Thinking of having a living room with fireplace? That would be an amazing idea and you should try it.

Your living room is the place you come to gather to entertain, build relationships and spend time together.  Creating a stylish, comfortable and atmospheric space is therefore vital.  Adding a fireplace to your living room is a cosy and effective way of making your space inviting.  Fireplaces add cheer on warm winter nights, and they feel welcoming for guests or visitors.

From small living room ideas, to living room with fireplace layouts, there is a range of decorating choices that you could use to bring your living room alive.  Some love to place a couch in front of the fireplace, while others love living room designs with fireplace and TV given priority.

In addition, there are a range of different fireplace designs to choose from.  Some love the smoky roar of a wooden fireplace, while others prefer the clean, minimalism of a gas fire.  There are benefits for both styles, but just as importantly, you need to consider your living room design with fireplace styles included.  Explore these great ideas on creating a living room set up with fireplace.

What do you want from your fireplace while not using it?

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While your fireplace is on, it will add atmosphere to your room.  However, when selecting your fireplace, consider how your room set up with fireplace will work out when your fireplace is turned off.

How does your fireplace fit in with your overall room design?  Is it rustic in style or sleek and modern?  How will it add to your overall style?  Search for a fireplace which will look attractive while not in use.

Consider a freestanding fireplace

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If you’re interested in the warmth and cosiness offered up by a fireplace, and you’re searching for small living room ideas, you may want to consider a wood burning stove which is freestanding.

From ceramic stoves to wrought iron ovens, these stoves generate a lot of heat, and give off an attractive appearance and they are often small in size, fitting easily into a corner.

Tuck your fireplace away

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If you’re looking at a living room with a fireplace and TV, you may be interested in a fireplace which will not dominate.

Although this may be hard to find, and it is perhaps only a very subtle gas fireplace which will not dominate while turned on, you might consider a small, corner fireplace which can be tucked way.  This will leave you free to focus your attention on other areas of your room.

Make a feature out of your chimney

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When arranging your furniture around fireplace features, remember to include your chimney.

An attractive stove with a steel chimney can add to your room, just as you can enjoy the rustic feel of a cast iron chimney.  By including your chimney as a part of your decoration, you’ll add atmosphere to your home.

Find the right fireplace for you

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When you explore living room layout ideas with fireplace included, you’ll notice that the fireplace often dominates.

When designing your home, you’ll therefore want to find a fireplace that suits your current home design and fits in with your own personal style.  With sleek steel, brick, stone, marble, iron, glass-fronted fireplaces, ceramics or steel, there will be a great choice to suit your home.

Create a focal point

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Once you have selected your fireplace, it is time to work it into your living room.  While creating fireplace seating arrangements, it is helpful to focus on your fireplace.  A fireplace is such a warm, attractive feature that it will always dominate a room.  If you have a small living room with fireplace, you could place your sofa in front of your fireplace.

In a larger living room, you can additionally place smaller pieces of furniture around your fireplace.  In order to keep the focus on the fireplace, keep the area around it clear and simple.  If you wish to draw a great deal of attention to your fireplace, you could paint the wall around it a bright, vibrant color.

Share the space

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You may, however, have attractive features in your living room.  From a picture window to unique architectural features, your fireplace may have competition.  Instead of trying to focus on a single feature alone, you could always share the space.  Your living room set up with fireplace could be arranged so that one sofa faces the fireplace, while another faces a picture window or other attractive feature.  In winter, you or your guests could face the fireplace, while in summer; the view will be the focus of attention.  In a small living room, place your

If you wish to share your space with a television, you could mount this on the wall above your fireplace so that both would have an equal focus.

Divide the room

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You can use a fireplace to divide your open plan room.  By placing a fireplace with a chimney or wall around it in any area of your room, you’ll be able to create a divide between your living and dining areas.  With a double sided fireplace, you’ll be able to have warmth while you eat, entertain, work or relax.

Downplay your fireplace

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If you have a fireplace that you no longer love, have moved into a home with a fireplace you dislike, or have changed your style and don’t have the income to replace your fireplace, you can downplay it.  Begin by focusing on your fireplace furniture placement.  By arranging your furniture in front of fireplace areas, but turning away from it, you’ll change your focus.  However, you’ll need to create a new focus instead.

If you don’t have a large window with a view, or other attractive feature in your living room, you could always use color to create a feature wall.  By painting one wall a contrasting color, or by hanging attractive artwork on a wall, you’ll distract attention from your fireplace.  You could also paint your fireplace the colour of surrounding walls to lessen its impact.

If your fireplace and television are on opposite walls, it is time to decide which feature should have priority.  If it is your television, change your living room layout to focus on this.

Fireplace furniture placement

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When arranging your furniture around fireplace settings, don’t let your sofa block the view of your fireplace.  Instead, place it opposite your fireplace.  You can then place chairs close to your fireplace, but at a slight angle, so that you or your guests will be able to read or chat over a glass of wine while remaining warm.

If you place a rug close to your fireplace, remember to keep enough distance so that flying sparks will not result in a fire.

If you place your television and fireplace on the same wall, you’ll have a single focus area in your room.  No need to worry about visual clutter when your viewing points have been arranged in a single direction.

In a living room with a fireplace layout, arrange your furniture so that there is easy access to the fireplace.  Arranging your chairs or sofas alongside your fireplace will mean that you can reach it to refill it easily.  Ottomans or coffee tables can be placed close to the fireplace without any problem, as long as there is a connection or link between these pieces and the rest of the furniture in the room.

Arranging furniture by room shape

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Once you are aware of how you wish to place furniture around fireplace features, it’s time to look at your overall room shape!  Your room should appear both cosy and spacious.  You’ll need to be able to move around while still being able to engage in conversation.

  • Long living rooms can feel awkward without careful furniture arrangement. Use bookshelves, ottomans, shelving, side tables and chaise lounges to create a cosy feeling.
  • Large open spaces can feel vast. Instead of arranging your furniture around walls, pull your couches or chairs into the centre of your room and arrange your furniture around your fireplace.  You can always use occasional chairs, reading chairs or ottomans for extra seating.  Your goal though is to create a space which is cosy or intimate enough for family or friends to engage in conversation.
  • In a square living room, prevent furniture from facing your walls, angle your chairs or recliners, and use a circular table to add an organic feel. Keep your furniture scaled so that your room is cozy, but not claustrophobic.  A small room with a fireplace needs small furniture while a larger room will do best with larger furniture.

Ending thoughts on having a living room with a fireplace

If you want to add atmosphere to your living room, a fireplace is always the way to go.  A fireplace designed around your individual style, with furniture which is both proportional and well arranged, will create a cozy and ambient space for family and friends alike.

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