Tudor style is a domestic type of architecture from Britain and is the first style between the change of Renaissance and Perpendicular Ghotic styles that occurred from 1485 to 1558.

It was at the same period of the Tudor monarchs’ reign that began in 1485 and Henry VII’s accession to the throne. It finished in 1603 when Elizabeth I died.

Her reign was very significant in the English building types and belongs to separate period at that category as well.

Tudor architecture lives in the spirit England’s medieval houses and exists it even today. Its pitched roof lines and decorative half-timbering are the symbol that make it very recognizable and unique.

Tudor style shows wood on the inside that can be seen in most parts. In case you really love romantic architecture, it is the right style for you as the houses seem exactly like those from the movies.

Tudor style homes – basic elements

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England2 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: ADA Architecture

Exterior Features of Tudor Style Homes

  • Simple materials such as brick, stone, wood and stucco.
  • Decorative half-timbering with cement, stucco, stone or brick
  • Arched and decorated entryways usually of brick and stone
  • Stone headers on the archways, doors, and windows
  • Pitched roofs with cross-gables and gables
  • Thatched roofs
  • Tall chimneys, ornamental and possibly massive
  • Large windows
  • Windows with brackets
  • Window canopies with brackets
  • Windows in a diamond shape
  • Tall windows in groups
  • Heavy doors made of wood with craft art

Tudor style home is usually asymmetric, free composition or regular rectangle are the most common shapes. The bay is the most common element of the façade, made in a round tower or high square form.

When it comes to the house entrance, it is usually built in the shape of an arch with large stones in lines. There is also an interesting tradition about this style that people follow. Namely, the family coat of arms is always placed above the door.

Interior Features

  • Central great room
  • Fireplace made of stone with an inglenook by it
  • Exposed beams
  • Woodwork of darker colors
  • Decorative moldings
  • Wallpaper with patterns
  • Decorative metalwork
  • Tile and heavy stone in the entryways
  • Hard flooring made of stone and wood
  • Rugs
  • Thick curtains, floor length
  • Heavy fabrics
  • Furnishings that make a warm atmosphere

Ways to Bring Tudor Architectural Details to your Home

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England3 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: KBI Interior Design Studios

If you are a fan of romantic movies and fairytales, bringing this style into your home will make you love to spend time there.

Tudor style home is the symbol of England in 16th century and we all know how classy it looked and still does.

In case you would like to bring Tudor style into your home, here are some of the things you should consider:

French Influences

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England4 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: Douglas VanderHorn Architects

Since France is known for love and Tudor style homes remind of it a lot, there is a clear link between these two.

By adding some French details, you immediately bring this style into your home as well.

Decorative half-timbered exterior

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England5 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

The half-timbered facades are surely the most recognizable detail of Tudor style. It creates a false idea of the real material that the structure was made of.

The idea comes from the Medieval European homes originally and made the Tudor architecture the way it is today. You can also imitate it by using exposed structure or timber on the façade.

Color blocking

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England6 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: AGC Masonry, Inc

Certain designs will make your house appear color blocked. With the contrast and curbside appeal, it will look amazing.

Steep gable roofs

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England7 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: Brehm Architects

The steep gable roof is the one thing every Tudor residence shares. They enhance the look and embellish cottages and gingerbread homes so much that everyone loves them.

The architectural design with different materials facades is a great choice because you will have a great curb appeal that will meet your expectations.

Front Door

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England8 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: Sicora Design/Build

The design of your door plays an important factor if you want it to be Tudor inspired.

The stones or bricks around it are an essential and will make people feel as if they were entering into some other, romantic time!

Modern combination

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England9 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: REFINED LLC

Modern Tudor house can be seen in combination with stucco, flagstone or cladding resembling brick.

It is a mixture that won’t let your house look very old but will still keep the sophisticated spirit that Turbo style brings.

English Charm

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England10 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: Brent Gibson Classic Home Design

If you are imagining a huge house once we mention past centuries and Tudor style and you think that your house might be too small for it, you are completely wrong.

Instead, the English charm is especially seen in smaller houses. Instead of the vacancy that large space can bring sometimes, small space brings comfort and coziness from the inside and even outside.

Outdoor landscaping

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England11 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: Biron Homes & Design, Inc

The façade is not the only part that should aspire Tudor design from the outside of your home. The pool, fencing and most of the things that are around it should have details with stones or brings.

Whether you decide to customize it and put a little more effort or simply made walkways out of these materials, it will be a great improvement.

The kitchen

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England15 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: w.b. builders

If you decided to go all the way with this architecture, Tudor interior can make your house the most comfortable place on Earth!

Your kitchen, in particular, could have craftsmanship cabinetry that will make it look glorious. You can consider iron and wood for this, just like people in the early 19th century did.

They also added the Gothic flattened arch into it that became the signature of Tudor style as well.

Interior Tudor-style cues for your contemporary day home:

  • In case you are willing to renovate an older Tudor house or you simply want to add it into your new home, these are some things you should know:
  • A lot of windows provide the organic light. The most frequent are the rectangular windows with small mullions and lites.
  • The lead glass windows keep the geometric shapes (diamond) that is specific for the Tudor era.

Countryside Appeal

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England12 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: Sitework, Inc.

If you always had a dream of a small house somewhere away from the town that you could hide in once you get tired of the crowd and just everyone, Tudor style is the best for it.

Just imagine setting it somewhere on the countryside and have all these beautiful features that will make you feel as if you traveled through the time and got to the nicest, most comfortable place.

The homely warmth comes with Tudor

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England13 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: ACR Construction

Since this style comes from the time when craftsmanship was very popular and every piece was made of high-quality, adding anything that reminds of it will bring that nice feeling in your home.

Modern homes have their benefits but many times it seems like the warmth is missing. That is not the case with Tudor style.

In fact, there is no better way to feel it than in the coziness of your own home with surroundings that remind of some old times, sitting by the fireplace and relaxing.

Castle Features

Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England1 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: Larry Stewart Custom Homes

If you have a lot of land and you are thinking of the way to use it, building a Tudor home that reminds of a castle is surely a great idea!

You can make it look luxurious and comfortable to the point everyone will stop and stare at it while passing by.


Tudor-Style-Home-The-Symbol-Of-England14 Tudor Style Home - The Symbol Of EnglandImage source: Soorikian Architecture

Tudor style is the best for those that love and appreciate coziness and warmth that only our home can bring us. Stones, bricks, and wood are what this architecture has been known for and its popularity never goes does down.

Whether you are thinking of adding its features to your modern home and mix it with other styles or build a complete Tudor house, there is no way you could be wrong.

Depending on the size, there are so many things that you can experiment with. From a small, cozy home to an enormous Tudor castle, your place will be the object of admiration.

It might be rare because it’s not meant for ordinary people but for those with good, classic taste that can see the real beauty and quality of it.

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