When it comes to DIY projects, the materials you use can determine your success. This is especially true when you’re working with glass. Glass makes a great surface for painting. You can create some beautiful art with some skill.

The paint will only cost you a few dollars. You can transform anything into a piece of art. Painting glass is quite fun too! In order to be successful, you need to invest in the right materials.

The paint you use can make or break your project. There are many different options available that you can use on glass.

The abundance of options can be overwhelming. Read this guide to find out what kind of paint to use on glass and why.

There are two main categories of paint you can use on glass. Opaque paint refers to paints that you can’t see through. Transparent paint is see-through paint.

Opaque Paint

Opaque-Paint What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

Opaque paint is more reflective than transparent paint, but it’s not necessarily shiny. It has the ability to cover the glass and hide whatever is behind it. Opaque paint is often used on bathroom windows for added privacy. There are two main types of opaque paint.


Pigments What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

Glass pigments come in different shades of brown, black, and gray. Reusche paint is pricey, but it’s so worth it! Just to give you an idea of how beautiful it is, it is used on church windows.

Colored paint

Enamel-Glass-Paint What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

Colored paint is also referred to as enamels. It has a big range of different colors. Of course, different manufacturers have their own unique selections. You can find paint that will be suitable for fusing temperatures. There is also lead-free paint you can use for tableware. Other types of paint are resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Transparent Paint

transparent What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

Naturally, transparent paint allows more light to pass through the glass. The paint becomes even more transparent when it dries. You can practice layering to make it less transparent, as well as optical color mixing and gazing.

There are many color options to choose from. Transparent paint looks best in architecture. You can experience it in all its glory on windows when the light comes through the glass. Layering the paint will deepen the color.

The truth is, paint is never fully opaque or transparent. Most paints will fall somewhere on the spectrum. Use the label on the box as a direction. Semi-transparent paints are right in between transparent and opaque.

Ultimately, the choice is yours! Your decision should depend on the look you’re going for and the tools you have.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Glass

Enamel Glass Paint

enamel What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

This type of paint can be used on glass, as well as other surfaces. You can choose between opaque and transparent paint.

Air dry your enamel-painted glass before curing it in the oven. Not all brands require curing, so if you don’t want to make that extra step, you can find a brand that won’t require it.

Use a small, soft brush to apply the paint. If you want to create a textured effect, use a sponge. If you’re planning on mixing colors, buy colors from the same brand to make sure they’re compatible.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic-Paint What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

Acrylic paint has many benefits. It dries very quickly, it is water-resistant, it has a long lifespan, it is easy to transport and clean up. It is quite inexpensive, versatile, and flexible. Acrylic paint adheres to glass, plastic, and ceramic surfaces well. The paint is transparent.

Acrylic paints usually mimic stained glass. Some brands require curing in the oven for increased durability, but not all. Use a brush or a sponge to apply the paint to the glass. Mix colors only if they’re from the same brand. You can blend the colors as you go, as you would on a canvas.

Glass Paint Markers

Glass-Paint-Markers What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

Use these for the easiest and most precise application. If you’re mixing them with other paints, make sure they can all be cured at the same temperature. The colors are usually transparent and you will get a long-lasting result. However, you won’t cover a large surface area with these.

Solvent-Based Paint

solvent1 What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

These are not as popular for working with glass. However, you might want to opt for solvent-based paint if you prefer working with oils. The colors can either be transparent or opaque. Prepare for a vibrant and glossy result.

You can hand wash the finished item as oils don’t easily come off with water. Apply the paint with a soft brush. Clean it up with solvent, as water and soap won’t do much.

Can you use latex paint?

latex-paint What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

Latex paint is usually not a permanent solution. It works if you need to cover a large area, as other types of paint would probably be too expensive for that.

Unfortunately, latex paint can be washed or scraped off. That can be a good thing though! If you don’t want to cover the glass with a permanent painting, you can remove the paint later and repaint the glass.

Coat the glass several times, as the paint probably won’t adhere right away.

Can you use primer?

primer What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

Priming the glass before painting it can improve the result. Use a bonding primer that is specifically designed for slick surfaces like glass.

Unfortunately, priming doesn’t always work. If you’re painting on the inside and want your image to be visible from the outside, the primer will cover it. In that situation, skip this step.

If you’re working with a mirror, on the other hand, primer will help!

Can you use spray paint?

spray-paint What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Glass? (Answered)

Spray paint is easy to work with, nice-looking, and cheap. It will probably chip over time though. It’s also quite easy to peel off. Nevertheless, it will create a nice image, and if you add a layer of epoxy, it will last longer.

Final thoughts on what kind of paint do you use on glass

Read the instructions on the box before you get to painting. Some paints will require you to perform other actions, such as applying an undercoat or an overcoat. If you don’t comply with these steps, it might compromise the quality of the image. Choose the paint that will work for you and get to it!

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