Are you looking for great bathroom lighting ideas to freshen up your space?  You might be looking for the best bathroom light bulbs.  You might even wish to explore how to create a bright and clean bathroom using lighting.

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We understand that your bathroom can be your sanctuary.

It’s the perfect place to relax.

We’ll assist you to create a relaxing and spa-like atmosphere using bathroom lighting ideas.

Crystal Chandeliers

Northport-Drive-by-Milan-Design-Build Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should Consider
Image source: Milan Design + Build

When it comes to creating a luxurious, sparkling bathroom, nothing beats a crystal chandelier.  Add glamour with this attention-grabbing bathroom lights.

Antique Sconces

Mount-Barlow-by-LKID1 Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: LKID

If you are looking at lights for bathroom vanities, antique sconces make a great idea.  You can use them above a large mirror to add a dramatic flair.

Dark finishes help to add weight to your room, and may combine with dark furnishings or handles to create a cohesive appeal.  Placing antique sconces above a vanity helps when applying makeup or grooming.

Work of Art

Do you love organic shapes and want to use them in your bathroom lighting ideas?  Blown glass light fixtures make a great addition to a contemporary bathroom.  Modern spaces are often filled with hard edges and cool surfaces.  However, when you add rounded edges you’ll add a gentle and playful touch.

Candlestick Sconces

Don’t you just love candlesticks in the bathroom?  If so, you will love to have these bathroom lighting ideas.

Candlestick wall sconces add romance to a country style bathroom.  These great features will give your bathroom both flair and a gentle source of lighting.  However, you’ll need to add additional lighting for makeup and grooming.

Light Tubes

Streamlines tubes create some of the best lighting for a bathroom vanity.  This is because the lighting will be soft but bright.  You can customize the amount of light you’ll get by adding multiple switches.

If you’re having a relaxing evening, you can turn on only the overhead lights.  However, if you are looking for clean and precise lighting to add your makeup, lighting up your vanity will give you a brilliant effect.

Lamp Sconces

21st-Century-Bungalow-by-Shane-DInman Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: Shane D. Inman

Classic lamps are a great bathroom lighting idea because they add a romantic touch.  White shades soften the light and give a gentle glow.

Indoor-Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Bringing outdoor mountings inside can create a vintage and almost ethereal appeal to a bathroom.

Indoor outdoor lighting makes great styling choices as their curvy appearance will echo curves already present in a bathroom.  If you are thinking of interesting bathroom lighting ideas, you’ll love the indoor/outdoor lighting effect.

Old-World Lanterns

Little-Harbor-Haven-by-W-Design-Interiors Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: W Design Interiors

What could be more appealing than old world lanterns in a bathroom?  These cool bathroom lights look exceptional while hanging over a vanity.   Organic architecture and a detailed vanity work well with this style of lighting.  These lanterns definitely make great small bathroom lighting ideas.

Layered Lighting

When you’re creating bathroom lighting, think about layering different types.  This will give you the best results.

You could use a chandelier above the bath; allow natural light to flood through the window and use light fixtures above mirrors for specific lighting.  These bathroom lighting ideas will create a perfect ambience whatever your needs.

Crystal Bathroom Lighting

Tarrytown-Phase-IIGuesSuite-by-WebbeStudioArchitects Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: Webber + Studio, Architects

If you’d like to create an elegant bathroom, crystals make great bathroom lighting ideas.  You can use light crystals in combination with heavy wooden cabinets.  This will bring balance to your space.  Crystal chandeliers can be combined with wall sconces, creating shadows and reflections. Mounted wall lighting will make perfect makeup vanity lighting ideas.

Colored Shades

Colored lampshades make excellent bathroom light ideas.  You can add color to your bathroom without going to great expense.

Add a trendy touch or update your space, depending on your color combinations.  If you select dark colored shades, remember that they will block a lot of light.  Light colors will maximize the amount of light in your bathroom.

Backlit Beauty

If you are lighting bathroom mirrors, you could always use backlighting.  This will create a warm glow, making your bathroom an inviting space to spend time.

Flank the Bathroom Mirror with Lights

Mount-Barlow-by-LKID Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: LKID

If you add ceiling lights to your bathroom, you’ll be able to take a relaxing bath.  However, you will need bright bathroom lights when you apply your make up in the mornings.  When you try to apply makeup or shave using lighting from above, the result will be shadows or splotches.  By adding a bath barvanity light or pair of vertical sconces as bathroom mirror side lights, you will get great results.

Pro tip

If you are adding bright light fixtures to the side of your mirror, install them at least 28 inches apart.

If you install them 60 inches above the floor, you’ll get the full benefits of your lighting.  If you would like to install over mirror bathroom lights, mount them 78 inches above the floor for excellent results.

Use daylight as a model for your bathroom lighting ideas

Bathroom-Lighting-by-John-Cullen-Lighting2 Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: John Cullen Lighting

Natural light is the most helpful light source.  When we stand in natural light, we see the true color of our hair, face, clothes and makeup.  When you install your bathroom lighting ideas, you will want to mimic natural light.

