Mansion bedrooms have always impressed on many levels. Let’s check out some info about these.

Many people would ask what makes a house a mansion and how big is a mansion. When you envision a mansion, do you vision the most luxurious neighborhood house with sweeping staircases, grand ballrooms, bedrooms, and lush lawns?

During the 20th century, a mansion typically could host large leisurely activities. Others had home theatres, infinity pools, greenhouses or conservatories while other mansions had all of these and more.

However, there is no general consensus that defines a mansion as you will get a gigantic mansion while there are small mansions too. We, therefore, took the help of Action Furnace to help us decide on what makes a mansion great.

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The Winchester mansion, for example, is not the typical mansion to use the gauging standards by. The Winchester mansion story, for example, follows the life of Sarah Winchester, the firearms heiress. This massive mansion spans across 24,000 square feet and has 160 rooms. In addition, it has three elevators inside, 40 stairways, seven stories, and 47 fireplaces to name a few. Even Harry Houdini visited this mansion in 1924.

One of the most interesting aspects of a mansion is the presence of a luxury bedroom. While the mansion interior could range from an abundance of luxuries like cinemas, server rooms, and bowling alleys, the most private sanctuary where the masters of the house take their rest, the mansion bedrooms, keep everybody guessing.

Mansion master Bedrooms

Image source: The Mansion

Mansion master bedrooms are always spacious and have an abundance of space which enables the homeowner to have free reign over the luxury bedrooms interior design and styling. It is easy when you are not having a problem with space as you can have the room of your dreams.

Features that can be part of mansion master bedrooms include anything from floor-to-ceiling windows, modern fireplaces, massive TVs, walk-in-closets, impressive chandeliers, modern furniture, smart home features, sustainable materials, customized and luxurious fabrics, and outstanding master beds.

Design of mansion bedrooms

The advantage you have when planning mansion bedrooms is the combination of great comfort, exclusive sophistication, and relaxation in the way to desire. When you are feeling overwhelmed, get inspiration from luxury bedroom designs pictures. Modern luxurious bedrooms can have everything inside from small or larger seating areas, dry bar or even a wet bar too and leave the impression of a luxurious apartment within your home.

Themed mansion bedrooms

A black mansion bedroom

Image source: Ted Maines Interiors

When planning a black mansion bedroom, you can do so when you have space as you can choose a black wall as a focal point, emerald green accent wall with a contrasting light floor. You will not feel close in or break the freedom that space allows when using black cleverly with adequate light and contrast.

A grey mansion bedroom

Grey is stately and luxurious and when used in combination of neutral hues, you can add the boldness and brightness of turquoise. Combine modular furniture with this attractive color to create a futuristic vibe with contemporary aesthetics.

Mansion kids’ bedroom

Mansion bedrooms are not only in adult size and décor, but you have to consider the luxury for the kids too. There is a myriad of luxury room design ideas for children and teenagers that could double as a place to unwind, chill and sleep, but also do their homework. Add a comfortable luxury bed, desk with table, fun elements that keep the room youthful and swinging chairs that do not take up floor space either.


Image source: Eolo A&L Designs

Do not be shy to play around with artworks in a luxury bedroom design. Artworks and photographs that reflect your personal taste can either be hanged or instead lean it against the wall in bohemian fashion.

Tropical Hues

Image source: Blue + Alder

Your mansion bedroom can be your own personal spa with bedroom luxury and spa bathroom combination. How amazing when you have floor-to-ceiling windows and add to your design a large chandelier, varnished wood walls, and reed flooring. Bring the nature that streams in from the outside and blends it perfectly into your luxury bedroom interior.

Asian Minimalism

Image source: Ownby Design

Asian design remains a top choice when you look at luxury bedrooms pictures. Black and white create a balanced design of efficiency, beauty, drama, and practicality as well as the balance between darkness and light. When you need to soften this dramatic design style, bring in Asian accents like classic vases and bamboo prints.

Elements of luxurious mansion bedrooms

Gold Accents

Image source: Katie Grace Design

Nothing, irrespective of design or style can ever fail to be luxurious when you add gold to it and even more so when you add a touch of gold to luxury bedrooms interior design. For example, steel grey and basic white get an opulent boost with accents like show-stopping gold chandelier, furniture with gold insets, gold insets in the ceiling or walls, pillowcases, and more.

