People love lighting their bedrooms for relaxing, soothing, and happy feelings. LED light strips are suitable for decorating bedrooms to let kids and adults sleep peacefully. However, you should look at the size of your bedroom before decorating the bedroom with LED strip lights.

And you must not use unnecessary lights that offer you a garbage feeling in your bedroom. I hope you also believe in ‘simplicity is the best policy.’ Don’t worry! Today’s article is to help you with the best-LED strip light ideas for 2023.

In this article, I will share you some creative, simple, and budget-friendly bedroom lighting ideas with LED strips. Though I have earlier discussed how to decorate a room with led light, this post is particularly focusing on bedroom decoration ideas with LED strip lights.

So, no more words! Let’s dive deeper into the ten best-LED strip light ideas for the bedroom.

10 Best LED Strip Light Ideas in 2023!

 Adorned in the Ceiling

Installing LED strip lights in the ceiling is one of the great ideas to replace traditional ceiling bulbs or tube lights to avoid lighting harshness. The hidden top LED strip lights illuminate around to make the bedroom more engaging than ever. You can add a mild effect of reflective lighting in your living room. Thus, a bored living space turns into an elegant and breathing bedroom.

The LED strip lights for the ceiling can be of single or multi-colors like red, green, blue, or pure white. The single-color LED strip lights will be an ideal choice if it is your private room. I will suggest multicolor effects for the family bedroom to create a dreamy feeling.

Hidden in Headboard on the Background Wall

People love hiding the LED strip lights behind the bedside background wall for a cozy and romantic feeling throughout the night. It is one of the most straightforward bedroom lighting ideas with LED strip lights within budget.

The LED strip lights behind the headboard on the background wall offer three-dimensional (3D) lighting effects to make the bedroom more gorgeous than ever. Furthermore, it lets you go to sleep in a soothing ambiance.

Installed behind TV

Placing LED strip lights behind the TV is an innovative idea to create a home theatre environment in the bedroom. If you love enjoying TV programs from your bed, try the simple idea to make your entertaining moment more joyous.

Moreover, with LED strip lights behind your TV set, you can avoid feeling eye-fatigued while watching TV in a dark room. It helps you eliminate sharp contrast between the brighter TV screen and the dark room environment.

You may be wondering if it’s safe to place them behind your TV, but fear not  According to Lighting The House, putting LED strip lights behind the TV is quite safe, with no significant heating issues and a simple installation process. And it causes no damage to your TV set. So, feel free to place LED strip lights behind your television for engaging entertainment.

Settled on the Floor

Setting LED strip lights on the bedroom floor is an innovative idea to deal with dark on the bottom bed and floor corners. You can put a circle of LED strip lights around the floor-corner sides and bedsides to wipe the darkness away while turning the leading light off.

Illuminating the bedroom floor with LED strip lights is a user-convenient and budget-friendly idea to create a warm and romantic atmosphere the whole night. Moreover, it protects you from hallucinations and illusions at night.

Highlighting Architectural Features

LED strip lights make interior architectural properties (fireplace, bookshelf, mirror, wall art, and more) visible and bright at night. Moreover, it promotes the pretty appearance of the architectural features in the bedroom.

Most integrated LED strip lights can withstand fire heat 85 degrees Celsius or more. So, you can use the lights around your bedroom fireplace with no damaging issues.

Brighten up Dark Sides

You can get a great solution to brighten the dark sides of floating shelves, dressers, and others in your bedroom with LED strip lights. It is an excellent idea to keep your dresser ready to use anytime at night.

The floating shelves with books or other objects produce a dark shadow in the bedroom. You can decorate them with LED strip lights to say shadow goodbye at night.

Use Led Strip Light As a Nightlight

Installing LED strip lights in the bedroom is the right decision when your baby is scared of different objects’ dark shadows at night. It makes your baby smile the whole night to have a sound sleep without fear.

You should use the LED strip lights with a smartphone or voice assistant control to enjoy convenient use from your bed. It lets you stabilize different color effects for multicolor strips and easily turn them on or off.

Lighting Artwork

The LED strip lights promote the aesthetic value of an artwork (e.g., picture frame, wall paint, mural, and more) in bedrooms. If you love locating artwork in your bedroom, the LED strip lights are ideal for highlighting them.

With versatile LED strip lights, you can also make the baby bedroom’s artwork more engaging and pleasing. Even at night, it makes the bedroom’s artwork more decorative and highlighted.

Creating Warm & Inviting Ambiance

LED strip lights on the base of bedside tables and nightstands are a lovely way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in bedrooms. You can turn your bedroom into an ultimate relaxing zone with decent LED strip lighting.

Moreover, the bedroom shelves with books, collectibles, and other artworks look more vibrant and engaging with LED strip lights. Thus, you enjoy an inviting living and sleeping environment in your bedroom.

Lighting Windows or Doorways

My last but not least idea is lighting windows and doorways of a bedroom to make them more presentable. It works great when suddenly searching for doors and windows in a dark bedroom. Moreover, it is an excellent strip lighting idea to enhance bedroom beauty. You can turn your simple windows and doorways into special something with LED strip lights.

The Bottom Line

An ideal lighting idea can make your effort effective to decorate a bedroom with LED strip lights within budget. Moreover, only simple and selective strip lighting can add aesthetic value to a bedroom. However, it is a technical choice, where you must move with the best idea.

I hope you have already hacked your desired LED strip light ideas for the bedroom to color your moment. Now, it’s your turn to have a breath of soothing feeling in your bedroom with the best idea.

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