Interior design wardrobe ideas are not easy to find. We know this issue, so we made this bedroom closet design collection containing the best wardrobe designs.

The closet of the master bedroom of almost anyone’s home is going to be much larger than the closets in almost any other room.

This is only going to create more design opportunities for creative people everywhere.

There are plenty of great master bedroom closet design ideas for ambitious people to try.

In the process of going through these custom closet design ideas, people can start making better use of their closet space. Closets that are appropriately organized can also make the entire room look that much tidier.

Wardrobe ideas that you should try

Creating a wardrobe interior design properly often involves making the proper use of shelf space and empty storage space. Some people may more or less fill their closets with networks of shelves, keeping their clothes folded throughout.

Other people may have some space for clothes hangers, with stacks of shelves next to those spaces. Some people make sure that they have a lot of floor space in their master bedroom closets, so they can keep boxes there.

Some master bedroom wardrobe closets can be closed, but others are actually designed to stay open all the time.

The open look can actually improve a room by making it look even larger. The fact that a closet stays open all the time can actually emphasize its good design and the fact that it looks so tidy.

There’s an overlap between the small closet design ideas and the large closet design ideas, when talking about wardrobe designs. However, larger closets give people much more room for creativity. People should truly take advantage of their size.

You want a space where you can find everything you need starting from belts, shirts, pants, suits, and shoes, but you don’t have any ideas how could you organize your clothes? In these amazing photos, you can get inspiration from many interior design ideas of closet organization.

Every piece of furniture has its place in the house but the bedroom wardrobe is different from others because it allows you to find everything you want as soon as possible. The socks drawer will thank you, happy to have escaped the neighbors pants.

Are you tired of the eternal ‘Where is that dress’ chaos? For what we know most people are, and the reason is exactly their failure to organize space properly; and to pay enough attention to their closets. The most important ones, as expected, are the closets in our bedrooms, as they are usually larger than the others; and they serve to hide what we don’t want our guests to see.

But how about looking at our closets as something more than a sheltering space consumer? How about employing some awesome design solution; and making the storing of our clothes a pleasant experience? Let’s take a look at few interesting ideas!

Closet rooms

A closet room is the dream of every woman who doesn’t own one yet. The reason is that women like to be surrounded by their fancy clothes and accessories, to walk inside the kingdom of style and to try all possible combinations.

But closet rooms are not just a female caprice – they are a perfect, spacious solution for storage and organizing. You can make it larger, or occupy just a few squares of your bedroom to make your own wardrobe kingdom. Once you’ve decided on the space, it’s time to think about design!

Closet rooms can be proper rooms or half-hidden corners, and these closet room ideas can be proof of this. Recent trends are to leave them open and to make the bedroom look tidier and more spacious.

The shape of your closet room

There are three main possibilities:

  • A ‘U’- shape closet
  • An ‘L’- shape closet
  • A straight closet

The ‘L’ shape closets are positioned between two of the rooms’ walls. The ‘U’ ones, on the other hand, occupy more space (three walls), but they look more interesting.

Practice shows that straight closets are the most functional choice since their sides enable maximal storage; and there is always some extra space for a vintage mirror and an ottoman for the visitors.

Defining a style for your wardrobe designs

We would recommend not to astray from the style you’ve already employed in the bedroom. Continue, and add the same color palette, furnishing, and accessories.

It will create a sense of harmony, and it will make the closet look like a complementary part of your bedroom. Whatever you decide, keep it simple and sophisticated. Too much clutter can be devastating for a cute closet room.

Employing the appropriate closet system

Make sure you buy a nice, adequate closet. For instance, you can buy basic 8 x 10 master closets; and update them in accordance with your needs. They take almost no time to install; and they can be enriched with many tasteful details (drawers, shelves, shoe corners, and modular dividers).

Don’t forget the charging station, since you’ll almost certainly spend a lot of time there, styling your hair; or exploring your mobile devices.

Dressing items

Assuming you have enough space in your closet room; you could benefit from a removable dressing item in the middle. The item can play the role of a dressing island, where you pile different items before making the ‘life-time decision’ of what to wear.

