This article gathers some of the best LED shower heads offered online, and describes their great features.

These of you looking to control temperature or simply to obtain a more enjoyable showering experience with LED lights will certainly find the ideal widget. If you didn’t think of that yet, here’s a chance to get inspired!

LED Shower Heads – why do you need them?

LEDshower-head The best led shower head options that you can find online

Shower heads with installed LED lights enhance your experience in the bathroom. In most cases, they work without batteries and look exactly the same as regular rain shower or massage heads.

There are two different categories of LED shower heads: such that include temperature sensors (the color changes as the water temperature does); and heads that switch between colors randomly.

How does a light up shower head work?

Each LED shower head comes with a small in-built turbine system. As the water spins it, it creates enough energy for colors to change. Basically, the lights need no electricity to change – the higher the water pressure is, the brighter they become.

How can you install them?

Installing a color changing shower head is as easy as replacing the current head with any regular piece. There are exceptions, of course, such as the Light in the Box 20 Inch Square head. If you got this one, this is how you can install it:

  1. First, remove the shower head that is already in place (if you can’t do it manually, use a wrench). As you place the wrench, turn the nut towards left until the head loosens up. Note that the head may drop suddenly and damage the bathtub, so be prepared to catch it.
  2. Next, clean the base threads where the head was attached (preferably with steel wool). There might be a lot of debris collected around the threads, so take your time.
  3. Your new shower head should have a Teflon included (a special white tape that will prevent leaking). If you don’t have it, go to the local hardware store and purchase a small amount to wrap the threads.
  4. The Teflon will not be enough to prevent leaking. In order to increase water pressure, you will also need a rubber O-ring in place.
  5. Lastly, take your new hardware and tighten it. You may need the wrench again, and this time you’ll need to turn it towards right. Test the new head several times to ensure there are no leaks.

Which are the best LED shower heads and where can you purchase them? Here are some great ideas:

DreamSpa Model:1482

DreamSpa-Model1482-1 The best led shower head options that you can find online

The Dream Spa Model 1482 is without doubt the best color changing shower head ever! It is the perfect example of how appearance and function are easy to combine!

1482 is made entirely of chrome, thanks to which it has a shiny color and elegant appearance, and makes you feel great even by only looking at it. It costs nothing more than $34.87, and we believe it looks much more expensive than that. The LED lights inside are simply adorable, and they change colors randomly.

Yet, it is not only you who will love this feature-wise and advanced color shower head. It will become the favorite item of your kids and pets! As for you, you get to enjoy pulsating massages, economy rains, power rains, hydro-mist, and save water with the pulse.

If you don’t have experience with installing shower heads, don’t worry! You can have Dream Spa in place without any tools, and use it in a matter of minutes. All this for such a modest price!

DreamSpa-Model-1482 The best led shower head options that you can find online


  • The design is elegant and premium, and built to last.
  • There are even 5 different modules to set your 1482 up, which makes it pretty much the best investment for your money!
  • The shower head lighting is simply amazing. Lights are really bright, and they’re powered by water pressure.
  • The price is very low. For only $34.87, you will have a great and economizing shower head.


  • You can only attach the shower head, it is not hand-held.
  • It is only suitable for fixed showers, due to these motion restrictions.

LightInTheBox 20 Inch Square LED Shower Head

LightInTheBox-20-Inch-Square-LED-Shower-Head1 The best led shower head options that you can find online

This 20 Inch square shower head can be found in Light In The Box, an online store that has been around since 2007, and which supplies most households in the US and Canada. Yet, products can be ordered all around the world, including interior showers and heads for the garden area.

This model of ledshower, in particular, is mounted overheads, and it only has one spray module. The module comes the closest to what we know as rainfall, and which guarantees a very pleasant showering experience. The distinctive advantage of this shower head is size – with a square shape and even 20 inches surface, it spreads water shoulder-to-shoulder.

Unlike 1482, the LED lights on this shower head are regulated by a temperature sensor. They can be red, green, or blue – blue for cold, green for warm, and red for hot. The colors can also flash from time to time to indicate scalding water, or to warn you from pouring extremely hot water over you.

The material Light In The Box uses for all its products is cooper, but only such that contains as little lead as possible to be more durable. At the same time, these shower heads are extremely temperature-resistant, and you want se them scratched or eroding in a couple of years.

