Japanese bathroom design gives you an aesthetic space to relax at the end of a long day.

Some days can be incredibly stressful.

On these days a slow bath or soothing shower provides a great opportunity to relax.

A long bath will help you to unwind, giving you time and space away from the fast-paced stress of the day.  Japanese bathroom design can give you all the space you need

Japanese bathroom design ideas

Japanese bathroom designs are divided into separate rooms

A-Sharp-Bathroom-by-Rabaut-Design-Associates-Inc Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your home
Image source: Rabaut Design Associates, Inc.

In Japanese bathrooms, the sink, bath and toilet are placed in separate rooms.  The sink is often placed in a change room area.  This room often contains a washing machine.  This room is usually connected to the bathroom.  The toilet is placed in a completely separate space.

Japanese bathrooms have a spray wand in the sink

This can be helpful for rinsing off pets or very small children.

In Japanese bathrooms, you will wash before getting into a bath

Zen-Pasadena-Bathroom-Remodel-by-One-Week-Bath-Inc Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: One Week Bath, Inc.

Before getting into a Japanese bath, you would wash yourself thoroughly.  A bucket and stool are provided for this purpose.

Asian style bathrooms are wet rooms

Zen-Bathroom-by-Creative-Remodeling-n-design Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Creative Remodeling & Design

Don’t be afraid to get everything wet!  Japanese bathrooms are also wet-rooms.  You can splash or spray water freely and without worry.

In a Japanese bathroom design the water stays clean

As you wash before your bath, the bath water stays clean.  You may sometimes be able to add some luxurious bath salts, but the bath is not the place for washing your hair or lathering and soaping your body.

Japanese bathroom design keeps the water hot

asian-bathroom-by-Harrell-RemodelingInc-Design-Build Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Harrell Remodeling, Inc. / Design + Build

In a Japanese bathroom, the water stays hot at all times!  You will have a control panel which keeps the water temperature constantly hot.

Japanese bathrooms let you call for help/service

If you suddenly can’t get out of the bath, you can use the control panel to call for help!  Are you enjoying your bath so much that you would like a lovely cup of tea?  If so, you can call your spouse and ask for one.

Asian bath design enables you to control the bath from the kitchen

You will have a control panel in your bathroom but you will also have one in your kitchen.  You can fill your bath while completing a couple of tasks in your kitchen. You will also be able to control the water temperature.  Once your bath has filled up, it will play you a tune.  That way, you’ll know your bath is ready for you.

In an Asian bathroom, families share a bath

Custom-Bath-wth-Japanese-Soaking-Tub-by-Jonathan-McGrath-Construction-LLC Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Jonathan McGrath Construction, LLC

As the bath is used to relax rather than cleanse, family members often share the bath water or tub.

Water is recycled for laundry

Japanese bathroom designs give the option to recycle water.  Washing machines come with a pump which can be placed into the bath.  This pump sucks water into the machine for cleaning and rinsing laundry.

This is helpful because many Japanese washing machines use cold water.  Old bath water gives a hot water option for washing clothes.

Japanese bathroom design also enables you to dry your clothes

Leslie-Jensen-CMKBD-by-Signature-Design-n-Cabinetry-LLC Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC

Japanese bathrooms have fans which will blow hot or cold air onto your clothes.  This will help your laundry to dry quickly.  All you need to do is use the settings on your control panel and your laundry will dry quickly.

How to create a Japanese bathroom design

Color palettes for a Japanese bathroom

Hillside-House-with-Japanese-Influences-by-Kelso-Architects Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Kelso Architects

When you’re creating a Japanese bathroom design, think of soothing colors.  Earthy colors will add a warm and inviting element to Asian bathrooms.

If you use a darker color palette, mid in lighter shades as well.  Light woods in warm shades make a great option.

Japanese bathroom designs look great when you add texture.  Natural stone will give an earthy feel to your home.  Remember to keep your space neutral.  This will help you to relax at the end of a long day.

