
  • Using two wall anchors to carry a heavy, glass-fronted picture frame safely.
  • To protect your eyes from the dust that can spread, be careful while drilling.

The job of hanging a picture isn’t always as hard as you can see, but it’s impressive. Murals and painting will quickly bring a wall to life, and it is possible to personalize whatever you want. If you’re not very artistic, you will find several local innovative individuals who can help you learn how to hang pictures on brick..

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