LightInTheBox-20-Inch-Square-LED-Shower-Head2 The best led shower head options that you can find online

What you will also like about them is the modern, up-to-date design, packed with stainless steel brushed finish. You get to choose between even 7 different shower heads, the largest of which weighs exactly 17.4 pounds. At the best scenario, you should mount them to the ceiling to avoid water pressure adding weight to the walls and damaging them.

Even when attached to the ceiling, of course, the shower head should rely on several strong arms to stay in place. The benefit of it is that you will feel as if you were in a genuine rainforest, and your showering experience will be better than ever.

Note, however, that Light in the Box doesn’t provide supply lines and fittings. To get does, you need to visit the local hardware store, which means your shower head will cost a bit more than expected.

At the same time, installation is more troublesome than the one of 1482. If you think that the unique rainfall spray is worth the effort, get ready to work for it!

Last but not least, the design of these shower heads with lights only allows you to mount them to the ceiling. This means that replacing your old and classic shower head may not be as easy as you thought.

LightInTheBox-20-Inch-Square-LED-Shower-Head The best led shower head options that you can find online


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Beautiful brushed finish for an elegant appearance
  • Large and mounted on the ceiling
  • Offers even three LED colors


  • You don’t receive supply lines and fittings
  • Installing it is difficult – you might need professional help
  • You can’t mount it on the walls – it has to stay on the ceiling.

Luminex by PowerSpa Color Changing Shower Head

Luminex-by-PowerSpa-Color-Changing-Shower-Head The best led shower head options that you can find online

After Dream Spa, we now have Power Spa! Don’t get confused, however – Both manufacturers know exactly what they’re doing, and their competition is fearless.

Power Spa’s Best Buy is Luminex – a LED shower head with great color-changing. Yet, according to some homeowners, hadn’t it been for the lights, Luminex would look simply dope and boring.

And still, there is something truly fun and interesting about how their handheld and fixed shower heads are combined. Both of them have the same LED lights, which makes them pretty unique on the market. They don’t use batteries – color changes are stimulated by a Supercharged Hydro Turbine that also regulates water pressure.

Such technology has made it possible for your shower head to last, and to prevent common clogging. It has a 4 inches diameter and even 4 different settings you can change to regulate the flow of water. Whatever setting you’ve chosen, you will enjoy your next shower!

Luminex-by-PowerSpa-Color-Changing-Shower-Head1 The best led shower head options that you can find online


  • The combination of handheld and fixed heads is indeed unique, and it is Luminex’s most recognizable feature.
  • The LED backlights are present on both shower heads.
  • These shower heads use a special Supercharged Hydro Turbine technology, which means they won’t clog, and that the water pressure will be regulated.
  • There are 4 different shower settings to choose from. Basically, Luminex can satisfy everybody’s needs.


  • The shower heads are made of plastic, which is not worth the price you’ll be paying. It is very questionable why the company decided to use this material instead of stainless steel which would make the product perfect.

Pission PSH-A3 Color Changing Shower Head

Pission-PSH-A3-Color-Changing-Shower-Head The best led shower head options that you can find online

What if you could change your old and boring shower head for an exciting one, and pay less than $20 for it? Indeed – shower heads with LED lighting can be affordable!

Pission makes this possible! Their PSH-A3 will save you some serious money, and offer LED lighting neatly combined with simple looks. You will also appreciate the narrow upper-side design and wider lower-side design, and the very long handle which is the king of shower functionality.

The water jet is simply breathtaking. As soon as you get water running, the head’s LED illuminate the entire bathroom, and do so within a very innovative range of colors. As you’re about to see, PSH-A3 can transform your shower experience in ways you couldn’t even think of.

The head comes with 3 settings, which is a pretty good deal considering the price. The best news is that there are even 7 colors, a feature that will certainly please your kids with color showers! What you may dislike about this shower is that it is only handheld, and you can’t mount it to the wall.

The absence of a fixed shower head makes perfect sense for the money you will be paying, and the quality is actually more than satisfying. In your place, we will definitely give this Pission masterpiece a second look.

Pission-PSH-A3-Color-Changing-Shower-Head1 The best led shower head options that you can find online


  • The quality is pretty admirable, especially compared with the low price.
  • PSH A3 has probably the best illumination on the market. You can choose between 7 colors, each of them associated with a particular water temperature.
  • You can install PSH A3 without any tool at all, and you can use it all types of bathrooms.
  • Let’s not forget – PSH A3 is incredibly cheap! You won’t get a better deal than this!