In order to do this, you will need to add bright light fixtures.  Look for white shades – either frosty or clear.

Next, it is time to focus on your bathroom bulbs.  Your light bulbs will determine the color which will be added to your room.  Your results will depend on the bulbs you use.

Incandescent bulbs have a white color.  This can be either warm or cool in tone.

Compact Fluorescent bulbs: make a great choice for bathrooms as long as they have a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 or more.  When they have this rating, they will be close to natural light in appearance.

LEDs: many people choose to use LED bulbs for bathroom vanity lighting.  These lights give a crisp and clean light.  When using LED lighting, look for a CRI of 90 or above.  LED brightness is indicated in lumens.

Adjust Your Lighting

Zen-Paradise-by-James-Patrick-Walters Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: James Patrick Walters

Bathrooms are not static spaces.  Lighting in a bathroom changes during different times of day.  You will also use your bathroom for different purposes.  From bright lights used for early morning make up, to the soft lighting you’ll enjoy while having a relaxing bath at the end of the day, your lighting needs will change.  There are different ways to adjust the atmosphere in your bathroom.

Installing a dimmer switch will enable you to adjust the intensity of your bathroom bulbs.  You will be able to get dimmers for LED, fluorescent and incandescent lighting, creating vibrant or gentle lighting in your bathroom.

Under cabinet or Tape Lights

If you are looking for small bathroom lighting ideas, remember that in small spaces, every surface counts.  This includes spaces under cabinets or shelves.  Under counter or under shelf spaces may often appear hard to light.  This can result in dark or shadowy spaces which will make a room appear smaller.

To combat dark spaces it helps to install under cabinet lights or tape lights.  These make great lighting ideas for small bathrooms.  Your bathroom will appear lighter when you add under cabinet or tape lighting.  Tape lights are discreet in appearance, leaving your bathroom neat and uncluttered. When adding lighting, use LED bathroom bulbs.  These will give your bathroom a warm glow.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Ranch-Remodel-by-JCA-ARCHITECTS Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: JCA ARCHITECTS

If you are looking at bathroom lighting ideas for small spaces, remember to keep your lighting small and discreet.  Lighting which lies flush against ceilings will keep your bathroom looking clean and uncluttered.

Add a bathroom ceiling light which can be mounted against the ceiling, and with a frosted diffuser.  This will create cool bathroom lights for small spaces.  Lighting will blend with the room and keep all areas of your bathroom brightly lit and cheerful.

If you use a flush ceiling light in combination with lights for bathroom vanities, the result will be a softer, gentler and defused light overall.

Adjustable downlights and hidden lighting will help you create the right mood

The best lights for bathrooms work on many levels.  As mentioned earlier, bathroom lighting is used in different ways throughout the day.  Your lighting may be bright in the mornings and soft during a relaxing evening bath.

When you add downlights which can be adjusted in different directions, you can focus your lights onto areas that need to be brightly lit.  Showers or mirrors may be brightly lit while you will still have space for a relaxing bath at the end of the day.  Installing LED lighting in bathroom recessed walls will create a cozy yet well lit space.

Black candelabra glamour and adjustable lighting

Bathroom-Lighting-by-John-Cullen-Lighting1 Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: John Cullen Lighting

Black candelabra must be one of the most glamorous bathroom lighting ideas.  When you add lighting to your bathroom, think of who will be using it.  If you have children you may want your lighting to be sensitive to motion.

This way your lighting will be able to switch on and off by itself.  If adults will be using the bathroom, dimmer switches will enable you to adjust the mood in your bathroom.  You could even keep your lighting on different circuits, depending which lighting you wish to use.

Contemporary bathroom with mirrors and hidden lighting

If you love having a large bathroom mirror and light fixtures which will add a modern touch, think about installing spotlights in your ceiling.  You can also install some lighting around your mirror to assist with your morning routine.

Bathroom twin sinks and wall lamps

Beach-Cottage-by-Morales-Construction-Co Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: Morales Construction Co., Inc.

Twin sinks in your bathroom will give you a chic and sophisticated space.  You might be looking for bathroom lighting ideas to enhance your space.  Use wall lamps on either side of a large mirror.  Your mirror will make your room seem double the size, while wall lamps will add an elegant touch.

Neutral bathroom with roll-top bath and spotlights

His and hers basins create an elegant touch to a bathroom, and a roll top bath positioned next to a window will enhance the light of your room. Use spotlights to add pools of light.

Red and gold bathroom with LED lights

If you are looking for bathroom lighting ideas to enhance a dramatic space, add down lights.  Curved fittings highlight organic shapes, and LED bathroom bulbs will add a warm glow to a bathroom space.  In this space, red brick tiles and a free standing bath give a glamorous yet dramatic appeal.

Traditional bathroom with crystal chandelier

Sailing-and-Pailing-by-Denise-Morrison-Interiors Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: Denise Morrison Interiors & House of Morrison

If you are interested in bathroom lighting ideas to make a statement, you will love the effect a crystal chandelier will give you.  Metal and crystal combine to bring sparkle.  Antique chandeliers will give you a bold appearance which will combine well with traditional bathroom styles.