Few trays, additional shelves, or boxes can store your shoes and your accessories; and could be decorated in the same manner as the ‘island’ is.

The importance of light in wardrobe design

Transforming your closet area is not possible without proper lighting.

Have in mind that closets are usually positioned opposite the windows of your bedroom. Therefore, you need strong lights on the ceiling, or some extra LED illumination coming from the walls.

Don’t be misled by the sun shedding light towards your open closets, since the sun can damage your clothing collection. In addition, proper lighting can help you find your items easily; and to match and recognize colors easier than ever before.

Reach-in closets

You don’t have enough space for a closet room? Don’t worry, not everything is lost!

You can always opt for a smaller reach-in corner, and some of the amazing minimalistic solutions. Even if your space is small and your clothing collection large, multiple drawers, poles, and shelves can store every piece of clothing.

Visible and invisible at the same time

One of the main reasons why people use closet rooms is that they want their items to be visible and easily accessible.

However, is it such a good idea to keep closets open, and to let even the tiniest smell or mess destroy the perfection of your arrangement?

Why not divide the space with double-folded montage doors or a nicely patterned curtain? Frosted glass is also an effective privacy solution, which appears magical with proper lighting.

Play with colors in bedroom wardrobe designs

It is very likely you’ll overlook the interior of your closet room, as it is not exactly the place where you spend a lot of time, or you receive your guests.

Still, why not ‘attaching’ it to the rest of your room; and use smooth color schemes to make your wardrobe experience pleasant?

Use tones similar to the ones of your bedroom, or contrasting shades for the containing elements. Don’t be afraid to introduce brave solutions.

For instance, you can use eggshell wall finish against matte colors; or red elements incorporated in a black-and-white environment. At the end of the day, you’re free to choose whatever scheme that looks attractive and practical.

Wire shelving in wardrobe design

Both in the closet rooms; or reach-in closets, hanging clothes can ensure maximal free space and ultimate efficiency.

Combined with a shelf or two, a strong hatch pattern will look beautiful, and it will support more than 70lbs/ft.

They are affordable and they don’t take too much time to install; and they are a life-long investment which will liberate you from serious maintenance efforts. Yes, you heard right-you’ll need nothing but a duster (from time to time).

The truth, however, is that not everybody likes wire shelving. Some people refuse to add metal details to their bedrooms, and they believe wires would decrease the elegance of their space.

However, this is a luxurious solution for those who have enough space to experiment. If you’re not one of them, we recommend you to be practical and to opt for this solution.

Lighting in reach-in closets

The smaller the space-the ‘louder’ the light! In most of the cases, reach-in closets are not open for sunlight, and they need light and clearance to expose all those gorgeous clothes you have!

Think for battery-LED lights, or vintage lamps; and avoid hardwiring for such a small place. Summing up, try to save energy and employ a sensor system which will be activated with movement. ‘I will get dressed in no time’, did no woman ever.

I know I mentioned before, but I would like to remember you about the advantages of having mirror in a room, or how easy is to make a small room looks bigger by using mirrors.

A walk in wardrobe requires a large space, but it can be useful for more than one single person.

A corner wardrobe closet or sliding wardrobe are more useful in a small room, when you don’t have the required space of a walk in wardrobe

If you don’t want to fill the whole space of your bedroom with furniture, you can choose for a built in wardrobe

Hidden closets in wardrobe designs

Yes, we understand that closet rooms are awesome, and they are extremely functional for the storing of your rich clothing collection. Still, could all of us afford it? What if our space is so small that even a normal master wardrobe is too much?

Small-space interior designers thought of an excellent solution, and they utilized space by ‘hiding’ closets behind doors and panels, or investing in height, rather than width.

As tiny as they are, hidden closets are still practical: they contain a large number of separate sections and drawers, where you could put your ties, socks, bags, or other accessories. Besides, there is a large hanging panel where you could put all of your clothes.

Choosing the perfect hidden closet will be an interesting experience: you’ll have to find your favorite piece between casters, corner wardrobes, zipper-wardrobes made of fabric, or wardrobes with sliding doors. Some of them, as you can already guess, are very budget and maintenance-friendly.

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