  • The design of PSH A3 is functional, but very simple and uninspiring.
  • If you’re really after improving your showering experience, the 3 settings PSH has to offer may not be enough.
  • There is no hose, which means you’ll have to buy one separately.

Fywonder-US LED Hand Shower Head

Fywonder-US-LED-Hand-Shower-Head The best led shower head options that you can find online

Fywonder-US LED Hand Shower Head is even cheaper than PSH A3. You can get it for only $12.99, but yet you wouldn’t have to worry whether it is going to break or clog over time.

Before you jump to conclusions, let us explain why Fywonder is worth your time. The product is made entirely of durable carbon, which ensures added thickness, sturdiness, and a lightweight feeling. This guarantees more than anything else that your shower head will last.

As for the features, we once again have a LED shower head that offers 7 color variations. You will also like the multiple dense holes on the head which provide a strong and pleasing water jet.

Thanks to such features, Fywonder-US helps you save water, and of course –money. What is even better is that you’ll be getting an installed filtration system thanks to which you will shower with clean and bacteria-free water.

Fywonder-US-LED-Hand-Shower-Head1 The best led shower head options that you can find online


  • This shower head has a funny price, and yet a stunning appearance.
  • Visuals are not all there is to it – the carbon and thickened abs construction make it sturdy and durable, which is how you know that it will last.
  • It is unbelievable to have even 7 LED color variations at this price.
  • Remember the dense holes? This is how you will shorten your water bill!
  • You can disassemble Fywonder-US any time in order to clean it.
  • It costs nothing more than $12.99!


  • There is no hose – you’ll have to buy it yourself.
  • The shower head is actually pretty small.

Getek Square 8″ inch LED Shower Head

Getek-Square-8inch-LED-Shower-Head The best led shower head options that you can find online

You wouldn’t believe this amazing Getek shower head! The company went a long way with the newest 8-inches LED design that will fit perfectly your master bathroom!

Similarly to our previous examples, this shower head lights up without electricity, using nothing but water power. The downpour is slightly harder than in other cases, which enhances the rainfall experience. There is also pulsating action that is a genuinely rare catch, and which ensures your body will be massaged after a long and stressful day at work.

What makes Getek’s design even more special are the incredible 160 holes. Thanks to them, the pressure will be easy to regulate. Ladies with long hair will also adore it, as it deliberately sprays downwards, making it easy to wash shampoo off. Water is dispersed evenly, which means that the rest of the bathroom remains dry even when your kids are having long baths

Getek’s LEED shower head also comes with sensitive temperature controls smartly connected with the colors. For instance, the head will be blue when water is colder than 87 degrees F, and turn green as the temperature exceeds 87 and moves towards 100 degrees F. For water warmer than 100 degrees F, the light will be red.

For security reasons, the LED lights start to flash each time the temperature surpasses 114 degrees F. This way, the shower head helps you prevent skin burns. Next to the colors, the shower head actually displays the temperature of the water so that you will be 100% sure.

The design is modern and desirable in every bathroom. It owes that foremost to the chrome sparkling finish, thanks to which this shower head is also easy to clean.

Getek is probably the only shower head provider to have acquired all safety certificates (ROHS, PAH, CE, and EMC). This means that it meets the requirements in many different countries, and that it has passed several quality inspections to ensure an impeccable experience.

What some of you may consider as a disadvantage is the weight. With 1.5 pounds, Getek’s shower heads are heavier than most competitors, but still very unlikely to fall or to damage your shower.

Another thing that is definitely a drawback is the estimated 6000 lifetime of its LED lights (most shower heads account for 10,000). Yet, with 6000 hours you will still be able to use the shower for years.

When it comes to price, Getek will cost more than other shower heads. Yet, we believe it is a pleasure worth to pay for, and valued just right for a safe and enjoyable bathroom.

Getek-Square-8-inch-LED-Shower-Head1 The best led shower head options that you can find online


  • Trouble-free installation
  • You can mount it both on the ceiling and the wall
  • It regulates temperature better than its competitors


  • Weights slightly more than other shower heads
  • The lifetime of its LED lights is estimated to only 6000 hours

Ana Bath shower heads

Ana-Bath-shower-heads The best led shower head options that you can find online

Ana Bath offers even five spray settings to please each household member. Here they are:

  • Saturating Spray
    • Massage Spray
    • Bubbling Spray
    • Saturating and Massage Spray
    • Saturating and Bubbling Spray

The combined LED shower system is very family-friendly, and offers therefore a mounted and handheld shower head.

