A patio is perfect if you’re looking for a space to relax outside, read a book, or drink your morning coffee. Patios have so many uses. For example, maybe you want to host a summer party and barbeque outside. There’s no better place than a patio.

But adding a patio to your house is a big decision. It can be costly and can take a lot of time. So before you jump into planning your new patio, let’s look at the benefits of adding this patio to your home and some other things you should consider before committing.

Patio Benefits

You have more space for activities

One of the biggest reasons people add patios to their homes is the added space for activities. Patios are so versatile. You could use it for a small get-together or turn the space into the perfect hangout spot for your book club. Here are some activities you could do with your patio:

  • Host a party
  • Grill or barbeque
  • Create a workspace
  • Relax and read a book
  • Lay back and watch the stars

The possibilities are endless. Once you’ve built your dream patio, you’ll want to live outside. If you live in a place that has a comfortable climate year-round, a patio is an excellent investment. Plus, even if your climate isn’t so ideal year-round, they’re easy to winterize.

So the next time you have your friends over, and you can’t find enough seating, or you’re frustrated with the limited space in your living room, consider a patio. You can easily design your patio to fit your style. Even a patio on the smaller side can be decorated and designed to fit quite a few people.

Your property value increases

Aside from having a fantastic new outdoor space to host parties, there’s another big plus to adding a patio; your property value increases. So even if you don’t plan on selling your house soon, this is something to consider.

Homes with patios and outdoor spaces are more valuable and desirable to the housing market. A patio means a new space for anything you’d like and is a great addition, especially if your home is smaller. Outdoor spaces like this can definitely affect your home’s worth due to the versatility of these spaces. In addition, a well-designed patio is a great way to pique any buyer’s interest.

You have more living space

A patio is the best way to go if your house is smaller and you’d like to add more living space. You can still enjoy your patio even on days when the weather isn’t optimal. This does depend on how your patio is designed. If you have an enclosed patio, rainy days become much more relaxing when you can lay back and enjoy the calm sounds.

Your patio behaves as an extension of your home. Depending on which room you connect it to, in many ways, it extends this room while also creating a space of its own in some ways. So if you add it to a bedroom or living room, these rooms will feel much larger and open.

Depending on what your goals are with your patio will affect how it’s built. For example, if you want to extend a room and add a wide open space, you’d want a patio that’s not enclosed. But if you’re looking for a space to relax year-round regardless of the weather, an enclosed and temperature-controlled patio may be ideal.

Patio features

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits, we can check out the features your future patio could have. Patios take a lot of planning. So much so that some people quit before they break ground. But having an outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy is worth the stress. Here are some of the features your patio could have:

  • Built-in barbecue
  • Customizable sitting area
  • Fire pit
  • Bar
  • Table and chairs for eating

There are many ways you can customize your patio to suit your needs. Now that you know your patio’s possible features, it’s time to call Annapolis patio contractors to design and build your dream patio.

What else should I consider?

Before you install your new patio, there are some other things you’ll want to consider; the downsides. There are a few cons to adding a patio to your home. Let’s look at these here:

  • It’s expensive: For the most part, a patio installation is not cheap. Depending on which material you want it built out of, the costs can seriously skyrocket. Plus, you’ll need to pay for the furniture. If you have a limited budget, a deck may be better than a full patio.
  • Permits possibly required: Depending on the housing laws where you live, you may need to get a permit or have the patio’s construction approved before you can even start building. This hassle is often a big turnoff.
  • Maintenance is required: One thing that isn’t discussed enough with outdoor spaces is the maintenance they need. If your patio isn’t properly cared for. Plus, the maintenance needed for your patio is also heavily dependent on how it’s built.
  • They stain easily: Unfortunately, patios can stain very easily. Wet food can also be challenging to clean from them. This can be difficult for those with pets or children as your patio will need more care to maintain it.


Now that we’ve walked you through the benefits of adding a patio to your home and taken you through some other things you should consider, you’re ready to go. First, be sure to hire reputable contractors to take care of your patio job. If your patio is built incorrectly, it can be damaged easier and require more repairs in the future.

A patio is a great space for any home. And it’s a great way to spend more time outdoors with your family. There are lots of features you could add to your patio. Plus, the more you customize it and add to it, the more it adds to your home’s value.

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