Who wouldn’t love a swimming pool in his own backyard? Apart from those that prefer indoor pools, of course.

From the very first moment somebody mentions a pool, we start planning hours of pleasure and excitement during hot summers.

The truth is that everybody is so blinded by the positive aspect of having a pool that they fail noticing there are negativities to owning one too.

We agree-it sounds like a fairytale to own an outdoor pool in hot regions. But what will happen with moderate climate? Did you consider that a pool is used only in summer, but has to be equally cleaned and maintained in all seasons?

Pros-And-Cons-Of-Having-A-Swimming-Pool-In-Your-Yard1 Pros And Cons Of Having A Swimming Pool In Your YardImage source: Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools

If you compare all costs, safety concerns, and upkeep efforts to the recreation value of your investment, you might just change your mind. That is exactly why we gathered the pros and cons of having a swimming pool in your yard.


You own a cool place

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It is difficult to sort pools in a ‘pros and cons of outdoor swimming pools’ list, since they are a wish and a whim, much more than a necessity.

While there is no universal definition of what is ‘cool’; a pool will hardly ever fail to inspire people to come to your place. Didn’t we all have that cool friend with a pool; in whose house we spent hours and hours?

With a pool, you’re also likely to organize the most memorable birthday parties and community barbeques. Even when people are not swimming, pools offer an amazing and relaxing view.

You own an exercise facility

Pros-And-Cons-Of-Having-A-Swimming-Pool-In-Your-Yard3 Pros And Cons Of Having A Swimming Pool In Your YardImage source: Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Pools are not all about fun and entertainment. They give you the opportunity to swim professionally, and to keep your body fit and healthy. Water aerobics are also an excellent method of controlling weight.

Having a pool is especially good for children, who’ll love to spend time relaxing and playing around it. Besides, did you forget that we all get childish for the magic of late night swimming, with some pleasant music and sky full of shiny stars? It is an entirely justifiable level of childish!

You own a luxurious haven

Pros-And-Cons-Of-Having-A-Swimming-Pool-In-Your-Yard4 Pros And Cons Of Having A Swimming Pool In Your YardImage source: Pool Environments, Inc.

In terms of beauty and elegance, well-designed pools are invincible. Had you applied suitable colors (sapphire, crystal), or tiles in geometric patterns, you’ve ensured your place a real touch of luxury.

Decorating the pool with sunbathing decks, stone paths, sculptures, or plants will help you create a holiday atmosphere in the very comfort of your home.

The atmosphere will be even more impressive for those who have a rich garden for the pool to blend inside. Magical, isn’t it?

You own an expensive home

Pros-And-Cons-Of-Having-A-Swimming-Pool-In-Your-Yard5 Pros And Cons Of Having A Swimming Pool In Your YardImage source: Pool Environments, Inc.

There are many expensive purchases you could add to your home in order to increase its value; but nothing will be as powerful as a great outdoor pool. A pool is a durable and timeless feature, always capable of attracting buyers’ attention.

That’s exactly why we recommend you to consider the pool as a valuable asset, one that can make your dreams come true; and will never stop making your life more entertaining.

It’s not rare for small houses with pools to reach a higher market price than their bigger counterparts which don’t have one.

Pros-And-Cons-Of-Having-A-Swimming-Pool-In-Your-Yard6 Pros And Cons Of Having A Swimming Pool In Your YardImage source: Pool Environments, Inc.

Besides, constructing a pool nowadays is very feasible and affordable; and people prefer to observe it as an investment, rather than a whimsy expense.

Your pool invokes tropical feelings

Pros-And-Cons-Of-Having-A-Swimming-Pool-In-Your-Yard7 Pros And Cons Of Having A Swimming Pool In Your YardImage source: Platinum Poolcare

Wouldn’t a wonderful pool make you feel as if you were on a tropical island? Don’t stop with the pool-take care of the surrounding; and add greenery and furniture that can invoke a tropical feeling.

The ultimate aim is to obtain a breathtaking oasis in the very comfort of your home.


You will face bigger insurance costs

In the insurance industry, houses with large pools are known as the ‘attractive nuisance’. It means that your place will be popular and attended by many people; which will, unfortunately, increase the cost of your insurance premises.

Still, turning your pool into a secret is not the best idea. Your insurance agent needs to be aware of its existence, so that you’ll have no problems covering potential damage.

For the people living in Ireland, check out website for the best home insurance quote. Insurance from AA Ireland also cover the expenses paid to repair a pool (if the risks included in your policy damages it).

You will face big installation expenses

Swimming pools come with different price tags, depending on the size, quality, or the specific requirements of the owner. Therefore, go for the investment only if you’re really sure you can afford it.

Your first thought would be to save on material; and to use vinyl or fiberglass instead of concrete. However, the real expense is the one everybody must pay: digging a pool in the backyard.

Besides, don’t forget that installing a pool is a time consuming activity; and your backyard will be dysfunctional for at least 2 month.

Your expense goes beyond making the pool

OK, let’s say you invested few thousands of dollars, and you constructed the most amazing pool ever. The reality is that you’re still not able to use it: even if pumps or essential filters were included in the price, the area around the pool wasn’t.

You will need a deck, a patio, or at least a seating facility to rest once swimming is done. Then, a pool will not be so enjoyable without balls, floaters, and similar toys.

Besides, pools require special safety considerations, such as fences, covers, or even pool alarms.

You need to maintain it

The more you use your pool, the higher maintenance it will require. Therefore, you need to plan your preservation activities, not just on a yearly basis, but also monthly, and daily.

To start with, you have to control the pH value of the water (to stay safe from high alkaline and acid levels). Concrete pools will require even bigger care, as they are not so resistant to algae growth and unpleasant weather conditions.

Sometimes, a filter will not be enough; and you’ll have to backwash the pool at least once per season. Honestly, the best option is to hire a maintenance service, assuming that their price is not too high.

Failing to comply with your maintenance duties can lead to serious health and safety issues. Therefore, make sure you’re buying the right chemicals to balance the pH levels; and use them properly.

Improper detergence may cause serious illnesses, or they could fail to protect swimmers from allergies and infections.

You must think about safety

Safety is the most important aspect of every pool. As a pool owner, you bear responsibility for every person that will enter the pool; and this responsibility increases when there are children around.

To start with, don’t let the youngest ones access the pool! Secure it with gates or constant supervision; and make a smaller pool for them to enjoy.

Remember that every accident or unpleasant occurrence is your responsibility, and it doesn’t really matter how and why it happened.

Purchasing safety features is also a good place to start: solid covers, functional alarms, and child-proof gates will protect both the pool and the people. The compulsory insurance policy is a good way to stay prepared for whatever happens.

You’ll most probably have repairing costs

People who faced pool reparation (leaking, structural issues, or similar problems) share that it was their worst reparation experience ever.

Remember that this may happen to you too! Even the newest and most expensive pools cannot guarantee durability, so you might consider inspections both when you start using it; and while using it.

You’ll be surprised by your utility bills

Both the water that you’re using to fill the pool; and the energy pumps and filters require in order to keep the pool usable…cost. After you’ve installed a pool, your utility bills will never be the same.

You’re not likely to receive the same amount you invested

As we mentioned previously, pool houses rate well on the market; and they cost more than the ones which don’t have a pool. However, don’t be misled that reselling your house will bring you the investment back.

After all, you’re selling a second-hand pool that has been used and renovated; and you cannot ask people to pay the same price as it would cost them to install one of their own.

Once you’ve decided to sell your house, we recommend you to contact a residential appraiser; and to ask him to estimate the real price of your pool at that moment.

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