Use neutral materials in your Japanese restroom

Modern-Zen-by-Room-Resolutions Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Room Resolutions

Natural tiles make a great choice for a soothing space.  Stone or marble tiles can be used on walls and floors.

Japanese bathroom design often uses natural materials such as wood and stone.  This is because they connect people with nature.  They also create a very luxurious look to an indoor space.

Pebbles also make great flooring when placed under the bath or sink.

Stones in a Japanese style bathroom

Asian-Inspired-Master-Bath-by-Flemington-Granite Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Flemington Granite

Although the hot tub is the focal point of The Japanese wet room, stones are also a crucial element.

The hot tub is often a focus of attention because bathing is seen to be a spiritual experience in Japan.  When people spend time in hot water and surrounded by stones, they feel a sense of relaxation.

You can recreate this spiritual space by adding a small terrace to your bathroom.  Alternatively you can connect your bathroom to an outdoor space by adding bathroom doors which open up onto your garden.  Connecting interior to exterior is an important part of Japanese bathroom design.

Wooden Bathtubs

Durham-Whole-House-Remodel-by-The-Neil-Kelly-Company Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: The Neil Kelly Company

Asian bathrooms use wooden bathtubs. Japanese people use wooden hot tubs for soaking and relaxing.  This experience is known as ofuro

When you use a wooden hot tub, bathing begins to feel spa-like.  Some Japanese bathroom designs even use wooden decking on the floor to extend the experience.

Add plants to your Asian themed bathroom

Spa-Retreat-by-DreamMaker-Bath-Kitchen-of-Greater-Grand-Rapids Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids

Plants add an organic element to your home, connecting you to the outdoors.  Some plants are fragrant.  Others are soothing.

You can also add aromatic candles for a sensual experience.

Handmade Furniture

West-124th-Street-by-Edward-Caruso-Photography Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Edward Caruso Photography

A typical Japanese bathroom uses handmade furniture.  Decor and tubs are also handmade in Japanese restrooms.

When your bathroom appears to be handmade, you will combine old Japanese tradition with modern style to create a very interesting atmosphere.

Use minimalism in your Japanese washroom

Healing-Hinoki-by-Change-Your-Bathroom-Inc Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Change Your Bathroom, Inc.

Minimalism has straight lines and a lack of clutter.  The designs are very simple and very elegant.  Using minimalism for your Asian inspired bathroom will keep it looking simple and clutter free.


Zen-Paradise-by-James-Patrick-Walters Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: James Patrick Walters

Lighting is a crucial element of your Japanese bathroom design because it will add atmosphere.  Dinners help you to create a soft and relaxing environment which will soothe you at the end of a long day.

Natural light will feel soft and relaxing and connect you to the outdoors, a valuable element in Asian bathrooms.

Sliding doors

Japanese-Soaking-Master-Bathroom-by-Jackson-Design-n-Remodeling Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Jackson Design & Remodeling

Traditional Japanese bathroom designs have sliding doors made out of wooden frames.  Japanese lanterns made out of rice paper will also add a traditional touch to your room.


Nantucket-by-Nantucket-Architecture-Group-Ltd Japanese bathroom design ideas to try in your homeImage source: Nantucket Architecture Group Ltd.

Japanese bathroom design uses sound as a crucial element.  Running water creates a peaceful atmosphere which will help you to relax.

Water is an important element in Japanese bathroom design.

This is because water helps you to relax.

A water feature which can be heard in your bathroom will add an Asian touch to your home.

Ending thoughts on these Japanese bathroom ideas

Japanese bathroom design mixes natural materials with minimalist elegance to create a luxurious space. At the end of a long day, this provides a relaxing effect which helps you unwind.

If you have the opportunity to create a Japanese restroom, you will add atmosphere to your home.  Bathrooms are often overlooked in interior design.  By adding a creative touch, you will be able to make the most of this relaxing space for your home.

A Japanese style bathroom design is so relaxing that you will enjoy it for years to come.

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