Have fun with ambient lighting

If you are looking for an overhead bathroom lighting placement, you might enjoy Ceiling lights which have been recessed.  Other great options are mini chandeliers and ceiling fans with lights. These statement pieces are not only practical but highly decorative too.

Think about nighttime navigation

Nighttime bathroom lighting ideas should be bright enough to allow you to use your bathroom but gentle enough to soothe you.

Low voltage lighting installed into a light bathroom fixture will help you to navigate your way around the bathroom late at night. You can also install lighting above your cabinet.

Prevent yourself from bumping into objects with toe kick lighting installed around your bath.  These great bathroom lighting ideas will keep you safe while you use your bathroom late at night.

Bathroom Mood Lighting

Modern-Bathroom-by-186-Lighting-Design-Group Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: 186 Lighting Design Group – Gregg Mackell

If you want to adjust your bathroom light bulbs according to your mood, add a dimmer switch to LED bathroom bulbs.  This will give you bright lighting while you apply your make up but allow you to have a soothing candle lit bath in the evening.

Hollywood Lighting Ideas

If you are looking for a touch of glamour for your vanity light makeup mirror, look to Hollywood!  These Hollywood lights will enable you to feel like the star you are while you prepare yourself for the day.

Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas

If you are looking for bathroom lighting tips to give you an elegant touch, look no further than a chandelier.  Although chandeliers may suit grand halls and luxurious dining rooms, they also look great in a bathroom.

If you have a traditional bathroom, you will absolutely love the impacts a chandelier will give.  You’ll love how affordable they can be too.

LED Lighting Bathroom Ideas

Collection-Cover-by-VONN Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: VONN

LED lighting in bathroom spaces will not only create great illumination but will save you energy too.  Sustainable bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular, and LED lighting will put you right on trend.

LED lighting comes in a range of different styles.  However, LED bathroom bulbs look stunning in a modern bathroom

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Modern bathroom lighting ideas are becoming increasingly energy efficient and are also easily adjustable, adding pools of light to different areas of the bathroom.  With many modern lights, you can choose your bathroom lighting placement, lighting up areas which need it most. LED lights in particular are very energy efficient.

When you add modern bathroom lighting, you will add style and practicality, keeping your bathroom well lit for years to come.

Vintage Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom-Lighting-by-John-Cullen-Lighting Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: John Cullen Lighting

Traditional bathroom lighting ideas will be timeless.  This makes them the best bathroom lights for classic or traditional homes.  Vintage style lighting currently offers the best of both worlds.  Not only do they make a great long term choice but they are also being produced using the latest technology.

The Burlington Edwardian Single Elliptican Light is a great example, combining elegant style with modern technology for excellent results.

Shower Lighting Ideas

Are you are looking for bathroom lighting ideas which will add rays of light?  If so, how about adding shower lighting to your bathroom?  By installing light beams in your shower you will add a warm and sunny effect.  The result is both awesome and very, very practical.

Bathroom Spotlights Inspiration

Master-Bathroom-by-Design-By-Lisa Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: Design By Lisa

If you are looking for a great bathroom lighting plan, then think about adding some striking spotlights.  They are both aesthetic and practical, allowing you to position your lighting to shine down exactly where it is most required.

Bathroom down lights Inspiration

 Bathroom down lighters produce a soft and elegant light.  They are sometimes confused with spotlights but are actually very different.  Spotlights are the best bathroom lights when you want to change the position or focus of your lighting.  Down lighters are fixed into position and will shine a light down in the same place.

Down lighters give a modern style, as these Enluce down lighters do.  They make great bathroom LED lighting ideas and will add a gorgeous touch to your space.

Ideas for Bathroom Plinth Lights

Stylish-City-Living-by-bathstore Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: bathstore

Plinth lighting creates a modern and elegant border of light to your bathroom.  Sitting just above floor level, these lights make excellent bathroom lighting ideas.  They will highlight the beauty of your bathroom while adding light to hard to reach areas.

Coloured Lighting Ideas

Coloured lights make great bathroom lighting ideas.  Add a high tech touch by selecting lights which can fade in or out.  You’ll also be able to create a strobe effect when you use a small controller.

Bathroom Light Pulls Inspiration

Snowman-Residence-by-Geoff-Chick-n-Associates Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: Geoff Chick & Associates

Light pulleys make the best bathroom lights if you don’t want to make huge changes or spend large amounts of money on your bathroom lighting ideas.  You can upgrade your lighting easily to freshen up your bathroom.  Remember that when you do so, it is often a great idea to add a new pulley too.  This will keep your bathroom looking in top condition.

Bathroom Light Switches

Westlake-Residence-Bathroom-by-Specht-Architects Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should ConsiderImage source: Specht Architects

When you’ve explored all the bathroom lighting ideas you can, and you’ve made the perfect choice for your bathroom, remember to take your light switches into consideration.

If you have the best bathroom lights for your home but old plastic light switches, your bathroom will still feel as though it lacks something.  Change your old plastic light switches for cool new ones and your bathroom lighting will feel complete.

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