When it comes to taste wines, it’s not just a matter of selecting the best mix with the most years. Even the cup where we drink it must be meticulously selected to enjoy each drink. You need some of these unique wine glasses to be able to taste like it the professionals.

Every wine connoisseur knows that taste is not the only important thing. You have to be able to see it and sniff it to know its quality. That is why when a bottle of wine is opened and served in the glass, people let it “breathe”, as it helps to release its true flavor, especially in little old wines.

To see all these qualities, it is necessary to have in our hands a glass transparent enough and free of details. Additionally, not all cup sizes are ideal for wine tasting, as some bowls make it easier to swirl it before tasting it, or allow the aroma to concentrate better.

Usually, a glass of wine is filled only two – thirds to take full advantage. Also, pouring it has its technique: when it comes to sparkling wines, we should slightly tilt the glass to preserve the bubbles. A final advice on etiquette is to serve the wine first to the ladies and the elderly, then to the men and finally to you.

But that is enough chitchat about the wine itself, it is time to move on to what it calls us today, and it is to choose our unique wine glasses to delight our guests.

Each wine has its glass

It may seem capricious, but you should know that each wine has a glass that benefits it when tasting it. Of course, this is not an impediment to enjoy the drink in any glass that we have available, but considering that we are facing a handmade product of such quality, it would be best to take it where it should be. Next, we indicate to you which are the best glasses for each wine.

Let the Red Wine breathe

Red wine requires a large bowl, enough for the aroma to spread easily. This is one of the types of wines that need to catch more air to be fully enjoyed, so large fun wine glasses can help you drink it.

Although usually, red wine is previously poured into a jar that is much more spacious than a glass, which does not need to be aired when serving it (this technique is used equally with similar wines).

White wine requires the correct temperature

A longer glass is ideal when it comes to white wine. This is a wine that must be kept at a cool temperature to taste it properly, and due to the more closed bowl of the U-shape, the temperature is preserved for longer times.

Another important detail of the glasses of white wine is that the stem (the part where the glass is held) is very elongated compared to others, and this is also done to keep the room temperature as good as possible since the heat of the hand can break into the taste.

A dessert wine to end dinner

They get their name obviously for being sweeter than the average wine, which makes them perfect for complementing desserts.

These are usually served in small quantities, something like half of the other wines (2 or 3 ounces) due to their high alcohol content. Cases like Porto wine or Ice wine are very popular for having such high levels of alcohol, so the ideal glass is quite small in size.

Getting the most out of sparkling wine

These wines of acidic nature are best enjoyed when the bubbles are concentrated at the top. For these to go where they should go, the glasses for sparkling wines have to be wider at the bottom, but narrower at the top, so that each bubble formed by nucleation remains in the same place.

Unique wine glasses to use at home

Now that we know that depending on the wine we have it is important to select the ideal glass, we can see some great, unique, fun and unusual designs of glasses that can greatly improve the taste of the alcoholic beverage.

Hand- Painted Wine Glasses – Ideal curves for red wine

t5-5-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

The hand-painted curves in this colorful mosaic give an elegant and unique touch to this set of cups. When we storage them, with the lighting in the right direction and quantity, we can create amazing visual effects.

Amazon also offers a version without the stem, as if it were a common glass, but with the same design painted by hand.

Lenox Glasses for Classic Christmas Elegance – Ready for this Christmas

t7-13 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

December is just around the corner, and these unique wine glasses with mistletoes painted on the crystals will help us adopt the festive spirit of Christmas. The upper edge has golden paint that gives it an elegant finish, and the overall shape is perfect for sweet and red wines.

Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glass – Classic Design

t5-6-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

If we are fans of red and white wines, then we cannot miss this traditional and crystalline set. These glasses have a wonderful price without compromising their quality.

Lorenzo Rcr Crystal Fusion Collection Wine Glass – With Italian style

t5-7-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

Glasses of a small bowl and thick glass made directly from Florence. These unique wine glasses are ideal to taste the wine since they prevent spilling or pouring a lot of liquid. Perfect to finish dinner.

Lolita From Enesco Unique Wine Glass – An extravagant design

t5-8-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

This pretty wine glass is a work of art. The finely outstanding details on the glass create a touch similar to that of fairy tales. As if the engraving was not enough, the decorations in small colored pearls finalize the already exquisite design.

Stemless Luigi Bormioli Aero Stemless Wine Glass – Let the wine flow

t5-9-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

A glass or an elegant traditional style cup, without extravagant details beyond a light line where the glass is seen to be rotated. What makes this cup special is the purity of the glass used for its manufacture since it makes it shine on any occasion.

Riedel Veritas Cabernet / Merlot Glass – Do not miss the taste

t5-10-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

Some crystals can compromise the taste of wine. That is why these cups have been tested until they reach the most immaculate finish possible. They come in pairs and are perfect for red wines because of their space in the bowl.

Wedgwood Duchesse Platinum Wine, Clear – Matching the architecture

t5-11-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

A combination of efforts between the Wedgwood factory and the famous wedding designer Vera Wang resulted in these unique wine glasses that seek to capture the essence of the traditional duchess pattern. The stem gives rise to a star that grows into a tall glass bowl, which is topped by a silver ring.

Elixir Glassware Large Red Wine or White Wine Glass – Unusual wine glasses

t5-12-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

This design is unusual when it comes to wine glasses. Although it has its base and the stem that reaches the bowl, the latter is a perfect cylinder. As we can see, both the lower and upper parts have the same diameter. However, this design, no matter how eccentric it is, is perfect for directing the wine directly to the tongue.

Stemless Duralex Picardie Clear Tumbler – Perfect for our hands

t5-13-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

The small wavy glasses of this manufacturer give us an additional grip so that they do not accidentally slide between our fingers. Since they do not have the stem, they also do not run the risk of breaking in half. The glass, in general, has a considerable thickness, so we have resistant glasses, perfect for daily use or glou-glou wine.

Stemless Peugeot 250201 Esprit Casual Tasting Glasses – Wide alternatives to the cups

t5-14-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

This is mostly a glass with a cup appearance because of its wide design at the bottom but narrow at the top. Exhale a classic but refined air, in addition to allowing moderate amounts of wine for its size.

Fifth Avenue Crystal Medallion White Wine Goblets – Patterns for every taste

t5-15-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

This set has different patterns of frosted glass so that each sip is unique, at least visually. A detail that is especially appreciated at parties, since we can easily differentiate whom each cup belongs to.

Best Champagne Flutes: Riedel Wine Series Champagne Glass – Ideal for the toast

t5-16-1 Unique wine glasses you can use in your dining room for your guests

We finalize this list of unique wine glasses with these delicacies specially designed for white wine and champagne. Each has an elongated design that supports capacities up to 8.5 ounces. They also work perfectly for sparkling wines, although we have to be more careful while serving it.

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