Candles provide a lovely scent and a charming glow. They make a great addition to a romantic dinner or a Christmas Eve party. They are also practical when there is no other source of light.

If you’re a candle user, then you’ll have some disfigured pillar candles that you can no longer use, but haven’t yet thrown away. Before you do that, read this guide! You’ll find that candles can come in pretty handy at home. You can use candle wax in many ways, so throwing it away would be a waste.

Gather all of your candle remains and let’s get started! Here are some great tips for those who want to practice sustainability, and for candle lovers. In this guide, we will tell you what to do with old candles.

What to do with old candles (some ideas)

Make new candles

new-candles What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

This is an obvious one. It might seem difficult at first, but it isn’t. Pour melted wax into a container. Use a container that will withstand the heat and won’t melt or crack. If you want to make free-standing candles then use wax-lined cups. After the wax cools, you can peel the cup away from the candle. Don’t forget to drop the wick in the wax when it’s still hot.

Fix a stubborn zipper

Fix-a-stubborn-zipper What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

Is your zipper being difficult? Rub the wax onto the teeth of both sides of the zipper. Close and open it a few times to make sure it works. It should be much smoother with the wax.

Stop a door from squeaking

hinges-with-wax1 What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

Candle wax works as well as WD-40, except you don’t even have to reapply candle wax. In addition to that, candle wax is free, provided you have some leftover candles.

Take the door off the hinges and rub the hinges with candle wax. The wax will prevent the components from rubbing against each other, so there will be no annoying sounds coming from the door.

Repair stuck drawers

Repair-stuck-drawers What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

Stop yourself as you’re reaching for a can of WD-40 again! Candle wax will do just as well.

Remove the drawer and rub the candle wax along the runners. Put the drawer back in and open and close it a few times to make sure it’s working. That will also spread the wax.

Make DIY wine corks

Make-DIY-wine-corks What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

If you’re done drinking but you’ve lost your wine cork, you can make one from an old candle! Use a short candlestick for a wine stopper. Heat a one-inch candle end in a glass in the microwave. 3 seconds on high heat is more than enough. The candle will be soft enough to get in the bottle opening. And it will look cute too!

Protect your recipes

Protect-your-recipes What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

Getting little drops of sauce or oil on your recipes is not uncommon when you’re working with food. To avoid that, you can rub a white candle on your recipe card. That will make the surface resistant to staining and water, and allow you to wipe anything off with ease.

Scented wax warmers

Scented-wax-warmers What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

Those have been gaining popularity in the last couple of years. Don’t spend your money on melts. Instead, put your used scented candles to good use. Cut them into squares and place them in your wax warmer. Enjoy the scent even after the candle has lost its wick and can no longer burn.

Stop fraying

shoe-laces What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

Fraying shoelaces are very annoying! Candle wax can help with that too. Dip the end of the shoelace in melted candle wax. The wax will seal it up. It’s not a permanent solution, but it will do for some time. You can use candle wax for any fraying string too.

Shine up your old candle

If you have a candle that still works but doesn’t look nice anymore, you can fix it. Pick up a pair of pantyhose and use them to shine up your candle. It’ll only take a few minutes and the candle will look brand new.

Waterproof paper with wax

Make-a-letter-seal What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

You can waterproof a piece of writing by rubbing a white candle over it. Use it for packages, for example, so the address doesn’t get erased accidentally. Wax repels water, but it is still see-through, so it’s the perfect solution.


wood-wax What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

Fix your wood furniture with candle wax. Rub a candle over a ding, scratch, or dent in the furniture or floor. The wax will fill the dent. Then, go over it with a furniture marker to match the color of the wood. It’ll look brand new!

Old-candle pincushion

pin-cushions What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

Maybe you lost the wick of the candle, or you never really liked the scent anyway. Instead of throwing it in the trash, you can use it as a pincushion. Stick pins in the top or the sides. The wax will help them slide more easily through fabric too.

Seal air leaks

Candle wax can substitute caulk. You can use it to fill in gaps and holes around doors, windows, the house’s foundation, and other areas with air leaks. This is a free solution that will also help you cut down on your energy bills.

Prevent mildew and mold

mildew What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

Tile is a great flooring type. Unfortunately, if you have tiles at home, you’ll know that mildew can form on the grout between the tiles. If you don’t want to bleach the area or do a deep cleaning every week, just use an old candle.

Give the grout a good cleaning first. Then, take an old candle and rub it along the grout. Wax repels water, so this is a great mold and mildew prevention tip. Don’t forget to consider the color of the candle! It will leave a bit of color on the grout.

Make a letter seal

seal What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

If you’re sending a fancy letter, an invitation, or a thank you note, seal it with wax. Melt a dollop onto the envelope and put your stamp on it. You can find wax seal stamps at most craft stores.

Scented candle wax ornament

Scented-candle-wax-ornament What to Do With Old Candles (Tips to Reuse Them)

Have a fun day with your family and make some wax ornaments together. It is easy enough for kids, and still fun for adults.

Ending thoughts on what to do with old candles

Now that you see how useful candles are, you’ll think twice before throwing them away. They can save you money and help out around the house. You’ll have even more fun with candle wax if you like arts and crafts.

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