You can install almost any type of window in your house. From different shapes to different styles and materials, windows come with various features you can choose from specifically for your home. However, custom-made windows often are expensive and hard to make. That’s why manufacturers have standard window sizes.

If you plan on buying windows anytime soon, keep in mind that most of them are accessible in a few standard sizes. This is because they are meant to fit typical houses.

If you’re wondering what kind of window you should install in your home, make sure you know the standard window sizes first. Depending on that, you will see whether you should order a typical window or a custom-made window.

Here we will show you a variety of windows. From different types to different sizes, we will give you more in-depth insight. Hopefully, after reading this, you will know how different types of windows work and their functionality.

The Purpose of Windows

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If you want to sell your house or to increase its value, windows can drastically impact this. They are something real estate agents pay attention to. Windows play a huge role in the overall look of the home. Depending on their size and quality, they can drastically cut down on electricity bills. Quality windows are energy efficient and block outside noises simultaneously.

First, know the Window size notation

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So, how do you identify the window size for your home? You can calculate it by combining its width and height—the numbers of a window model showcase the window’s size. The first two numbers are for the width and the second two for the height. If you have a 2426 window, it means that it has a diameter of 2’4″ and a height of 2’6″.

Window Height 

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So how do you measure the height of a window? You start from the high point of the sill to the top where the window opens. Once you’ve determined that, ensure you record down three measurements. Write the first measurement on the left side, the second one at the center, and the third one right side. When buying a window, make sure you use the tiniest measurement of the three.

Window Width

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To measure the window width, you should begin by measuring the top jambs. Then measure the frames in the middle and at the bottom. Again, just like the height, use the smallest measurement when buying.

Window Depth

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When you measure the dimension, make sure you ignore all the lifts and parting pieces. They will be eliminated before the window establishment. There need to be at least 3 1/4 inches of opening depth between the inside window trim and the outside blind stop strip. This area is essential to take the extent of the replacement window.

There’s always Half-Inch Less.

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The person who produces windows identifies them by estimated opening sizes. However, he makes sure to take half an inch away. That is because the installation must be easier later.

The window producer creates the windows depending on the typical opening dimensions. However, he always takes away half an inch from the width and height. Why? He does that to ensure a more uncomplicated installation process.  When installing a window, you must know that window frames and window glass must be fitted.  Then the rest of the space is equipped with other materials to ensure better functionality..

Why Do Window Sizes Vary?

There isn’t one universal window size set. However, there are sets of the most common and popular window sizes. One of them will hopefully fit for your house.

Standard Window Size as per the types of windows

Sliding Windows

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There are several sliding window widths. They are ranging from 36 to 48 and from 60 to 72 and 84 inches in diameter. The windows are actually for half an inch more prominent than the stated size. That is to ensure better installation. As for heights, the standard sizes range from 24 to 60 inches.

Typical Bay Window Dimensions

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A window bay is an excellent way to emphasize the desired area of your home.

You can define a standard bay window as a high window that emphasizes one home’s specific area. There are numerous benefits to having a window bay. It allows more natural light to come in. Not only that, but it allows a better view of the outside area. There are various standard sizes. However, the most popular range from 3’6”-10’6” width and 3′-6’6” height.

Double Hung Windows

Marvin-Next-Generation-Ultimate-Double-Hung-Window-by-AVI-Windows-Doors What are the standard window sizes? (Answered)Image source: AVI Windows & Doors

These types of windows are among the most widespread window types. Because of their increasing popularity, manufacturers produce them in many standard dimensions. The typical sizes range from 24-48 inches in width and 36-72 inches in height.

Standard window sizes for Vinyl windows

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Vinyl windows are a new invention. They come in typical 18-48 inch width and 18-36 inch height dimensions. They have the most significant variety of standard window sizes. That is what makes them the best.

Picture Windows

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Just like vinyl windows, these picture windows come in similar standard dimensions. The difference is that they come with a broader range of options. They can’t open, but they are more prominent, more extensive, and more widespread. Their width size ranges from 2-8 feet, and height size up to 62 inches.

Wood Windows 

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You might be surprised to hear that wood windows are still in fashion. They are most widely used in homes with the same aesthetic. What makes them undesirable, though, is their inability to last long. They rot quickly and are vulnerable to many weather changes.  Their width sizes go up to 60 inches, and height sizes up to 48 inches.

Casement Windows

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Casement windows are specifically made to open up space. Not only that, but they offer another functional benefit. They are great for places that need help with being ventilated.  Their dimensions range from 1 foot to 11 inches in width and from 2 -6 feet.

Basement Window Size

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Basement windows are generally the least desired types of windows. They are smaller than standard house window sizes and allow less light in the room. They are made to fit in tiny spaces. They come as sliders or as vent windows. However, many of them do not open at all. Their dimensions appear only at 32-inch widths and 24-inch heights maximum.

Awning Window Dimensions

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These types of windows are also great for ventilation. They hinge at the top and open towards outside. This type of window is great for combining multiple window styles. They are diverse yet functional. Not only that, but they are also designed for all types of weather. Standard window sizes for Awning windows go from 2’’-3’10’’ width and from 1’8’’-7’8’’ height.

Sizes Change With Time

When changing windows, make sure that your home fits the modern type standard. Stores might not have windows made for older homes, since design changes constantly. If your home fits the older-type aesthetic, make sure to order custom-made windows. You can also alter the window’s frame to meet the new standard of window sizes. Improving your home construction by adding a larger window frame will leave you with benefits more significant than you can imagine.

Measuring the dimensions of your window can help you a lot when replacing windows. Knowing the standard window sizes can help you during the whole buying and installation process. Be smart, and don’t let anyone fool you.

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