Looking for apartment decorating ideas? Let’s dive in the subject

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice your style or décor.

Here you will find several apartment decorating ideas. Try a few of them that meets your likes and style. I am sure that you will be pleased with the outcome.


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Since your apartment is already square or rectangular in shape, try adding some curves to your small apartment decorating ideas. For instance, get a round rug or table. Add some circle mirrors on the walls or just some art with round dots. This will help things feel not so boxy.

Lighter colors

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Using a light color scheme will make your apartment seem bigger and more open. Dark colors will only close in an area.

When you are living in a small space such as a studio apartment, you will want your studio apartment decorating ideas to open your space up and make it feel light and airy. You can achieve this effect by using light colors to decorate.


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The use of curtains is one of the great apartment décor ideas to help a space seem bigger. Those blinds that come with your apartment can seem so boring, but you can spruce things up with a fantastic curtain.

There are many ways to hang curtains. Try hanging them on the outside of the window or using floor to ceiling drapes to create the illusion of a larger area.


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A great way to add some depth to your apartment decorations is by adding layers to space especially a bedroom.

Even though you may have a small apartment bedroom you can still add layers to your bed. The way to do this is by using many layers of linens and pillows. This can make your room feel light and airy.

Scale to size

How to decorate an apartment according to size? Since apartments are small don’t furnish your apartment with big bulky furniture. Try using small pieces of furniture to make your apartment seem larger and roomier.

I can see clearly now

Try using mirrors and glass tables to make a room feel more open. These are fantastic small apartment decorating ideas on a budget. They give the illusion of a larger space without breaking the bank.

Murphy beds

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Murphy beds can be one of many the studio apartment living room decorating ideas on a budget. The fold up into the wall during the day when not in use. They also make a great bed to sleep in at night. Just pull it down when you are ready for bed and hide it away when you are wide awake.

Lighten up

Try using lights to create a warm and welcoming feeling for you and your guests. By illuminating things you will also help your small space feel bigger and brighter. Dark spaces feel small and cramped.


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Know what your priorities are and create spaces for those priorities. You might need or want a dining area but don’t need a desk area. If you need an office area try making your bedroom into an office by using a roll-up bed to sleep on. Knowing your priorities will help you design the space that you need.

Define your spaces

By setting and clearly defining your spaces this will keep your apartment neat and organized. Maybe you were thinking that open area living was the way to go when living in an apartment but this can cause you to feel overwhelmed.

Try giving each space a specific purpose. If you live in a studio apartment and your bedroom and living area are all in one try placing your chairs or couch in front of your bed, this will let you distinguish between the two areas.

Also, try implementing your interest and hobbies among your space. If you enjoy gardening, you could use some of your plants to help define a space.

Dual-purpose furniture

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Try purchasing things you can use for a lot of different things. This will help you utilize every inch of your small apartment. The living area and bedroom are great places to use this kind of furnishings.

Using a daybed or trundle bed will not only give you a bed to sleep in but a couch to sit on while you watch tv, have a conversation with your friend or read a book. An empty ottoman or trunk could give you storage, serve as a footrest or even a coffee table.

The key here is to get creative with the uses of your furniture. Also, remember to scale your furniture to the size of your apartment otherwise you will efforts to use multi-functioning pieces will be useless.

Unused Spaces

You may think that you are using all of your spaces wisely and to your best advantage. You are implementing several ideas for apartment living for example storing baking dishes in the oven when it isn’t in use and bins to store stuff in under your bed.

Look around though, do you see any area that you aren’t using? Maybe a wall or corner? Now try to think of a way to use this space or spaces.

Maybe a corner desk or an extra large wall shelf could serve as a work at home space for you. Also, don’t forget the top of your refrigerator. This can be a great place to store stuff in baskets and bins.

Vertical storage

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When thinking of storage spaces remember to look up. This can give you a lot of needed storage by remembering to use your verticle storage space. In small apartments you will want to use tall narrow storage solutions.

You can use two bookshelves next to each other to give the illusion of built-in shelving units. Also, use a floor to ceiling entertainment center to give yourself more storage. Even wall shelving that goes all the way up the wall will give you the added storage that you need.


The key to getting the most storage out of your small space is organization. If your storage is messy it defeats the purpose of your storage. It may take a little more work to keep everything organized but the rewards will be well worth it.

Try storing cleaners, snacks and other things in pocket over the door hangers. This will help keep everything organized and let you see at a glance what you have and what you need. Baskets and bins are a great organizer of things also. All of these ways help keep things looking orderly and neat.


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Shelving is a good way to display pictures, mementos, and other knick-knacks. They are very versatile. You can leave them in place and just rotate the contents on them to give your décor an inexpensive refresher.

By using shelves you will not be creating a bunch of holes every time you decide to switch your pictures around. This will save you time when it comes to patching up those nail holes.

No wall paint

Renting means that you can’t paint the walls but you can paint the furniture that you own. When you are ready for a change or need a pop of color try painting your headboard, nightstand or coffee table. This will give you that pizzazz that you are looking for without upsetting your landlord or making extra work for yourself.

Small apartment decorating ideas: Accessories

Instead of using a plain tray in your entryway or on your coffee table try stenciling a pretty picture on it. This will help you personalize your accessories.

Also, dry some DIY trays or projects, this can help your décor without breaking the budget. Accessorizing in the bathroom is an all-time favorite of apartment living room decorating ideas on a budget.