The stainless steel hose is included in the price, and it is even 60 inches long. Basically, you will be able to pull it in every corner of your shower, which makes it perfect for spacious bathrooms.

Led by the idea to save water, this shower head packs water-saving features, and cuts your expenses on the long run. All shower heads are 4”, which means that the water flow will still feel very nice.

Plus, Ana Bath shower heads have some of the best 3-way diverter mounts, and therefore guide water between the faucet and the shower head better than any competitor. There is also a double hook to hang the handheld head next to the mounted one.

What this means is that you will be getting an actual set of several pieces (diverters, two LED shower heads, hooks, hoses), all of which are chrome plated and will give your bathroom an expensive look.

The quality is also premium – thanks to the chrome finish, al parts will resist rust, decay, or corrosion. As satisfied customers claim, you will forget when you bought your Ana Bath shower heads.

Coming back to LED lights, we must say that Ana Bath’s offer is quite limited. There is only blue light, but that may be perfectly enough if you’re after a smoother and calmer atmosphere.

Another drawback to keep in mind is that having two shower heads instead of one and diverting water results in higher water pressure. This may be an issue when using both of the heads simultaneously.

A bonus tip – these shower sets are just cut for intimate and romantic bathroom settings. T

Ana-Bath-shower-heads1 The best led shower head options that you can find online


  • Instead of one, you get two shower heads – a mounted and a handheld one
  • It causes almost no noise at all
  • You can install it very easily
  • It has a massaging setting
  • It is very flexible and adjustable


  • The led shower head is only available in one color
  • It requires stronger water pressure than other shower heads.

HotelSpa All Chrome Handheld Shower Head

HotelSpa-All-Chrome-Handheld-Shower-Head The best led shower head options that you can find online

If you check the list of the seven best shower head, Hotel Spa will strike you as the only one there which is both handheld and mounted. As you mount it in an overhead position, you will enjoy a very adjustable angle bracket that moves water wherever you need it.

Its handheld head, on the other hand, is offered with a five-foot long hose. The hose is not only long, but also flexible, and made of stainless steel nuts you can tighten any time you want.

There will be no need for batteries, as Hotel Spa relies entirely on hydroelectric power. You won’t need any tools or professional help to install it, and you will become the biggest fan of its massaging, rain-shower head.

There are 5 shower modes offered by Hotel Spa:

  • Power Rain
  •  Pulsating Massage
  •  Hydrating Mist
  •  Water-Saving Economy Rain
  •  Pause

Better yet, the LED features of this shower head are unique. They are located right on the handheld portion, and have a built-in temperature sensor and display that allow the colors to change each time temperature changes.

HotelSpa-All-Chrome-Handheld-Shower-Head2 The best led shower head options that you can find online

How do the lights vary? The approach is pretty common – Blue stands for temperature lower than 95 degrees F; Green represents temperatures between 95 and 108 degrees F; and Red appears as soon as temperature exceeds 109 degrees F.

If you see a flashing red light, you will know that temperature has gone beyond 122 degrees F, and that you shouldn’t touch the water. What Hotel Spa is also well-known for is the durability of its LED lights known to exceed 10,000 hours.

Another specific feature that makes HotelSpa stand out of the crowd is the 3-zone spiral-flow dial for precision and the rub-clean jets. This means that you won’t have any problems cleaning your shower as many times as you want. There is also a smart click lever on the handheld head that lets you regulate your spray settings.

The face of this shower head is extra-large (4.25 inches), and ensures that water will cover your entire body. By the way, water flows at an ideal rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.

Thanks to the elegant design and all-over chrome finish on both heads, Hotel Spa matches each style. The lights, on the other hand, enhance a positive mood and help bring life to simple and dull bathrooms.

Of course, not everything about Hotel Spa is pitched perfect. For starters, you will notice that the LED temperature reader displays only odd numbers, and is not always absolutely accurate. This shouldn’t stop you from buying it, but we still considered it important.

A more serious drawback is its hand unit being made entirely of plastic. Despite of it, Hotel Spa is generally known as a durable and difficult-to-damage product. The hose is five feet long and works well for regular showering, but if you want water to reach all corners of the shower, you better consider replacing it.

HotelSpa-All-Chrome-Handheld-Shower-Head1 The best led shower head options that you can find online


  • Additional height
  • Trouble-free installation
  • Massaging settings
  • Flexible and adjustable


  • A LED display that only provides odd numbers
  • Hard plastic on the handheld parts

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