When winter comes, it is impossible to escape the cold and darkness of the days. In rooms with little natural light, this can be a problem, since even during the morning, we will be in the dark. To combat this, the Scandinavian style is born, which adopts light colors to counteract these climates. Join us through these Scandinavian bedroom ideas so you know how to battle winter in your home.

Scandinavian decoration has a strong emphasis on the color palette, where pastel and light tones are predominant.

To break this monotony, some dark colors can be used as a contrast, but not on the walls or floors, but the furniture. In this way, we will maintain an attractive atmosphere, while letting the light that enters the windows shine.

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Another important feature of the Scandinavian bedroom design is the use of natural materials for the construction of the different elements, such as floors, walls or furniture. Not only are they limited to wood, but they also use other materials such as clay, ceramics, wool, various types of textiles, and in general everything that has a light color finish. The wood is polished so that it easily reflects the light.

A design that was born out of necessity in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, has managed to sneak into the rest of the world as a very nice rustic style. It is to be expected, considering that the current design movements focus on making the most of the sunlight.

Scandinavian bedroom ideas

A limited color palette

Image source: Anderson Nikolich Design Initiative

The first thing we can appreciate in a Nordic room is that the colors are limited. Everything that can be placed in white or some bright tone will be placed. The other colors are used as a contrast but never compete with the main clarity.

Image source: Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri

If our room is already built, we can always make small constant changes to upgrade to a Scandinavian style. Adding a Scandi bed is the first step that will guide us through the rest of the update process. Do not remove all contemporary accessories, as this clash of designs will work well as a contrast.

Wood as the dominant material

Image source: Erin Roberts Design

It is not necessarily the only one used, but it is the most important. All Scandinavian bedroom ideas that we see will start from the concept of using wood. Above all on the shelves where it is easy to use this material. Fill the shelf with different collections of objects, which will work as a household component.

Pale colors should predominate. You can use recycled wood as a decorative material that will achieve a unique northern style, even if it is damaged by the passage of time. A little varnish can bring this material back to life, in addition to the fact that fading is not a problem when it comes to the Scandinavian style.

Use the architecture in your favor

Image source: Brady Construction Inc

The Scandinavian room is simple in decorations, so you can use all the architecture of the house to give it character. A curtain at the bottom of the walls creates an atmosphere of unique tranquility that does not overload the room.

We can also use the architecture to adapt furniture that we will use in the bedroom, such as a low-level bed frame. However, do not add details just to comply, since part of the charm of the set is to keep it simple and effective.

Classic furniture to keep the atmosphere

Image source: Sustainable Nine Design + Build

If we mix mid-century furniture with the simplest Scandinavian style designs, we will maintain the classic but functional scheme. The only problem with these is that they can take up a lot of space, so it is important to leave spaces clear. In this example, we can see how the shapes of the furniture are practical, and the materials finish the environment.

A cozy invitation

Image source: Megan Grehl

Our guest rooms can also enjoy this refined style. Similarly, we must maintain a palette of white colors that only use a couple of pieces in other colors to give warmth to the environment.

Use folk wood accessories, try to keep them as close to the Scandinavian style as possible. That all the decoration keep a relationship in color.

Using geometric shapes and stickers

Image source: Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors

Although it may not seem like it, we can get a good Nordic design with cheerful colors and geometric shapes. Use figures with vertices, no circles. If you don’t want to overload the environment, then center it just on the bed comforter. We can apply some gray colors and crystals to the rest of the set to maintain modern appearances.

Simulate wood with this decorative idea

Image source: Fruktov interiors

We don’t necessarily have to use real wood in our rooms. Scandinavian bedroom ideas can be done perfectly with a wallpaper that simulates this texture. If you are going to use it on the walls, use light tones. For furniture, you can use other colors or textured materials.

In this room, besides, we find a 3-pin rail to store our accessories or keys, becoming a very useful and quite elegant piece, despite being so simple.

Clear wood for the doors

Image source: Annie Hillgren, AB Upmake

Aging is part of the charm in this room. Look how highly the simplicity of the white walls with the most worn color of the doors. Also, by adding certain elements that look like a living room, we can maintain the warmth of the space.

Duvet chevron and contrasting wall

Image source: Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri

Small rooms can be easily decorated with the proper use of paints if, for example, we mix white color with a single black wall. The quilt pattern of this bed is the well-known chevron, that is, multiple zigzag lines that give it a formal appearance.

Add textures with pale bricks

Image source: Argent Advisors

Bricks are another alternative to add textures to the walls without resorting to wood. Without adding frieze, all you have to do is put a layer of white paint on them (or build the wall directly with them).

This space is complemented with wooden floors and textile details, such as pillows or armchairs.

Pink works with everything


The little touches of pink in this room combine with the darker furnishings. Moreover, pink is a way to compensate for the dark tones seen in decorative pieces. We do not have to exaggerate so that pink looks good.

Make the most of space with an alcove

When it is cold, each free space can feel like a snowfall. That is why one way to reduce these open areas is with the use of an alcove. The room gains space for a double bed and becomes cozier.

Some tips on the Scandinavian style

Image source: Stila Danmark

The first thing to remember is that being a style that was born to combat the dark winters, there is no minimum space requirement. It can be perfectly applied to a small room.

The other thing to keep in mind with this decoration style is that the room will end up with a black and white appearance. If you feel you are looking in monochrome, then you are going in the right direction.

There are cases where we can add color, but it will all depend on us using the right furniture with the right materials. Wood cannot be missing, whether new or aged. It is the one that will prevent everything from looking the same without any touch of warmth. The bedrooms should be cozy above all things, so look for that midpoint between Scandi style and comfort.

The furniture is the life of the room

Image source: Neptune

There is certain furniture that works great in a Scandinavian room. A bed without a base is acceptable, maximizing the space we have to add details such as cushions. With the right order, we can even leave the bed unsettled, and it will still look elegant.

You must add plants so that the bedroom naturally adopts the outside. Place them on hanging pots for a rustic style.

If you feel that the room is still very heavy, try installing a pendant lamp. This is a way to create a focal point to soften the look before the two-color palette.

Carpets are prohibited

Image source: Bjurfors Göteborg

We should not cover the wood floor. It is part of the essence of what a Scandinavian room is. The floor will be responsible for much of the room’s contrast, so we cannot eliminate it from the composition. What can be used are a couple of small furs on the sides of the beds to give warmth to the room.

And you are done!

Image source: Bjurfors Göteborg

In this way, we end up with the list of Scandinavian bedroom ideas. Remember that the most important thing is to look for that sense of serenity that light and neutral colors give. After all, when we are at home we want to be able to rest.

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