Open storage

If your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of storage, get an industrial shelving unit. With a few baskets and bins this will make a great place to store your kitchen items. Remember to keep fun too by adding a few decorating pieces.

Area Rugs

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Since you are renting there isn’t much that can be done about the flooring. It is more than likely plain and boring. Don’t despair though, purchase a big area rug. This can help add depth and color to your décor. Don’t overdo it on size though if the place it is going is small.


If your apartment doesn’t have an entryway, make one by using a bookcase close to your front door. You can add hooks to the back and side of the bookcase to hang jackets, bags, umbrellas and other items.

The bottom shelf can be used to house your shoes. Add a few baskets to deposit your keys, change and other things you may need to head out the door.


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Using mirrors help to reflect light and make spaces appear larger. The trick is to hang a mirror across from a window so that it receives natural light and reflects its surroundings. This trick will create wonders in any space that you have.


Hang your tv on the wall and frame it with storage space. Also, place a console under the wall mounted tv not only will this anchor it in place but it will give you a place to serve food and drinks when entertaining.


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The key to making a rental feel like home is by adapting nonpermanent solutions to you decorating your apartment.

For instance say you have an open sink in your bathroom that you hate but you can’t change it because you live in an apartment. Place a pretty curtain around the bottom of the sink to hide the plumbing and whatever bathroom supplies that you hide there.

Cozy dining

There are several ways to make a small cramped dining room feel cozy and entertaining. Try softening the lighting by adding shades to light fixtures and lamps. Also use clear and glass furnishings to help the room feel open and airy. You will love entertaining when you update your dining room décor.

Placement of furniture

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Decide if your living space is big enough to divide into zones by thinking about your empty living space. Rearrange your furniture in your head before moving it into the places that you want. Get creative with this.

Could you divide the room into two separate spaces by placing your couch in the middle of the room and use the space behind it for an office space by adding a desk? This would give you an added space that you didn’t have before.

Bring the outside in

Using garden stools as end tables will be cute and decorative. Also they are light so they will be easy to move around the apartment and carry up and down stairs.


Awkward spaces and nooks in your apartment can be a great space to use as an office or craft space. Get creative with spaces like these. You can always hang a curtain to conceal the area.


Historic-West-Grace-St-Triplex-by-Piperbear-Designs- Small apartment decorating ideas on a budgetImage source: Piperbear Designs

Apartment bathroom decorating ideas can be fun and cute. Bring furniture into your bathroom to add décor and storage. A small table with a drawer can add storage. Get creative with your bathroom, use baskets and bins in here to keep everything neat and organized.


While you are renting, you can not paint or use wallpaper on the walls because they are permanent. A way spruce up a room is by hanging some floor to ceiling curtains side by side to create a wall look. This will give the illusion that you painted the wall or hung wallpaper. It can also give the illusion that there is a big window there.p

Furniture that is hardworking

If you live in a one bedroom but need a place for guests to sleep when they come over. Try getting a daybed or a pullout couch. They can function as a place to sit and watch tv during the day and a place for your guests to sleep at night.

Fake built-in

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Older apartments might come with some really cool built-ins for added storage. However, if your apartment doesn’t have these, there is a simple way to create the look of one.

Take two bookshelves, add some molding to the top and bottom, paint them and maybe add a fun wallpaper to the back. After you have done this install them on either side of a doorway or window. This will give you that cool storage space of built-in shelving.

Space saving

Purchase an extra large bookcase and place in a central location of your apartment and store multiple items for different rooms on it. You can store book, dishes, baskets with linens, office supplies and many other things on this bookcase. This will give you added storage space all in one area.

Full wall

Small-Apartments-Big-Style-by-Lisa-Petrole-Photography-2 Small apartment decorating ideas on a budgetImage source: Lisa Petrole Photography

Hang lots of pictures on your walls. Frame them with big mated picture frames this will help cover up the whiteness of the wall and color to your room all while giving your guests bits and pieces of your life to observe.


Hampers can be very multi-purpose. They just aren’t for laundry anymore. Use them around your apartment to house umbrellas, kids toys and anything else that you can think of.


Potrero-HIll-by-Antonio-Martins-Interior-Design Small apartment decorating ideas on a budgetImage source: Antonio Martins Interior Design

A great way to add color to your living room and the bedroom is by using fun and colorful throw pillows. They come in all kind of shapes and sizes. They can be fluffy and fuzzy also. To change things up down the road buy pillow covers to mix things up and create a new look.


You can add a beautiful skirt around any kind of table to hide things. There could be a small storage unit behind that curtain that gives you added storage for dishes, clothes, shoes or electronic components. Since it’s a beautiful skirt it will add to your decorations.


Transform any room with a good lighting source. Go beyond the hardwire light fixtures on the ceiling. You can use table lamps, floor lamps and plug-in light sconces. All of these lights will give a dark space light and make the area feel light and an airy which will definitely transform your space.

Hanging mirrors

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Hanging mirrors across from windows will add light all around the room and make everything feel light and airy. This a fantastic trick to make an area appear larger than it is.


Another way to brighten up a place is by shimmery lamps and light fixtures. This can have the same effects as mirrors do. They will cause light to bounce around a room and illuminate it.

Ending thoughts on small apartment decorating ideas

There you have it, several ideas to help you decorate your small apartment rental. One or all of these ideas will help you to spruce up your space and make it feel homier. Have fun with these decorating ideas.

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