Decades ago beige bedrooms were the top color scheme and interior decorators had a ball designing with beige bedroom décor. Times changed and the beige bedroom was replaced by the 80s and 90’s floral and bright colors. However, times changed and styles adapted and the color that was once too stoic and perceived as boring made its comeback.

Beige bedrooms and beige and white bedroom, blue and beige bedroom, black and beige bedroom and more became the trend. Great news for beige and neutral color lovers as beige bedroom ideas are back in full swing. You do not need to make a complete décor overhaul in order to incorporate this neutral color into your current bedroom.

We will share numerous tweaks and small changes to give you beige color bedroom ideas. The advantage that you have here is that beige allows you to follow various styles ranging from romantic to traditional. If simple elegance is what you are seeking, try combining beige with rough wood with a brown and beige bedroom.

It is both soothing and relaxing and a warm and welcoming color and a sophisticated color that looks great on its own and blends fantastically with many other colors too. Read on and see a myriad of beige bedroom ideas that will create a magnificent bedroom.

How to select color schemes and bedroom décor

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Aside from the décor is color certainly the top way to gauge your personality. When it comes to decorating and styling a home, the master bedroom is often the neglected one. But since you spend the most important part of the day, (nighttime predominantly) it is your private sanctuary.

When you need to relax during the day, where do you go? Your color scheme is therefore important as a mood enhancer. Blue has a soothing effect, while green supposedly has a healing quality and two popular colors for bedrooms.

White is often used as you can blend so many colors and décor with its neutrality. Grey is another top color choice, while beige is climbing to the top color spot very fast. You do not have a shortage of choices when it comes to color and décor options.

Choose Your “Beige” Carefully

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When you think about beige, especially getting technical, you know it is basically very light brown and maybe white. Consider that it is one of the only neutral colors that blend perfectly with any other tone including a beige and black bedroom or even blue and beige bedrooms. The possibilities are endless.

The Neutral for Neutrals

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When you are not the type of person that likes shades like a beige and black bedroom and feel it is to bold for personal taste. You probably love neutrals and soft color palettes. This is where beige and its neutrality works perfectly.

You can mix and match different bedroom décor and furniture when you have beige as a backdrop which can be rich and deep or pale and soft. It is a lot more versatile when you compare it to the harshness of black or starkness of white.

How to start the bedroom design process

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When you look at bedroom design trends, it is one place where you do not have to feel pressured to keep up with the latest designs and colors. It is your private sanctuary after all and you want to be safe and comfortable.

Therefore when you are a homeowner designing a bedroom layout, it is best to avoid anyone looking straight onto your bed or where you have a direct view of the rest of your home.

If possible your bed should overlook the garden and as this is your bedroom’s focal point the choice of mattress and furniture should emphasize your style while the importance of a great mattress must be a priority too.

Beige as décor

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Beige bedrooms can hold a great personality and with the addition of hues, you can create depth. From creamy capuchin to darker shades of beige and soft creams you can still add blue, green and pinks or even dark greens or red that adds boldness.

You could go for the opposite and chose soft light blue and beige bedroom, cream color bedroom walls with colorful bedding, soft grey and beige bedroom ideas or even a white and beige bedroom.

Adapting a modern style

Image source: James Wagman Architect, LLC

The neutrality of beige offers you a massive amount of design possibilities especially when you love a modern bedroom. This is due to the many different shades of beige that ranges from soft yellow tint to distinct yellow brightness when you alter beige to suit your style.

The various beige shades create a beautiful visual effect and without altering a beige backdrop, you can play around with plenty of modern overtones.

Beige bedroom décor ideas

Lighting is Key

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If you do not light your beige bedroom with clever lightning it could potentially be a dull and depressing space. This is true especially when you incorporate too much beige bedroom décor and beige walls bedroom ideas.

If you have space and you have a large bedroom window the natural light will play a big role in allowing natural light in. at night you do not want to turn your bedroom into a dull space with dark corners. Use a combination of pendant and recessed lights to brighten the beige bedroom.


Image source: Peter Eskuche, AIA

If you have beige bedroom walls your furniture could be the way to add beautiful color. Be careful though not to create a dull beige design where everything is bland. The design and color like dark wood or colorful furniture could be what you need to create a warm space that is inviting.

Beige combination

Image source: BAR Architects

When you want to create a monochromatic beige bedroom you will find that there are great shade-on-shade beige room color ideas. Beige color scheme bedrooms do not have to be bland and boring but playing with different finishes will create amazing contrast. Different tones of beige and off whites are both contemporary and charming. In addition, will metallic accents and lighting combinations be elegant and stylish.

Pattern to add interest

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Make no mistake, when you opt for a beige bedroom and you do not add any interesting effect or pattern, it could be very boring. What you add to light colored bedroom ideas is what will create a fantastic end-result. Patterns, for example, can be added to your bedding, a patterned rug or bedroom curtains. You can also opt for a patterned accent wall or interesting patterned decor for beige walls.

Accent Hues

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When you opt for beige bedroom walls and also have beige bedroom furniture, nothing is stopping you from adding trendy and colorful accents to pop color. Beige has the potential to be bland when not used correctly and changing your bedroom each season is difficult and pricy.

The neutrality of beige gives you the opportunity to experiment with accent colors that can be anything from bright yellows to green, purple, blue and more.

Organic neutrals

Image source: Elizabeth Krueger Design

Beige does not have to be boring or bland with the abundance of organic neutrals that compliments beige. Textures as we mentioned break the potential blandness, while colors like creams and darker beige, warm browns and soft orange add the sophistication that you need. Beige paint colors for bedroom walls can be different shades too when you have a large bedroom. Brown and cream bedroom ideas, as well as grey and beige bedroom, are great neutrals to add.

Textural Contrast

Image source: David Scott Interiors

One thing that we love about a beige bedroom is the opportunity to play around with textural contrast. Use the calming beige bedroom backdrop and compliment it with gorgeous bedding, cozy rugs, and a section of bricks, stone walls or wood. These elements will create interest while not taking anything away from the appealing beige design.

A Strong Foundation for Any Style

Image source: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Beige is a color that should not be dismissed when you want to be stylish and sophisticated at the same time. It is a color that you can carry through your home and nothing will clash especially when you anchor the bedroom to the rest of the interior.

Beige is suitable for smaller homes and apartments as it is a light and airy color while you can add such an abundance of colors to beige throughout your larger home. The main advantage is that beige is a suitable hue to any color and accent.

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