If you are planning on refreshing your home you are probably focused on the most evident elements of the house. But you should not neglect your closet space either and think about getting a closet light.

This is one of the darkest places in the house, and most of the people often have troubles finding their clothes without a proper light. Luckily, there is a solution in a form of a closet lighting.

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This is both practical and aesthetic solution. A good lighting can make every space look different and sophisticated. You will admire your clothes even more and your closet won’t be your nightmare every time you open it to find something to wear, especially when you are in a hurry.

We will now present you some useful closet lighting ideas with wireless closet light fixtures.

Practical and long-lasting LED closet lights are elegant and economical and can transform your closet more than you can imagine. LED closet light fixture has sensor lights that automatically turn off and on depending if your closet is closed or opened.

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Image source: TransFORM Home

Old school bulbs can overheat and become incandescent and can damage your clothes, but you can be sure the LED closet lighting fixtures will keep your clothes safe.

We should think about maintaining your clothes too, considering the lighting can be very close. If you have regular bulbs the minimum distance is 18 inches from the back and side walls of a closet.
UV free lighting is better closet light fixture solution, it won’t fade or damage the materials.

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Image source: Tracie Butler

It doesn’t overheat so it’s suitable for narrow places.
If you still don’t have closet lights and you have a small closet you can install a battery-operated closet light fixtures. There are models that can be turned on and off just by touching the light cover, some utilize a cord or switch.

There are also motion-activated lights.

They are easy to install so you can do it yourself if you decide.

Neither of this lights is expensive and you can install it as many as you need and give your closet appropriate lightning.

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Image source: MITERBOX

If you choose a light that will automatically turn off after a while you will save yourself from buying a lot of batteries to replace.

A battery operated puck light is another practical solution for closet lighting. Turning it on and off is with the most of the models by pressing in the center of the light. For easier installation, you will need self-adhesive tape on the back. It is recommended to have another source of light, this probably won’t be enough.

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Image source: Dave Brewer

Micro-fluorescent fixtures can lighten a bigger area. They are excellent ideas because they are energy-efficient and low-profile.
The fixture turns on immediately because it comes with a silent, built-in electronic ballast, which prevents humming and flickering.

Make your wardrobe one of the favorite areas of your home

You can be the most organized person and always trying to reorganize your stuff, but there are some places in your wardrobe that will make you go crazy and want to throw everything out of the window.
To avoid this scenario we will give you some ideas that can inspire you to make some changes.

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Image source: Kathleen Jacobson

The first thing you might do if you have a portable closet is to move it near a natural light source somewhere in the house, near the window the best.
Mirrors don’t exactly provide lightning into your closet, but they disperse the light and you can use this space and don’t necessarily need to install a direct lightning into the closet.

LED Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semi-wire source of lightening. It’s practical and economical for a couple of reasons:

  • it consumes much less energy
  • it lasts for a long time
  • it is small and subtle

By using the LED closet light you can illuminate much more space in your closet. This is a great solution because you can put in into every shelf, even the ones on the bottom and in the corners of your closet.

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Image source: St James Design

If you want to avoid cords and wires in your closet use the 10-LED sensor lights. This is a modern, fashionable way of a closet lightening.
It’s automatically, but you can also use it manually, it’s up to you.

If you are lucky to have extra space in your home you can afford to have an elegant focal point to your closet. Centered it in the middle of the room above the chaise longue and let the natural light embrace your living space and add a note of glamor.

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Image source: Martin Perri Interiors

If you are surrounded by a bright white try the opened space not to look sterile. You can do that by installing an over-the-top fixture with multiple light sources. A crystal chandelier will be perfect to make the room glamorous and powerful. This is one of the elegant variants of closet lighting fixtures that you will need to maintain carefully.

Just to remind you, if you decide to use the chandeliers as a main source of light in a walk-in closet, you will have to have much space in the house. This way space will look inviting and extravagant.
You can do so much for your closet space with a warm paint. It will make a pleasant atmosphere and combined with some decorative vases and directional lights.

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Image source: Jodi Foster Design + Planning

To create a soft and elegant effect try positioning the accent lightning in front of your closet, instead of illuminating your shelves from behind. This will be like pointing to the most beautiful space in your home.

Natural light is definitely the best source of light in any space. Unfortunately, closets don’t often have windows so this can be impracticable. Skylights can be installed only if your closet is in the attic or at the top level of the house, but this will refine the space in many aspects.

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Image source: LDa Architecture & Interiors

To lighten your clothes and create an artistic effect use large track LED closet lighting on both sides of your walk-in closet. A LED closet light fixtures give your surroundings a clean white glow with no unnecessary heat or radiation.

Discreet, light source gives a bit of mystical appearance when it’s hidden within a wall.
That expensive mirror in your foyer don’t necessarily need to be the place for your fancy clothes, but you can use its reflection and light for the wall of LED bulbs.

For a little more manly touch, a modern, dark colored wood is a perfect choice.

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Image source: Gabriel Builders Inc

The focal point of your closet may also be an island, and this closet lighting idea can be achieved by installing a pendant lamp above the island. To improve visual effect use oversized light fixtures.

If still haven’t installed them, pantry lights are needed so you can reach your stuff without troubles. Like with closet, pantry light comes in different variations.

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Image source: Bella Systems

The best usage of narrow closet spaces (unfortunately, not many of us have the privilege of owning a big, spacious closets) is by using a light fixture or a lighting system that suits this type of layout. Another good option is track lighting.

There are some tricky spaces in some of the closets and they are not that easy to use for a closet lightening. But there is a solution for that too. So-called S- shaped shelves are best to lighten with lights recessed and built directly into each shelf.

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Image source: Annette English

To be honest, there are not many lucky ones with 500 square feet of closet space and we have to utilize our space the best way possible with different DIY methods.

If you are looking for a tradition way of lighting your closet space you can use a ribbon lighting, or you can try wiring your lights to be on automatic switches if you have cabinet doors. That way the lights turn on automatically when you open the doors.

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Image source: California Closets Southdale

As we see, there are so many interesting ideas for your closet’s lightening, more or less easy, cheaper or more expensive.
Depending on your space, preferences, and finances, you can choose some of this lighting fixtures, with or without a professional help.

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Image source: Habitat Studio

The old dictum says: ‘’A suit does not make the man”, but we all want to make an appearance with good outfits, and we feel more confident wearing a quality and well-preserved clothing. To create a magic of dressing you might need some help, and the proper lights can do the miracle and make you look stunning.