So, you want to know how to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace

TV and a fireplace have one thing in common. They are both the focal elements of a room. You might say you organize all the furniture with them as a central point. Because of this, some people decide to combine these two and to place the TV above the fireplace. But, there is one problem -how to hide the wires?

If you have a brick fireplace, mounting a TV will need some work. It may seem a difficult task at first, but with proper tools and a bit of patience, you can do it.

Having wires and cables spread around the floor is not practical nor safe. First, it collects a lot of dust and dirt. Also, someone might trip and injure themselves. And we can all agree it doesn’t look decorative either.

Many people for starts don’t like the idea of having to drill the brick fireplace. Or the option of placing the cable cords into the fireplace masonry. Mounting a TV above a fireplace, that radiates high temperatures – doesn’t seem good. In this article, we will present to you safe and proper ways to mount a TV on the brick fireplace and how to hide and cover the wires.

But have in mind – you won’t be able to look at flickering flames in the mantle and TV at the same time.

Tips for hiding wires over brick fireplace

Check the temperature

temp How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

House appliances and a high level of heat don’t go well. This is why before we mount a TV we must check the temperature of the surface. If the temperature is too high, this could affect wires and cables, and the TV itself.

Use the thermometer to check if the temperature exceeds the recommended level. Light the fireplace and tape the thermometer on the wall. If the temperature is too high, we recommend you find another place to hang the TV. If the temperature is right, you may proceed.

Viewing angle

view-angle How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

The best position to mount tv is at eye level. Consider the dimensions of your fireplace. If it is a bigger one, the TV will stand too high. If your fireplace has a lower mantle then it would be fine.

You can perform a test. Hang a piece of paper where you want to mount the TV. Move around the room, sit in your armchair. You will see yourself if this works well for you. If it gives you pain in the neck, you should consider giving up the idea and think of another solution.

Band cords

hid How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

Tv cords can make a lot of mess. To avoid this and keep them tidy, bend the wires and cords together. You can use cable ties to fasten them. Place one tie on every 6 inches along the length of the cords.

Paint the raceway

Paint-the-raceway How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

The simplest way to camouflage and hide the wires is with paint. Gather all the wires in a cable management raceway. Colour the raceway in the same color as the color of the wall. It won’t become invisible, but it will blend about enough.

Create art with wires

wall-art How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

Sometimes the only option is to be creative. Try to make something artistic. Create shapes, use colors, hang some ornaments. You can create an interesting mural with some wall clips or tape. Create a branch with painted leaves or an outline for a cityscape. Options are limitless. If you lack ideas, go to Pinterest, for example, and you will find there a lot of DIY suggestions. Your living room might turn out better than you have expected in the first place.

The pallet

The-pallet How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

Another way to cover the wires is with free wood. You can get some pallets at the home improvement stores. Before applying those palettes anywhere, clean them.

There is a so-called peel-and-stick DIY option called Stick wood. It consists of very thin planks and has an adhesive backing so you can apply it to almost any surface. Another good thing about it is it’s good for the budget as it costs way less than remodeling a wall.

Hire a temp

Create-art-with-wires How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

An option, for people who are not fond of changing the look of walls so much, is a cord cover kit. This is also used for hiding audio and speaker cables. It is a simple solution, already tired and tested.

Workaround the fireplace

Workaround-the-fireplace How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

If you don’t want to mess with drilling around the fireplace or chimney, there are other ideas. For example, hang a mirror above the fireplace. It is not exactly what you wanted in the first place, but it will be a nice detail above the fireplace. And there won’t be any wires or cables. No cables – no problems.

Choose a safe method

Choose-a-safe-method How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

There is more than one way to mount a TV above the fireplace. To be sure the TV will stand safely on the wall, mind the measures of the TV. Select the mounting system accordingly, so you would avoid TV falling off one day and making a mess in your living room.

In case there is drywall above the fireplace, you’ll have to look for the wall stud. You should connect the mounting system to a stable and secure surface.

Don’t forget to read the TV manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. This is important so you don’t damage the TV, wires and the wall.

Some fireplaces are designed with deeper mantels. This gives you the option of placing the TV on a stand instead of the wall.

Manage wires and cables

Hire-a-temp How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

If you want the TV to work, logically, you will need electricity. You must have a power source nearby so you can plug it in. If you mount a TV without checking this first, you will end up with a fancy expensive mirror above the mantle.

