The living room is the center of any home, representing the space for entertainment of all shared family moments and big social parties.

The living room is the room where we spend most of our time with family or friends, or alone with a good book or movie.

If you compare the living room with a man, I would say it will be an extrovert human being because all major parties, gatherings, all major announcements and important moments are happening in the living room.

That’s the reason why its decorating must always be with a dose of comfortability and fun, in order to meet the demands of all different occasions.

You should decorate the living room in a way that it will reflects your unique style, adding details that will give a feeling of comfort and calmness.

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room15 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Sherrill Canet Interiors

To do that you don’t need a huge space or extravagant interior, it is enough to decorate it with a lot of love and taste.

No matter if it is in modern, classic, minimalist or any other style, the living room must offer a cozy atmosphere and comfort for those living in the home and for their frequent guests.

In the world of interior designers, the blue color is currently the most popular thanks to its ability to introduce sophistication and character of the space, while at the same time has a calming effect and refreshing mood.

Soft and gentle shades are especially coming to point in the living room. No matter if we are talking about an apartment in the city, the beach house or a modern flat, blue fits any style of architecture and decor.

Blue living room ideas

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All shades of blue are acting really calming in every area – from pale light, over petroleum and dark blue to turquoise. Because of its great characteristics, it is often used for living room decoration.

It reminds us of the water and the sea, and probably because of that it acts so soothing and relaxing. Here, we present to you a few ideas of how can you use the blue color to create a perfect blue living room décor.

Combining the blue color with wood

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The fascination of the wood and its rich texture and volume, as well as its properties can boost creativity and comfort in space.

The presence of wooden architecture in the living room can easily get imperceptible if you don’t peek the right color for your walls.

The usage of strong and eye-catching color will draw the viewer’s attention to them, placing the wood in second place.

The light blue living room color is the right choice in this situation, since it will surely sharpen the edges of the good woodwork, without overemphasizing its presence.

We can never get enough of blue

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room6 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Domus Nova

No matter if we are talking about a curtain, decorative ornaments, practical baskets or boxes, clocks, tapestries, illustrations and posters for the blue living room walls, pillows in different shapes and sizes, blankets, bedding and rugs, decorative items and furniture, the palette of blue color will never bethe wrong choice.

With its crispiness and neutrality, it rests the eyes and gives the space light and shine.

Vintage, retro style with blue decorations

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room5 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Just Joh

The arrangement of the interior of the house in retro style is becoming a popular global trend.

The search through the hidden treasures in the basement of your grandmothers and grandfathers and the interesting design combined with nostalgia for little more romantic times of the childhood are the main “culprits” for the active development of the retro style.

It’s no surprise that as this trend develops the number of antique shops with vintage decorations is increasing. The living room is suitable to exhibit the small retro treasures. Blue is an important color to get into the vibrant atmosphere of the 60s and 70s.

The effect of the different shades of blue color is increased by the crazy designs of chandeliers and furniture, and interesting pattern colorful wallpapers. The vintage furniture can be easily combined with all other styles.

Traditionally designed living rooms and the blue color

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room4 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Mitchell Berry Architects

If you want a traditionally styled living room, choose furniture of dark wood with carved decorations and fabric that will be pale blue or designed with different flowers that will contribute to enrich the look of the furniture, while making the living room feel refreshing and fun.

Usage of turquoise shades

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room9 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Mascheroni Construction

Turquoise is a symbol of youth, spirituality, truth, peace and ideas. This color has a calming effect and is the color of communication.

It contains a mix of the effects of green and blue and improves self-confidence and strength. Use it as a color for the pillow or rugs, and create a colorful and fun living room.

How to update your living room’s design in a moment

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room14 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Anthony Baratta LLC

First get rid of excess things that are in your home and create a new layout of the furniture. You can change only the chairs.

It’s a great idea to use chairs with different shades of blue, or to paint only one wall instead of the entire living room. You can incorporate a few new accessories, add a blue colored rug or pillows. There is an endless number of suggestions.

Create freshness with employing marine blue

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room8 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: HUSH

Marine motives are always in fashion, especially popular during the summer because they remind us of vacation, beach, relaxation and travel.

