Today, almost all homes have a garage. New builds include garages in their plans, while homes that don’t have one often consider an extension. For homeowners, garages have become multifunctional spaces—used not only as parking lots for cars but also living areas and offices.

Perhaps you’re also one of those homeowners who have seriously considered it but still need a lot of push. No matter how small, a garage extension is still a big project. It’ll take time, resources, and a lot of time, so you must undertake it without hesitation.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why a garage extension is a good idea.

  1. It Adds Value To Your Property

Building a garage extension means putting up one more room on your property. This means more usable square footage now on the piece of land that was previously left unused. Property value increases when the home’s size also increases, so if you decide to sell your home one day, you can demand more.

If the garage is well-made, with attention to detail and high-quality materials, this will be evident. You can have many garages, but a metal garage building is the most popular these days. Its design is excellent while also ticking important factors like longevity and durability.

  1. It Gives Your Car A Permanent Home

Most homes are built only with a single-car garage. This works well for most homeowners, but many have more than one vehicle. Unfortunately, with a garage that’s too small, one car is often left in the driveway, unsheltered from exposure to all the outdoor elements.

With that, if you have multiple vehicles or plan to buy more cars in the future, it’s a good move to have an average size three car garage. You may not use all the garage space at the moment, but at least there’s more space in your garage for other functions. You can have a small storage area and a workshop in one corner.

As you extend your garage, you’re giving all your vehicles a permanent home. Whatever the weather, you have added confidence that your car is safe and well-protected.

  1. It Adds More Space To Your Home

Homeowners often find that they need more space, whether because their homes are too small and thus overcrowded or because they simply have a lot of stuff.

If you belong to the latter, start with decluttering before making a garage extension the solution. Without a change in habits, that garage will only last a few months before it becomes a dumping ground for all sorts of things.

Once you know it’s needed, you can start meeting your builder for the prospect of building an extension. Having one enables you to have more space in your home. This added space can be used for whatever purpose it serves you best.

The best part is that garages are versatile. Their purpose can change over time, depending on what you need the most. For instance, as you work from home, you need a home office and homeschooling room for the kids’ learning needs. When the children grow, and a homeschooling room is no longer needed, you can convert it to whatever other function the space can do for you.

  1. It Helps Preserve Curb Appeal

Visual distractions at the curb can be anything from unsightly waste bins to even your car. The latter is meant to be hidden, safely parked in a garage, and not left in the driveway. When it’s out on your lawn, what would’ve otherwise been a well-designed curb looks less appealing with a vehicle awkwardly sticking out.

Moreover, grass on your front lawn will dry up faster when it takes quite a beating from the vehicle’s tires. The same holds for other hardscapes like pathway bricks and stones, as those aren’t meant to be a vehicle’s parking space.

The Bottomline

AdobeStock_313672860 Why You Should Consider A Garage Extension

There are many home renovation projects you can consider doing, one of which is a garage extension. The reasons above are only a few to prove this point.

Ultimately, a garage extension can be a smart investment for homeowners who need more space or want to increase the value of their property. It offers a range of benefits, from providing additional storage to creating a new living area or workspace. By extending your garage, you can also enhance the overall appearance of your home and improve its functionality. While the process may require some planning and investment, the long-term rewards are worth it. So, if you’re looking to make the most of your property and increase its value, a garage extension is definitely worth considering.

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