Some people like waking up with the sun. It gives you that extra boost of energy in the morning! However, the sun can also get very hot and bright, especially in the summer, which can make waking up rather uncomfortable. If you are not the biggest fan of strong sunshine in the morning, you probably have blinds on your windows.

Blinds are a very useful tool, and they make a great addition to any household. They prevent the entry of strong UV rays and protect you from the heat of the sun. Additionally, they add privacy. That is especially useful if the room in question is on the ground floor, or it’s a bedroom or a bathroom.

Blinds also help your air conditioner maintain a comfortable environment inside the house. Not to mention, they make for a nice piece of decor!

Taking your blinds down is definitely not an everyday task. You only need to do it when you’re preparing to paint your windows or the wall around them. You also need to remove your blinds if you’re replacing them, or getting new windows installed. It’s good to remove your blinds once in a while for deep cleaning.

Though it may seem like a difficult task, removing blinds is actually quite easy and it only takes a few minutes. We’ve prepared some simple tips on how to remove blinds from a window. Follow these tips carefully to avoid damaging the blinds or the walls around them.

How to Remove Blinds From a Window

There are some common types of blinds that we will discuss. Keep reading to find out how to remove horizontal blinds.

How to Remove Horizontal Blinds

There are six simple steps for removing horizontal blinds from your windows.

Step 1: Pull the blinds all the way up

You need to focus on the screws and the upper valence. Pull the blinds all the way to the top so they don’t distract you.

Step 2: Remove the valance

Remove the valance if there is one. Valences are usually mounted with a clip that’s attached at the top of the headrail. In most cases, you can simply lift the valance off the blinds.

Step 3: Open the brackets

Now that the valence is gone you have access to the headrail and the mounting brackets. Each side of the headrail has a bracket. Lift the hinged side of the bracket to open it. Brackets usually have tabs that keep the hinged sides closed. Grab a screwdriver and lift the hinged side off the tab.

Step 4: Slide the blind out

Slide the blind toward you to remove it.Do so carefully to avoid damaging the wall.If you’re worried about damaging the wall anyway, you can cover it with a cloth.

Step 5: Remove the handle and brackets

Take off the handle you use to open and close the blinds. Then, unscrew the brackets from the window frame and remove them.

How to Remove Vertical Blinds

Step 1: Inspect and remove the decorative valance

Vertical blinds usually have a valance. A valance is a decorative curtain covering the rail at the top of the window. Hold the bottom of the valance and slide it up gently to unhook it from the clips.

Step 2: Rotate the blinds till they are partially open

Rotate the vanes to make sure they’re not overlapping. Pull the bead chain to lift the blinds. Try to keep the vanes open at an angle rather than turned to the side completely.

Step 3: Remove the vane carrier and detach the vane

Find the vane carrier located at the top of each vane. The side that faces out will have a hook at the bottom of it. Slide a credit card between the hook and the vane to release the vane. Then, slide the credit card and the vane down until they’re both released from the clip. Repeat with the remaining vanes. Then, detach the vanes.

Step 4: Remove the bead chain

Pull the bead chain out of the bead rail. Do it gently as not to break the chain.

Step 5: Find and remove the brackets

Find the brackets that hold the blind rail in place. Those are usually located in the back. Then, use a screwdriver to unscrew the brackets. Pull the rail away from the brackets. Use the screwdriver again to remove the screws completely.

How to Remove Roman Blinds

Step 1: Open up the blinds

Keep the blades in a half-open position and remove everything from the window area.

Step 2: Remove each blade

Unclip individual blades one by one. Do so by pushing the blade upwards and twisting it.

Step 3: Release the track

Find the blind brackets at the back of the panelling. Untwist the brackets with a screwdriver. Then, proceed to pull the panelling away from the track of the window.

How to Remove Roller Blinds

Step 1: Roll up the roller blinds

Roll the blinds up completely to the top of the window. Remove everything from the window sill to clear up the space. Be careful and try to avoid damaging anything in the process.

Step 2: Undo the child safety devices

Remove the p-clip or chain tidy before you start removing the blinds. If child safety is still on, it will keep you from removing the blinds.

Step 3: Identify your bracket type

The brackets are either in the form of a pin or a wheel. A pin will usually be inside the blind casting on the opposite side of the cord, pushed against the bracket. A wheel, on the other hand, will be in the top corner of the blind, on the opposite side of the cord. You will feel it underneath the bracket.

Step 4: Release the blinds from the bracket

Push and lift the blind casting against the pin to release the blinds. If you have a plastic wheel, turn it anticlockwise until you hear it ticking. Then, release the blinds off the bracket.

Ending thoughts on how to remove blinds from a window

If you were wondering how to remove blinds from a window, hopefully, you got your answer and your blinds are off! All you need to remove your blinds are a few very basic tools you probably already have at home.

Removing blinds from a window doesn’t require a professional technician. You can easily do it yourself, and save some money while at it!

Whether you’re replacing your blinds or just cleaning your windows, store all the parts in one area. Use a can or a plastic bag for the screws, so you don’t lose them. This way you won’t have a hard time putting the blinds back on or disposing of them.

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