The blue living room can be decorated and refreshed with bamboo furniture, pillows, interesting textiles, curtains with stripes or printed patterns, or with only painting one wall in marine color and letting the other be white.

These patterns of light will instantly change the look of the living room. You only need 2-3 steps and the living room will immediately get a new freshness.

Combining the relaxing, cool blue with white and chrome accents

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room3 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Rikki Snyder

The combination of blue and gray color is very chic and stylish. Lighter shades of these colors in the interior create a soothing and warm atmosphere.

In practice, the gray color often reminds to high technology. It represents glamor, excellence, intuition, dreams, communication, modernity.

Bright shades of blue will refresh every room. You can play around with a few shades of blue in the space, either on the furniture, the walls, or in the details.

The white color also comes great in the combination. The light blue color is soft and serene, and the white color creates a calm, cool and relaxing ambience, while the gray shades will add a dose of modernism and sophistication in your blue and gray living room.

How sky blue and orange can be combined

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room10 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Jodie Cooper Design

The combination of blue and orange is alive and energetic. If you use lighter shades of these colors such as peach color and sky blue, you will end up with very calm and harmonious living room design.

These are complementary colors, and when combined create a unique, harmonious appearance of the interior. The creamy white details also come great with combined with orange and blue shades.

It creates a feeling of freshness in the blue interior design. The orange shades bring warmth and playfulness in space, while the white and sky blue color bring lighting.

Combining these three colors, you will create a light and inviting atmosphere.

Color of the Ocean and the Sand

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room11 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Tom Stringer Design Partners

You can never get wrong when incorporating elements of the nature in your living room design. The dark blue ocean color binds us with the summer and the deep ocean water.

This dark and strong color really loves white stripes, but it will get even more noticeable if you add to the ocean a little bit of sand.

Dark blue living room with a dose of sandy tonesexpressing purity, is a very powerful combination making the room look like a sunny ocean shore.

Royal blue

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room12 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Rikki Snyder

Royal blue is one of the most sophisticated and elegant colors. The best part whit this shade of blue is that you don’t need a lot of designing experience to be able to create a modern living room design.

As long as you do not over do your blue theme, the royal blue is certainly give you a classy feel.

The trick is to combine royal blue with colors that perfectly compliment it, such as white.

You can paint part of the living room walls in royal blue and reach the classy feel by using creamy white color for the furniture and rugs.

A Nautical Hint

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room16 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Darci Goodman Design

If the thoughts of vacation and sea are increasingly getting in your mind, and until the summer season there is a plenty of time, a few nautical motifs can create a similar atmosphere in your living room. The most important thing is to stir your imagination!

When choosing colors beware of all the colors that are the main association of sea, sun and sand. Give chance to the blue color, from turquoise – green to dark blue, then light brown or the color of sand and a combination of white, red and dark blue as a symbol of the sailors.

You can opt for curtains with nautical pattern, such as shellfish, marine animals and boat that will contribute to your blue home decor.

Decorate the interior with decorative shells, souvenirs brought from your last vacation at sea as well as decorative ships!

Brown and denim blue mixture

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room7 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Britt Carter & Co.

The mix of warm brown and cool blue feels natural – like the earth and sky. Fresh coastal blue works beautifully incorporated in moderation as an accent color.

You can use white and mid-brown as the foundation for your walls and furniture, and then add pillows and accessories in a matching sun-bleached denim shade to create a living room that’s airy and inviting.

How color choices affect our everyday life

New-Trend-For-Blue-Living-Room13 Latest Trends For Blue Living Room DesignsImage source: Nanette Wong

Did you know that colors can affect our emotional state? They can cause positive or negative feelings, improve your mood or spoil it.Colors in the interior express our personality.

Blue is the color of sky and sea. Often, it associates depth and stability. This color symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven.

There is something elegant and magical blue. It provides a peaceful and tranquil setting and additionally ennobles every room.

Many interior designers are guided by the rule: if you want a room where everyone will feel comfortable, blue is the right choice.

You can never fail when decorating with blue. No matter if it’s sky blue, deep dark shade or anything in between, this royal and charming color can not be deceived.

We sincerely hope that we helped you with our blue living room decorating ideas!

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