Sooner or later, it happens to every homeowner. Someone forgets they are running a bath. A clogged toilet overflows. Pipes freeze and burst. A quick response can minimize the damage and protect your property when your bathroom floods. Here is what you should do right away.

What to Do ASAP When Your Bathroom Floods

A flooded bathroom can lead to water damage to the floor, furnishings, and the ceiling below. Work quickly to remove water and reduce humidity. That can protect your drywall and other surfaces from mold, which can grow on the drywall in as little as 24 hours. Here are the steps to take when your bathroom floods.

Turn Off The Source Of Water

Identify where the water is coming from, turn off the faucet or appliance, and shut off its water supply. That could mean locating the nearest shutoff valve and turning it off.

Turn Off Electricity

There is a risk of electrocution in a flooded area of your home. If there’s a chance that water reaches electrical outlets, turn off the circuit breaker to cut power to the affected area.

Mop Or Blot Up Water

Mop or blot excess water and wipe down cabinets inside and out. If you have a wet vac, use it, if appropriate. Open windows and turn on the air conditioner to ventilate the space and help it dry out. But don’t use the A/C if there is mold present. You don’t want to spread mold spores to other parts of the house.

Move Wet Items

Launder any towels, shower curtains or rugs that got wet or put them where they can dry out. Move other furnishings, such as pictures, to a dry, less humid area.

Call the Insurance Company

Homeowners’ insurance sometimes covers water damage, depending on the cause. Insurance covers damage that occurs suddenly or accidentally inside the home, such as from a burst pipe. But it won’t cover water damage caused by poor maintenance, such as a longstanding leak. It also doesn’t cover water damage outside the home, such as a flood.

Call Water Restoration Experts

Let water restoration professionals handle repairs after a flood that damages flooring, drywall, or leaks to the ceiling below. The right company can handle your insurance claim, clean and sanitize the affected area, and handle the reconstruction. For example, SERVPRO, one of the nation’s leading water damage restoration services, has specialized processes to dry, dehumidify and disinfect your space.

Disinfect Surfaces

If you’re cleaning yourself, the last step is to disinfect all hard surfaces, such as tile and grout. Wash porous materials, like wood cabinets or baseboards.

How to Prevent Bathroom Floods

You can take practical steps to reduce the chance of a bathroom flood.

Insulate Pipes

During winter, pipes near exterior walls can freeze and burst. Put foam insulation around the pipes and keep the indoor temperature warm enough to prevent freezing.

Check Your Drainage

Heavy rains can cause water to leak into your home from clogged gutters or around the foundation. Ensure your gutters are clear, and position downspouts to drain water away from your house.

Look for Leaks

Check seals and valves that connect pipes for signs of leaking. Tighten connections where needed and replace leaky components as soon as possible.

Monitor Little Ones

Supervise children so they won’t flush toys down the toilet or leave the water running unattended. Make sure no one flushes anything but toilet paper.

Check the Showerhead

Not all leaks are obvious. The only sign of a leaky showerhead could be a drop in water pressure. A buildup of limescale can also reduce water pressure, so clean your showerhead with limescale remover to see if that helps. Also, check the shower/bath diverter to ensure it works properly. If the water pressure doesn’t improve, you probably have a leak.

What to do ASAP if the Bathroom Floods

When your bathroom floods, take quick action to stop the water and dry the space and your belongings. Let your insurance agent know if the damage involves mold remediation or repairing walls, floors or ceilings. Don’t hesitate to call in professional water restoration experts if you need help to clean, sanitize and repair your property.

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