If you’re trying to install a fence, the first thing you have to do is concrete fence posts. That way, you will make sure that your fence is stable. The fence posts also hold the whole fence straight. If they aren’t put together in the right way, they will disassemble and become useless.

People make crazy mistakes when trying to install fence posts. Often they buy short fence posts. They are thus resulting in a more temporary fence.

How to install fence posts professionally and efficiently? For that, you’ll need a great technique and more thorough knowledge.

Durable fence posts are the key to everything

There are a few things to consider before you buy a fence post. The environment plays a massive role in choosing the right material. Wood is an excellent material for a fence. But, it is sensitive to many climate changes.

If you are buying wood, make sure to buy treated timber. Or treat it by yourself. Choose the straightest posts. That way, you will avoid bending problems. Things to know before you know how to install fence posts.

Choosing the right depth of the holes

Make sure you dig the right depth for the post holes. If the gap is too shallow, the fence will start to crease and bend. To prevent this, follow these tips.

Approximately a third of the post should be buried in the ground. That way, you’ll ensure the fence doesn’t tip over. For example, if the wall is 8 feet tall, 2 feet should be in the ground.

Measure the space

The pillars should be apart six to eight feet. You need to set up the corner pillars first. Then, you align the rest of the fence. To align the rest, stretch a line from the two end corners. Again, mark the height of the fence tops.

Know the location of pipes and cables

You have to be careful of underground cables and pipes. Knowing their location is crucial. For this, use detectors. What you can also do is to get in touch with local utility suppliers. They will be able to give you the precise location of the underground pipelines.

Ensure that you have the right tools

With the right tools and materials, this job will be more comfortable. To know how to install fence posts, you have to equip yourself first.

How to install fence posts step by step

There are several steps you have to follow before you know how to install fence posts successfully.

1. Preparing the hole

You first need to mark the fence line. You can use any string to do that. Then, space out the posts with a wooden board that is the same width as the pillars. You can use an auger to dig out the holes. When you measure where the spot should be, add couple more inches for the gravel.

2. Pouring gravel into the hole

Pour the stone. About six inches should be enough. Rock is a good foundation. The fence post can comfortably rest there. Gravel acts as a middle layer. It keeps the soil away from the pillars.

3. Positioning the fence post

To position, the fence post correctly uses a few wood pieces to level it out. Use the level to make sure your post is straight (plumb), take the pieces of wood and lightly nail them to the center and push them into the ground to act as a temporary holder.

4. Centering it the right way

To center the post, plunge two wooden stakes into the neighboring soil—furthermore, nail scrap lumber in between the stake and the post.

5. Mixing the concrete

Cement comes in a bag. So when pouring it in a container, the particles can irritate your eyes. Wear protective equipment. Mix according to the instructions on the back of the package. A paste should be formed.

6. Pouring the concrete

It is time to pour the concrete. After that, smooth it out. Remember to keep the post positioned in the center. Once you run the concrete, you won’t be able to recenter the pillar.

7. Level it out

Use a shovel to press down the concrete. This will set it firm and even it out. After an hour or so, the concrete should be hard enough for you to continue working on your fence.

8. Sealing the rest of the gap

When you are sure that the concrete is arid, seal the gar around the posts’ edges. For this, you can use a special sealant. It bonds to the concrete and the wood. Silicone sealants are perfect for this.

9. Creating a small hill

To prevent the bottom of the post from rot, you can create a small hill using soil. The mountain should slope away from the post. That way, you’ll ensure you have good drainage.

This is all you need to do. Once you know how to install fence posts, you can now continue on in the next step. And that is laying down the fence boards. If you follow this article, you will be guaranteed that you will end up with a professional-looking fence. Now everyone can be jealous of your kills.

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