When it comes to adding a luxurious touch to your home, marble is the key! It has a shiny and exuberant nature. Its unique pattern scheme can instantly improve your house appearance. It is perfect if you want to stay on a budget yet add elegance and luxury to your home. You can add it almost everywhere, from flooring to vanities and even tabletops.

However, it is essential to know that marble has many disadvantages. You can easily stain it, far more than any other material. Not only that, but you can scratch it easily. Another excellent disadvantage marble has is that sometimes the engraved areas can be eroded and even feel rough.

You can polish your marble every once in a while. You can do this professionally. However, often paying for labor and hiring someone can cost more than the actual polishing. In this article, we will show you how to polish the marble floors all by yourself and save time and money.

The thing you need to do before polishing your marble floors

living-room-by-Elad-Gonen How to polish marble floors in a few easy steps
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It is essential to do several things before starting your project. You have to make sure to clean and sweep away any dirt or dust debris. By doing so, you will prevent scratching your marble surface. Ensure you use the right cleaning solution, though.

You can use typical cleaning concoctions found in your home, but not all are meant for marble. Avoid cleaners that have an acidic base. Lemon juice and vinegar are a big NO. They are abrasive to the surface and will cause damage.

The cleaning solution is not the only thing you have to be careful about. The technique you use when cleaning is equally as important. Don’t use any harsh scrubbing materials, as the stone is soft and gentle.

Guide on how to polish marble floors

Check-out-this-guide-to-learn-more How to polish marble floors in a few easy steps

It is essential to have the right materials and equipment when dealing with marble. Research well and ask local stores whether they have crucial cleaning ingredients and tools.

Here is everything that you will need to polish them successfully:

  • l Mild detergent
  • l Soft cloths
  • l Polish
  • l Marble sealant
  • l Poultice for removing stains
  • If your marble floors have colors, you will also need a poultice to remove them.

Cleaning the Floor 

Cleaning-the-Floor-1 How to polish marble floors in a few easy steps

Start by cleaning the floor. Dry mop it first. Then, with a mixture of water and mild detergent, gently wipe the area. This will clean it thoroughly yet won’t be abrasive to the stone. You can also dip a small cloth or a sponge to clean the area section by section. After you’ve finished, wipe the floor again with a dry cloth.

Treating Stains

Remember that marble has pores. That is why it is so prone to stains. You can’t remove old stains by polishing. If you have colors, make sure you first take time to remove those stains carefully. After you’ve gotten rid of them, your marble is ready to be polished.

To start the process

To-start-the-process How to polish marble floors in a few easy steps

  • To remove the stains, apply a homemade poultice to them. Do that before polishing! First, combine one part hydrogen peroxide with four parts of water. Then add enough baking soda to make it into a thick paste. Cover any stains entirely with the paste, then cover the paste with plastic wrap and tape the edges down.

Cleaning-the-Floor How to polish marble floors in a few easy steps

  • Let this mixture sit on the colors for 24-48 hours. Test to make sure if it is entirely dried out. Then, remove the wrap and wipe the paste away. With a wet cloth, clean it off and dry it off with a clean towel.
  • The poultice paste works by sucking out the stains. Repeat the process if there are any leftover stains.


Polish-Marble-Floors-With-Commercial-Polish How to polish marble floors in a few easy steps

How to polish marble floors step by step? Once you have successfully removed the stains, it is time for the next step. Now you can move on to the polishing part. For polish, you can use a store-bought polish or create your own at your home. It doesn’t make a difference which one you decide to use.

How To Polish Marble Floors With Commercial Polish

Polish-Marble-Floors-With-Commercial-Polish1 How to polish marble floors in a few easy steps

  • There are a lot of polish concoctions on the market. They vary, but they’re all great. You can use a store-bought polish if you’re lazy to make yourself one. Go to your local store and buy any polish.
  • To apply the polish onto the marble, spray it on the surface. Then, with a soft cloth, buff the area. Repeat this process in each section until the entire floor has been polished.

How to polish marble floors with a homemade solution

How-to-polish-marble-floors-with-a-homemade-solution How to polish marble floors in a few easy steps

For a more eco-friendly polish, use a homemade one. Mix baking soda and water and you will get a nice thick paste. Forty-five grams of baking soda will be enough to 0.9 liters of water. Apply this paste with a soft cloth. Don’t use any brushes for this method. Please wait for the paste to dry for 5 hours and then rinse it thoroughly. Use warm water for rinsing. With a clean microfiber cloth, softly dry buff the area. Use round and wide motions.

Buff out any scratches with a marble polishing powder

Buff-out-any-scratches-with-a-marble-polishing-powder How to polish marble floors in a few easy steps

If your marble area has scratches, you can apply a tiny amount of polishing powder on top of the scratch. Gently rub in the powder. Then, wipe the marble clean with another clean damp cloth. Dry it with new material.

Seal the floors

Seal-the-floors How to polish marble floors in a few easy steps

Once the polish has dried, the last step is to seal the floors. A topical polish will sit on top of your feet and prevent them from staining. Spray the sealant on the floor, let it sit for about 20 minutes, and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. Do not let the adhesive dry thoroughly, or it will leave streaks on your floors. Read the directions on your marble sealer carefully, and apply as directed. If the surface has a tacky or sticky feel, continue to buff until the marble is smooth to the touch and has a high shine level.

Protecting and maintaining marble Floor to Keep it Shiny

J-Design-Group-–-Modern-–-Contemporary-Interior-Designer-Miami-–-Bay-Harbor-Isla-by-J-Design-Group-Interior-Designers-Miami-–-Modern How to polish marble floors in a few easy stepsImage source: J Design Group – Interior Designers Miami – Modern

Having marble in your home requires a lot of maintenance. It can be a laborious job taking care of marbled items and furniture. However, here are several tricks:

  • Regularly clean it with a dry cloth. That way, you will remove any dirt or dust which covers the shiny surface.
  •  You can also add rugs and carpets by the doors. Carpets will absorb any particles from shoes and other external environments. Strategically place these rugs in places where there is a lot of human traffic. By doing so, you will also avoid having scratches on your marble flooring.
  •  Adding padding to non-marble furniture is another excellent tip. If you have a marble floor add cushions to your furniture legs. You will prevent massive scratches and ruins by doing so.
  •  Marble flooring doesn’t require vacuuming. That is why it is recommendable to avoid using the vacuum cleaner on your marbled areas. The plastic on your vacuum can easily scratch the floor. Use brooms or mops to clean.

Natural stone polishing is another part of regular marble maintenance. Polishing doesn’t just make the stone look nice, but helps keep it clean. If done incorrectly, however, it can suffocate the stone and damage it. When you Hand polish, try to keep consistent pressure on the surface you polish. If you get tired, take a break.

Polishing a marble surface can be a demanding job. Fortunately, this article broke down how to polish marble floors all by yourself. If you closely follow these tips, you will have a bright shining surface in no time.

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