There is no such thing as too many throw blankets. We are overwhelmed with so many cozy and chick designs, that we simply can’t resist buying a new one.

And yes – collecting throw blankets is a great hobby, but coming up with blanket storage ideas is way less fun. Unless, of course, you find the right storage solutions.

When deciding how to store blankets in the living room, there are two very important considerations. First, you need to ensure that the blankets are protected and clean; and second, you need to store them in an easily accessible location.

How to store blankets in the living room?

Ideally, your beautiful throw blankets should remain within reach, in an area where you can easily display them. You can store blankets in decorative boxes, bins, baskets, and multifunctional cabinets. You don’t even have to tuck them out of sight before winter rolls around – nicely folded blankets look even better out in the open.

Which is the right solution for your blanket storage project? Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong – we’ve gathered the best storage ideas to assist you on how to store blankets in the living room.

Here come some awesome storage solutions you should consider:

A wicker basket of cozy blankets

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Let’s begin with a classic blanket storage solution: the basket.

Baskets are homey and effective, and you can place them in any corner of the room. You can either fill them with folded blankets or just throw the top pics over them in a casual manner. They will look adorable.

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You don’t even have to buy a basket – repurpose the old cotton rope hamper into a blanket storage object. If you are buying wire baskets instead, look for warm and earthy colors that will look natural in the living room.

Keep blankets in a storage ottoman

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Storage ottomans also come with lids on the top which you can lift and store items inside. There is no better place for blankets and throw pillows – as you lay down and rest, the warm blanket will be right beside you.

A wall rack for blankets

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If you don’t have enough conventional storage space, take the blanket project to the next level and use the wall. This idea is very cost-effective and allows you to keep the floor space free for more important furniture.

Hang a stylish rack on the wall and use it as a blanket hanger. There are unlimited possibilities – you can gang blankets on any rack that works with your home decor, or even build a DIY timber hanger yourself.

Make a blanket ladder

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A blanket ladder is very practical. The same as racks, blanket ladders help you make the most of vertical space. Better yet, a decorative ladder can be used as a design centerpiece in any room, especially the entertaining area.

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To stay within budget, repaint an old ladder or cover it with transparent acrylic to ensure it is stable and durable. Make the design more playful with plants and books.

Display blankets in a decorative cabinet

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If you own beautiful blankets or vintage quilts, make sure they are well visible to everyone. You can fold them and arrange them in re-purposed furniture pieces to enhance the traditional vibe and elevate the storage.

To give you some ideas, try repurposing an old china cabinet or an upcycled armoire with no drawers. You can even arrange blankets on a console table to make sure they are within reach.

Consider an elegant blanket chest

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Add a bit of mystery to your home decor with an old and elegant blanket chest. This is a win-win solution – you can hide the blankets inside and use the smooth surface to accommodate more guests around the coffee table. Plus, a retouched antique chest is a great piece of furniture that will always trigger conversation.

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You don’t have to worry about expenses either – you can get a standard chest and some velvet and take care of the upholstery yourself. You will only need some batting and an upholstery stapler to create the perfect blanket storage item.

Get a farmhouse-style crate for your blankets


Another great idea to store blankets is to look at farmhouse settings and get inspired. You will find a variety of distressed wooden crates for blankets and cushions that will look amazing in any living room.

You can find many great crates online, but we recommend you craft your basket closet. Get some reclaimed timber and jump on the project: soon, you will have a fantastic linen closet where you can also store pillows and towels.

Use the coffee table to store blankets


While not all of us have enough storage space for a blanket ladder, there is a piece of furniture to be found in all of our living rooms – the coffee table. Some of us even own a double-duty coffee table that can be used for storage, while others can simply fold blankets and lay them out in plain sight.

If you are a fan of minimal and industrial design, look for a wire or wood storage table. Most of these tables have a wire cage base where you can store blankets and a beautiful wooden top where you can place your books and drinks.

Hide blankets in a storage bench

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You can store blankets inside a storage bench if you don’t use them regularly. The same as a storage ottoman, a storage bench hides drawers under the luft-up lid and provides you enough space for as many blankets as you may have.

Best of all, you get to store blankets anywhere in the house, for instance in the hallway or the entryway.

Buy fabric cubes

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Fabric cubes are affordable, and you can use them to store any item you need. Fold the blankets and store them in these boxes, and they can be anywhere you need them.

For instance, you can arrange the cubes on a console table or at the bottom of your shelving unit. You can even stack them under the coffee table to keep blankets within reach.

Hang blankets on a clothes stand


If you looking for truly unconventional blanket storage ideas, consider hanging blankets on a clothes stand or a coat rack. Simply look for a rack with longer arms where you can drape the blankets, or loop them through it.

If there is enough space in the living room, consider a decorative standing rack only for the blankets. Place the rack close to the heating source for a nice winter setting.

Install a blanket shelf

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If you can’t find a convenient place on the floor space, think of solutions on the walls. You can attach a shelf to display them nicely folded or rolled up blankets so that everyone can enjoy your wonderful collection.

Reuse an old barrel


For a more traditional and retro vibe, you can always repurpose an old item and turn it into a stunning living room addition. For example, you can readjust an old barrel and store your soft favorite blankets in a rustic setting.

Other blanket storage ideas and important consideration

Type of storage solutions

As you were able to read, there are many different ways to store blankets in the living room. You can create beautiful blanket ladders or design a linen closet. You can even reuse the hamper or wicker baskets from the laundry room, or buy a brand new storage chest. These items need to be multifunctional to save storage space and blend easily with the rest of your room decor.

You will also need to decide whether you want to display your favorite blankets in plain sight or tuck them away for when you need them.

Blanket storage capacity


Storage capacity is another important consideration. Before you order an item, check the dimensions and plan the number of blankets that could fit inside. Many storage items (bins and boxes, in particular) look much bigger online than they do in person, so make sure you make the right choice.

If you want to hang blankets on a ladder or a blanket hanger, you will also need to consider the weight of these items.

The material


Your blanket storage solution is also a furniture piece that contributes to your decor, so make smart choices with the material. There are many options to choose from. For instance, you can choose solid or manufactured wood, canvas, upholstery, metal, woven seagrass, and many more.

The material is decisive when it comes to durability, so don’t settle on the first item you see. You also want it to be stylish and complement the room so that you can easily display it any place you want.

Keeping blankets clean and fresh in storage

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A very important part of deciding how to store blankets in the living room is finding a place where they will remain clean and fresh. More often than rare, you will store your favorite blankets freshly washed in a drawer, just to find out a few weeks later that they smell stale and musty.

Why does this happen? The musty odor is usually caused by bacteria and excess moisture in the bedding. If there is not enough airflow in the storage solution, the blanket will simply absorb other odors around and smell weird the next time you use it.


This is why blankets are most of the time stored on ladders or in wire baskets where air flows by easily. If you decide to keep them in built-in-storage or an enclosed space, this is what you should consider:

  • Only store blankets when they are completely dry
  • Throw in a few sachets with dried herbs to enhance a pleasant smell
  • Get a box of baking soda and poke a few holes in it, to let it absorb excess moisture
  • If the blankets are in the wardrobe, make sure they are stored on a separate shelf
  • Buy some scented dryer sheets and stack one between the blankets
  • Enclose the blankets inside a cedarwood box.

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