What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? I bet you asked yourself that question when hearing about “free chlorine”.

While it sounds strange at first, the answer to your question is quite simple.

Free chlorine has long been used to purify water and its chemical composition. Although it is used as a purifier, it can harm them when it is in direct contact with people for a long time it can harm them. Free chlorine has three main functions:

  • Oxidizes
  • Sanitizes
  • Deters Algae

Chlorine is recognizable by its strong odor. Whenever you go to a pool, you can know if there is free chlorine because it will immediately smell strong.

In some swimmers, it can cause allergic reactions and rupture of capillaries in the eyes. It is not expensive and is relatively easy to buy.

As such, it must be tested daily and maintained. Even if the pool is used more than usual, then several times a day. It kills microorganisms that are harmful to water but can also harm humans.

What is free chlorine in a swimming pool?

free-chlorine-1 What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

Free chlorine alludes to the measure of chlorine that presently can’t seem to join with chlorinated water to clean toxins successfully. It implies that this free chlorine is allowed to dispose of destructive microorganisms in the water of your pool.

This particular kind of free chlorine is exceptionally significant for checking purposes since it’s fundamental on the off chance that you need to disinfect your pool.

On the off chance that you need more free chlorine in the water, you will not have the option to dispose of the microscopic organisms and different impurities that have developed.

The simplest method to check your chlorine levels is with test strips. In any case, ideal free chlorine levels are reliant upon corrosive cyanuric levels.

Bonded Chlorine

bonded-chlorine What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

This type of chlorine has already done all the cleaning work. Such chlorine has already picked up everything that could be cleaned, and it eventually starts to evaporate from the swimming pool.

It is also essential to know that it may have an unpleasant odor if the pH of the water is less than 7.0. This can, of course, be regulated by raising the ph level of the water in the pool.

Total Chlorine

total-chlorine What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

Total chlorine represents the total sum of free chlorine and bonded chlorine. This cannot be calculated precisely. The reason this is so is that we can never know exactly how free and bonded chlorine is.

What to use if you don’t have free chlorine? 


bromine What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

Bromine is utilized as an option in contrast to chlorine. In any case, it has comparative properties to that of chlorine and is a halogenic compound.

Likewise, bromine is more costly than chlorine. Along these lines, while it satisfies the angles chlorine does, it’s anything but an exceptionally favored alternative. It is exceptionally hard to settle and doesn’t function admirably in open-air pools.


Ozonation What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

It decreases the measure of chlorine utilized in the pool. Additionally, it debases natural foreign substances.

It’s anything but an autonomous elective that should be utilized related to chlorine or another sanitizer. This is on the grounds that ozone doesn’t have adequate remaining capacities as the gas is brief. Likewise, it is costly as the underlying venture.


phmb-1 What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

PHMB sanitizes by entering microorganisms cell dividers, making them burst from the inside. It at that point, envelops those particles by a weighty gel, which sinks to the lower part of the pool, where the vacuum framework sucks it up.

PHMB is kinder on swimmers’ skin and hair, simple on vinyl pool liners, and doesn’t need as much consideration as different synthetic substances to keep in balance.

In any case, in light of the fact that PHMB is incongruent with chlorine, we’ll need to deplete the pool initially. Indeed, even hints of chlorine in suit filaments will respond with PHMB. The consequence of the response: a yellowish fume that will emanate from the swimsuit.


Ionizers-1 What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

Ionizers depend on two unique metals, regularly copper and silver sent rushed into the water as the sanitizer. The oxidizer is missing, so we’ll require a limited quantity of chlorine or bromine in the water to deal with this cleaning angle.

An ionizer is a gadget that utilizes a low-voltage DC flow to send these two metals into the water. The positive charge pulls in microbes, germs, and green growth, and the new, more significant mixtures they structure are done in the filtration framework.

It can significantly diminish the measure of chlorine required. Chlorine and an ionizer cooperate better compared to chlorine alone.

U/V Light 

UV-Light What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

UV light functions as a sanitizer and obliterates most germs in the pool, while chlorine keeps up the leftover impact. Introducing a UV light framework in the pool can diminish the amount of chlorine we would need to utilize, and it is successful at lessening chloramines.

To get the correct size of UV light, we would need to compute the stream pace of the pool. In the event that it is appropriately measured, the UV light can obliterate microbes and infections.

Mineral Water Frameworks 

Mineral-Water-Frameworks What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

These cartridge-based frameworks comprise minerals that deactivate green growth and different microorganisms as water courses through its chamber.

They are not difficult to utilize and low on support as we can top off the mineral cartridges. This framework can be just connected to the PVC lines of pool frameworks.

The disadvantage is that chlorine should be utilized, and the substitution cartridges can be costly and must be supplanted regularly on bigger pools.

Unblemished Blue

This innovation utilizes the decidedly charged copper particles to obliterate every one of the pool’s adversely charged microorganisms and different germs. It is powerful; notwithstanding, it is the most expensive choice to keep a pool.


Ultrafiltration What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

The ultrafiltration strategy includes the utilization of a fine strainer to eliminate tiny organisms, human skin pieces, and hair once the essential sifting is finished. Excepting the necessary least measure of chlorine in the pool, the wide range of various suspended particles, natural matter, and microorganisms are selected and tossed by this channel.

This framework includes channel tubes with exceptionally thin layers to which water is flown in a course circle at a low pressing factor.

These films have slight semi-penetrable pores through which fundamental sanitizers and certain salts penetrate the pool once more. In this way, water is filtered without the utilization of synthetic compounds.

This innovation is incredibly costly for most applications. Over the long haul, advances and increment creation will drive down the expense of these frameworks.

Decrease of the water temperature

pool-chiller What is free chlorine in a swimming pool? (Answered)

Diminishing water temperature to colder typical will help moderate bacterial and algal development. The majority of these microorganisms flourish and multiply in warm to hot conditions.

In the event that the environment is warm and wonderful, we can go for a pool chiller. On the off chance that the external climate is cold, we can decide on air circulation or oxygenation through wellsprings.

Warmers and chillers are over the top expensive in contrast with other pool gear alternatives. Chlorine, or other sterilization frameworks, actually should be utilized. Notwithstanding, the sum required is decreased.

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