There are a lot of reasons why many people continue to go for a farmhouse style. This is because they focus on comfort and being so simple makes it look like a place that you can really feel like at home. To build a modern farmhouse decor you need to pay attention to a lot of details and don’t feel discouraged when you are not finding what you are searching for.

If you decided that you want to go for it then you need to check more details about the interior design practices. You need to take in consideration what you will find down below because you might find what you need in order to get a farmhouse design that you want.

What Does Modern Farmhouse Decor really mean?

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This classic farmhouse look brings a lot of comfort and warmth in the soul of people. It is that traditional style that doesn’t go too old and that many people associate with home.

A classic farmhouse is about finding the right balance between comfortable furniture, vintage objects and antiques that are sometimes rare. But not all of them are a must and you don’t have to put a lot of pressure into finding them.

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The modern farmhouse decor decorating is also connected to the country charm that brings a lot of minimalism and industrial elements more or less similar to the Scandinavian style. Finding the right balance takes time and you need to understand this before you start. A first step can for sure to pay a visit to homes that are built with this modern farmhouse style in mind.

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Another cool aspect of the modern farmhouse decor is that there is also room for rough edges. Why not go for vintage furniture when decorating the space and maybe adding some old art that goes well with the rest. If you take care of these aspects for sure space is going to look really great.

How You Can Create the Modern Farmhouse Decor

Put practicality first

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Probably the best way to go ahead with the idea of getting a modern farmhouse decor is by planning. Invest some time and check out some old spaces, sometimes even simple research in the online can help a lot. Focus on the details of a room, look at the lighting, the furniture and all of the rest elements. Consider what looks good and what doesn’t and start making a list with your priority.

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To not get carried away proceed with caution and ask yourself from time to time what will be the final purpose of your home, how do you want it to look, why are you choosing the farmhouse design.

Use Various Textures

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Make sure that you use a variety of textures so that you will give the look some depth. Wood and metal can be great with cotton, wool or chenille so whatever you choose to make sure that you mix them well.

Image source: Judith Balis Interiors

Another important aspect is the key piece that gets the attention in your modern farmhouse decor. It can be the dining table or and an old chair, double-check and select the objects that you want to get the attention when somebody enters your hose. Play around with different lines and bring a relaxing atmosphere by using well and modern farmhouse decor.

Usher in Clean-Lined Upholstery

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Sofas and big furniture are great to make a visual counterpoint when you are choosing your modern farmhouse style. The best way to go with it is to go towards warm tones that feel cozy and neutrals such as taupe, browns or even beiges.

Image source: Sheila Mayden Interiors

Offering this natural-tone will make the entire farmhouse architecture look beautiful and for sure it is something that you also going to appreciate a lot.

Choose a neutral palette

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The colors that you choose will be really crucial to making this look good. So, take advantage of different modern farmhouse decor options and see which one you think suits you the best. A neutral color pallet can be great if you want to have a more minimalist atmosphere and if you go for more vibrant colors be ready for the energy that they will drive in the room.

Image source: Judith Balis Interiors

We recommend that you start with a color palette of warm or cool neutrals like silver and grey that look great with some natural wood tones for example. Even old wood that has some wear or tear can look great with them so consider it a good option.

Use Organic Materials

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A modern farmhouse will look great if you bring some natural wood or different fabrications in use. The things that you should avoid, though, are anything that feels unnatural because they will make people confused once they are spotted.

If you go for organic materials you make the space really connected with the idea of a modern farmhouse decor. Wood floors, for example, are a great way to do that and you can use wood, or stone or anything that is natural and makes sense for the design.

Look For Weathered Finishes

Image source: Vintage South LLC

Materials that are natural are quite good to use when you want to obtain a style that is rustic. Leathers might be a great finish to do a modern farmhouse design and basically anything that shows off its age and has a vintage vibe.

Raw wood is not bad as well because you can use it in different parts of a room. You can play around with wood finishes around the space and find the spot where they complement other elements. Take your time and you will find a solution.

Embrace Imperfections

Image source: CJC Interiors

The modern farmhouse decor is quite a challenge and you can’t get it perfect. Imperfections also have their role and might work quite good in some situations. You just need to be open-minded and leave room for some small decor choices that might look strange but will do the job in the end.

Get Industrial

Image source: Stephanie Gamble Interiors

This type of design can be obtained when you go for hard finishes and raw textures. However, if you use let’s say vintage wall signage for sure you are close to a farmhouse effect. Bright colors work really well with industrial accents so note this down.

The kitchen might be the best place to play around with industrial elements because you can bring different items that go well together.

What you should avoid

Barn Doors

Stay away from barn doors because this element has been used so many times that people started to consider it looking bad.

Too Much White

White is nice but when you make the entire home using this color it might be a bad idea. Add some other colors, don’t be afraid

Vintage Signage

Unless there is a personal choice behind the signage then you should consider another alternative for your modern farmhouse decor. Go for unexpected art objects that people would not expect to see there and you will be really impressed by their reaction

Cliche Artwork

Don’t use pieces of artwork that are cliche, you know the types, the ones that say “just relax” or have some kind of motivational words into them. The classic things with roosters, cows, and any other animal is also not a good idea if you are trying to make something original.

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