Tips for mansion bedrooms

Dress your walls in elegance

Image source: Link Construction & Developments

When you do not choose to go for ultra-minimalist interior, white bare walls would not look luxurious but stark instead. Embrace a sophisticated, warm look with wallpaper or paint.

Choose a standout headboard

Image source: Katie Grace Designs

Mansion bedrooms that have luxury bed images will usually have magnificent standout headboards even when it is uniquely shaped, have notable features or impressive heights or bold colors.

Loosen up things

Image source: Eolo A&L Designs

Luxury white bedrooms with structural pendant lights or antique floor mirrors could look effortlessly chic and luxurious when you loosen things up a little. Choose chic bedding and robust colors to add glamour and style while giving it a robust appearance.

Featured glamorous lighting

Image source: Peter Nelsen
Glamorous lighting in a space such as a bedroom always plays a big role in the ambiance and luxury factor. If you choose to go for an upscale look, opt for an unusual shape or a large light, maybe crystals, glass, or gold.

Geometric Patterns

Image source: Angelica Henry Design
Modern luxurious bedrooms can have earth tones and still look glamorous. Add an interesting feature by playing with geometric patterns. Choose unobtrusive and functional minimalist drop lights to compliment the space.

Add stylish seating

Image source: Katie Grace Design

You can add a notable focal point and design element to your room and take it from a boutique hotel room design where you add a bench or accent chair near unused spaces. You can use it to chill, read a book or overlook the garden.

Pops of Mustard

Image source: Angelica Henry Design

Muted grey has a grandeur that few other colors have. Compliment it with mustard which is not too bright and neither too flashy like gold. It is a great color combination for mansion bedrooms to add drama and luxury.

Frame your bed with mirrors

Image source: Sherwood custom homes

Interior designers love to use mirrors to add glamour to any size room and an important design element to mansion bedroom design too. It is perfect for small mansion bedrooms as it makes space look larger while large mansion bedrooms look glitzy and stylish when the mirror is placed behind a pendant light or lamp.

Mansion bedrooms like these are anyone’s dream luxury bedroom. While you might not be able to pick a favorite, they certainly offer sophistication, style, luxury, comfort, and space.

Design Tips for a Modern Style Bedroom

Nowadays, many mansion bedrooms have a modern style, but you can make yours still unique and modern at the same time.

While “modern décor” usually brings to mind the bells and whistles of automated homes, this architectural style is fairly old – arose from the German art school in the 1900s. The mindset of this modernism movement is obsolete. Today, modern style means clean, functional, and simple. So, how should you design a modern style mansion bedroom​?

Here are some design tips to create a modern style bedroom:

  • Invest on Futon Mattress: One way to make your mansion bedroom modernly captivating and beautiful is by investing in the best futon mattress. You’ll find a foldable futon mattress if you want a Japanese-like mansion bedroom ambiance.

A futon mattress is derived from a Japanese bed and it belongs on the firm side of the firmness level of the mattress spectrum. It’s a premium quality medicated – since it’s beneficial for the spine – mattress.

  • Modern Color Scheme: The modern color scheme in traditional modern design is neutral, including shades of cream, tan, white, brown, black, and gray predominate. Early German Bauhaus designers used touches of blue, red, or yellow as accents.

Neutrals are still the primary palette as modern style matured. However, modern style bedrooms now use bright accent colors which are eye-catching yet simple.

  • Spot Lighting Bedroom Artwork: Unnecessary collectibles, froufrou, and fussy knickknacks should not be seen in your modern bedroom. It’s best to style spotlights artwork, likely large art canvas paintings, prints, creative photos, or posters on the walls.
  • Geometric Patterns: Modern style mansion bedrooms include clean-lined geometric patterns, which are called “atomic” designs, with a fun touch of a mid-century modern bedroom. If you opt to have a neutral modern room design, which minimizes geometric decors, invest in geometrically designed pillowcases for the best leg elevated pillow.

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