When you are changing the design of your room and trying to figure out what to keep and what to replace there are a lot of things that might be going through your head. There is also the design part from the walls to the windows. But have you thought before at any window treatment ideas that could change the entire vibe of your home?

Windows for sure can make space look good or look really bad, we probably are on the same length here. But people tend to ignore the importance of window treatment. A window covering can be purely decorative or strike. So, let’s analyze a bit more why this could be an important thing for you to consider

Drapery vs. Curtains vs. Shades

Image source: Katie Rosenfeld Design

Window treatment ideas are basically different options in which you could cover your windows. There are many options but here are some of the best ones that you can go ahead with. For sure you will find one that is going to work for you and your needs.


Image source: Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc.

This is probably one of the most known window treatment ideas that you can think at. They are still popular and for sure they can transform an entire room.  They come in a big range of styles and colors and are most of the time solid and a bit heavy.

What they do is that they offer a more formal appearance to your windows and they can be a great choice if you wanted a simpler style to bring to your home.


Image source: Jessica Dauray Interiors/Elements Of Style

Curtains really go well as bedroom window treatments and they are usually sold in pairs. You can find curtains in a wide range of widths and lengths together with different materials and patterns. Because of this, they are a versatile and popular choice that can work easily with any room of your house.

How they work is that they hand out from a rod that can be hidden in plain or decorative and on display. Depending on how the curtains are hung you have quite a lot of options that include metal grommets or fabric sleeve.


Image source: Customhouse Workroom

Shades are a much better choice compared with drapes in certain situation especially when there is not enough room on the sides of your windows. If you have small windows, then probably shades are the best window treatment ideas that you should go for.

Image source: Customhouse Workroom

Shades are actually more structured than drapery and might be a bit tricky when it comes to the design part. maybe you want to put them for your bedroom window, if the window sits up high off the floor for sure they are going work ok.

They are perfect to add some color to your room or even create some texture to space. Just check them out chances are quite big that you will find the ones that you like.

Good Windows Treatment Ideas

If you have already great windows this is going to be a big plus because you get natural light and you can play around with different window treatment ideas as well. Just think about the space that you have and what do you want to obtain from the final design. Here are some ideas for you to check out.

Rattan Blinds


What is cool about Rattan blinds is the fact that they let a bit of natural light to get in while also delivering some privacy. A small bathroom is a perfect example of how choosing the right materials and prints can do a great job!

Wood Cornices

Image source: Kugler’s Home fashions

Wood cornices can be considered some of the most classic window treatment ideas, but they are still a great choice. If they are used alone, they can offer a modern look. You can also pair them with curtains and go well in the kitchen or the bath where the fabric could be affected by water damage.

Light and Sheer

Image source: Lauren Christine Henno

Before you select the color of your curtain you need to see home much light might be going through your bedroom window for example. If your room gets a lot of light than avoid bright colors because they fade quite fast.

Neutral Elegance

Image source: Alykhan Velji Design

Another great window treatment that you can go ahead and try is this one. Check the nursery decorated by Alykhan Velji Design, you have to love the beautiful yellow flowers that make the curtain stand out even more.

Opaque Panels

We continue our list of window treatment ideas with this ultra-rich look panels that are great if you want to block some of the light. It can be added to your bedroom and it will offer it a sumptuous vibe. Choose a more unusual color if you want to have a higher impact in both the traditional and modern look.

Custom Bamboo Blinds

Image source: Brandon Architects, Inc.

What is cool about bamboo blinds is that they are pretty easy to customize so you can make them fit your windows with no problem. They are made in different shades and their price is quite affordable and you also if you have some custom windows in your home you can always resize the blinds.

Wide Roman Shades

Image source: Sroka Design, Inc.

Shades are a great window covering idea especially if you are dealing with some strange aspect of the length because of the low storage. In this example, you can see a simple design that made the room look more private.

Sheer White Curtains

Image source: Civic Steel Homes

Sheers are some of the bestsellers and they deserve it for sure. They look amazing in any room and they don’t cost that much. If you don’t really have many windows go for the sheer panels. It will make the room feel more spacious as you can see in this sample designed by 2LG Studio.

Painted Windows

Image source: Paul Moon Design

If you like clean edges but don’t have the budget now for custom ones you can still get a beautiful window by simply painting the window frame and sill. Try different colors that highlight the zone but if you want to sale it in the future go for darker colors.

Rustic Window Treatment

Image source: Just Joh

Some cool rustic window treatment ideas are always perfect for houses that are done in a farm style. You can try different fabrics like gingham or plaid because many of these will look like they have been made by yourself

Deep Blue

Image source: Sean Litchfield Photography

Just because now you have a statement wall you should eliminate the option of getting a powerful curtain as well. This blue living room is a great example of bold space that not only looks good but also has a lot of depth.

Trendy Velvet

Image source: Marie Burgos Design

If you have been looking a lot on social media lately to find some window treatment ideas, velvet drapes are really everywhere. No matter if they are featured by bloggers or influencers for sure you can try velvet curtains, they are going to bring elegance to your living room.

Elegant Yet Simple

Image source: Alan Kosa Interiors

Thinking to make some changes in your dining room? You can always go for heavy brocade curtains that look luxurious and minimalist at the same time.

Elegant Track System

Image source: Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

Do you have some windows that go really high on to the ceiling? If the answer is yes, try this window covering ideas because you will like it a lot!

Layers of Pink

Image source: Holly Phillips @ The English Room

Pink is a powerful color and if you combine it with your window treatment ideas chances are quite big you will bring something bold and good-looking.


Image source: Andrea Schumacher Interiors

These curtains are very bright and give that feeling of summer due to their colors. They really give a vibrant decor to the room and are made from a thicker fabric that can also darken the space if you want it to.

Swing Arm Curtains

Image source: Sroka Design, Inc.

This window treatment ideas are some of the most unique that you are going to find although they haven’t been used so much lately. They need a special hinged curtain rod that allows you to move it at a 90-degree angle from the window.

They look cool and are inexpensive and for sure they go well for bedrooms where you want to block more of the light that comes in.

Roller Shades

Image source: Accent Window Fashions LLC

These roller shades are quite inexpensive, and they come in a bunch of different sizes so you will be able to customize them exactly how you want. In fact, they are a good option if you want to bring some new colors to space.

In conclusion choosing, just one idea from all the window treatment ideas that you have might not be as easy as you thought. What you need to do is really be sure of what you are trying to accomplish with them. Maybe you just want to give a new vibe to one of your rooms, or maybe you want to change the entire atmosphere of your hose.

No matter what the case is, now you have a lot of information to check and for sure you will find your answer.

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