One option is to call an electrician to install electrical receptacles. This will demand more work and will cost you time and money.

Another option is to buy cable channels. They run along the wall and cover the cords. You can also paint them the same color as your wall color. This will allow them to blend in and be somewhat less visible.

The main focus of a room is either TV, fireplace or both. Therefore, the space around them should be tidy and neat. This will allow the technology to merge with the rest of the room.


Integration-2 How to hide the TV wires over a brick fireplace (Quick guide)

If you want to place TV above the fireplace, but yet you don’t want it to be visible all the time, there is a solution for that too. Use a pair of folding doors to hide the big black screen when you’re not using it. These doors can be in various styles, so you can integrate them with any room decor.

Besides the classical ones, there are modern high-tech panels. These are mechanized and you can open and close them, exposing the tv, with a press of a button.

We recommend you select tv frames, hiding panels – classical or mechanized – in a style like the rest of the room.

If you are a sucker for modern technology, there is another suggestion for you. This one is a combination of art and hiding panels. It looks like a piece of art, but when you press the button, it rolls up and uncovers the TV. Besides artwork, TV can also be hidden behind built-in bookcases.

FAQs about hiding TV wires over brick fireplace

1. What are some effective ways to hide TV wires over a brick fireplace?

Using a cable cover or conduit to run the cables down the surface of the brick is one of the most efficient ways to conceal TV wires above a brick fireplace. Drilling into the mortar joints and burying the cables there is an alternative. To conceal the wires and make them fit in with the wall, you can alternatively install a wire molding kit.

2. Can I run cables through the brickwork to hide TV wires?

Although it is technically conceivable, it is not advised to conceal TV wires by running cords through the masonry. Drilling into the brick has the potential to harm it and impair its structure. It is advisable to conceal the cables using other techniques, such as a conduit or wire molding kit.

3. Is it safe to drill into the brick to hide TV wires?

If done correctly, drilling through brick can be safe, but it’s necessary to use caution. It is advised to wear safety gear, use a masonry bit, and make sure the drill is set at the proper speed. Additionally, it’s crucial to refrain from drilling into any gas or electrical lines.

4. How can I hide TV wires without drilling into the brick fireplace?

Using a cable cover or conduit to run the cables along the brick’s surface is one approach to conceal TV wires without drilling into the fireplace’s brick. To conceal the wires and make them fit in with the wall, you can alternatively install a wire molding kit. As an alternative, you can fasten the cables to the wall with adhesive cable clips.

5. What tools do I need to hide TV wires over a brick fireplace?

You will need a drill, masonry bit, wire cutters, measuring tape, level, cable cover or conduit, wire molding kit, cable clamps, and a stud finder to conceal TV wires above a brick fireplace. Depending on the technique you use, you might additionally require screws or anchors.

6. Are there any DIY solutions for hiding TV wires over a brick fireplace?

Yes, there are a number of do-it-yourself ways to conceal TV cords above a brick fireplace. A cable cover or conduit, a wire molding kit, or sticky cable clips are a few alternatives. When utilizing power tools, it’s crucial to pay attention to the directions and use caution.

7. What type of conduit should I use to hide TV wires over a brick fireplace?

To conceal TV wires over a brick fireplace, use a conduit made of either metal or plastic. Although it can be more challenging to install, the metal conduit is more resilient and provides superior protection. Plastic conduit is more readily available and less expensive.

8. Can I paint the conduit to match the color of the brick fireplace?

The conduit can be painted to match the brick fireplace’s color, yes. Depending on the kind of conduit you’re using, use paint made especially for plastic or metal surfaces. Prior to painting, it’s crucial to let the conduit thoroughly dry.

9. How do I ensure the TV wires are hidden securely over a brick fireplace?

Utilizing the proper equipment and materials will ensure that the TV wires are safely concealed over a brick fireplace. Conduit or cable covers should be installed correctly, making ensuring they are secure and level. If anchors or screws are required, use them, and test the cables to make sure they are firmly fastened.

10. Can I hire a professional to hide TV wires over a brick fireplace, and what is the cost?

You can, in fact, use a specialist to conceal TV wires above a brick fireplace. The difficulty of the task, the materials utilized, and the location of the fireplace will all affect the price. The price can typically range from $150 to $500, but the best way to acquire a precise estimate is to seek a quote from a professional.

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