Practically every living room nowadays will have some electrical cords in it; it’s hard to imagine a living room without a television, for example. And the job of us, as homeowners, is to know how to hide electrical cords in the living room without going to extreme measures.

Having the electrical cords on display for everyone to see is one of the worst things you can do. It will give the guests the impression that you are just lazy and unorganized. And there are tons of gadgets that living rooms usually contain. A television is very common, but many living rooms will have various chargers, lamps, and other devices that will require wiring.

Having these wires and cords organized is the most sensible thing. Not only that unorganized wires look bad, they also present a possible hazard for your toddlers as they can easily trip up on them.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to hide electrical cords in the living room.

Tips on How to Hide Electrical Cords in Living Room

Here are some quick tips to let you hide the cords in the living room.

Put the Cables Behind the Wall

The best way to hide your electrical cords is to wire them through a wall. There are a couple of things you’ll need to do for this method.

  • First, measure where your wires need to enter the wall and where they need to exit.
  • With a stud finder, locate where your studs are located in order for you not to cut them off or injure them when you drill.
  • The next step is to start drilling the holes in the drywall with a drywall saw, or with a drill. One hole next to the outlet, and one behind your television.

  • On each side, install wall-mounted cable plates that you’ll run the cords through on the top plate and through the lower plate.
  • If the cords are slightly shorter than you would’ve liked, use in-wall power or a cable kit that will create an outlet behind your TV.

Tape the Cords

A very quick and simple fix to hide your cords is to use some tape. Although this way will not be the most effective in the long term, it’s definitely not a time-consuming way to hide your cords.

However, you’ll still want to be accurate with this way of concealing your cords. You clear packing tape to affix the cords in a spot that’s not the focal point of the room. Then, run the cord to the desired destination, making sure that the cord stays hidden throughout the whole path.

Hide the Cords Behind Furniture

If you don’t want to cut holes inside a wall or you just don’t want to use tape, then you can simply use your furniture to hide your cords. It’s a relatively simple fix but you’ll see great results with it. Simply position the cords behind the furniture and make sure everything stays hidden from the naked eye.

Lift the Power Strip Off the Ground

The power strip will be the primary source of all clutter, so you can easily conceal it by lifting the power strip off the ground slightly. All you’ll need is a few nails and screws to hang the power strip onto the wall.

This wall-mounted strip will connect the cords straight to your entertainment center. At the same time, all the cords will stay hidden from the public eye.

A Basket Cord Holder

How about a cute little basket cord that will hold all of your cords and hide them? The best way to use this basket is to tie all the cords together with Velcro, and connect them into the basket. It’s a cute addition that will also play a very functional role.

Get Creative

How about using your imagination to hide the cords? Instead of taking these measures that will hide your cords from the public eye, you can easily just use your imagination to hide the cords.

For example, you could easily make them a part of your décor. You can add several decorative elements, such as wires. In addition, use some other fixtures in your living room, such as dehumidifiers. This way, you’ll be able to use several cord lines instead of just one.

Get yourself some tube-shaped concealers, and get creative with them. You’ll be amazed at all the options that these offer to you, as long as you use some of your imagination.

Command Hooks

You can easily hide your cords by using adhesive hooks that will conceal your cords by attaching them to furniture, for example. This way, you’ll be able to connect an appliance to a plug that’s on the other side of the room.

Zip Ties

How about using zip ties to collect all of your cords together? This will make everything slightly more organized, and you’ll be able to plug in multiple appliances at the same time.

Hide Your Cable Boxes

Some of your cable boxes, for example Apple TV box, or other fixtures, are not the most visually-pleasing additions. While they do play a practical role, they are not the most pretty parts of your living room, and they provide additional clutter. How about putting them into a cabinet, for example, and get rid of your cord problems at the same time?

Cord-Management Kits

You can get yourself a cord-management kit that will allow you to conceal the cords inside a tubing. But the best thing about these kits is that they will fit your internal design. You won’t be able to see cords while also enhancing your design.

Surge Protectors

A good way to hide your cords is with a surge protector. You can mount it in the wall behind the TV, or any other appliance that uses cords. They’ll allow you to hide the cords that are protruding all around your house.

Hide them into a Drawer

You can get slightly more creative and hide the cords into a drawer. Of course, you’ll want to drill a hole into the drawer so that you’ll be able to enter the cords inside this drawer. The hole should be done on the back of the drawer, and it should be able to hide your cords effectively.

Binder Clips

If you want to tie together bands of wire or cord, then you can use binder clips. These clips will allow you to collect the cords together and effectively hide them once you’ve tied them together.

Cable Catch

To prevent the cords falling to the floor, use a cable catch. This way, you’ll avoid additional clutter that can be created if your cords fall to the floor.

Paint Over a Flat Wire Covering

You can always use a flat wire covering and then paint over it to conceal the wires on your wall. First, place the cord inside the covering, and then place the covering onto the wall. Paint over it, and this will allow it to blend with the overall style of your living room.

Stash Wires into a Book

Here’s a very interesting tip. Your router or modem is not the most pretty fixture in your living room, and they contain tons of wiring. You can easily conceal it by hiding it between books. To do this, attach the wires onto a book with a binder, and place the router between two books. This way, you’ll conceal both the router and the wires effectively.

So there you have it, these are the best tips of how to hide electrical cords in living room. Hopefully, you found some of these useful.

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