When it comes to traditional bathroom designs, it usually takes inspiration from historical eras, regarding trending designs, decors or materials.

Usually, styles that one think of when a traditional design is the case are Victorian and colonial styles.

However, it doesn’t have to be specifically connected to an era.

All in all, when discussing classic bathroom designs, it’s not about what it is, but rather what it is not. And it’s not modern, contemporary or sleek.

Traditional Bathroom Ideas

  • Use freestanding baths
  • Use traditional bathroom furniture with lots of storage space
  • Use traditional showers
  • Use traditional style radiators
  • Use traditional taps
  • Add nice textures to your bathroom decor
  • Try certain shades of blue
  • Add a built-in dressing table
  • Try a wall treatment
  • Use a Victorian style when decorating

Now let’s look in detail at traditional bathroom ideas and decor.

One of the most important elements when it comes to thinking of traditional bathroom ideas is the surface. Natural materials like stone, granite or slate are quite featured in countertops.

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New-West-Classic-by-Clay-Construction-Inc Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Clay Construction Inc.

Regarding tile choices, both floor and wall, they vary from historical to vintage, including tiles that are hexagonal, subway or penny tiles.

There is a possibility of even mixing different periods of classic traditional bathroom designs, even though it may appear as disharmonious. Matching some colonial style with the 1940s vintage style is what would be an inharmonious design.

Classic-Bath-by-Mark-Williams-Design-Associates Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Mark Williams Design Associates

Materials often used for traditional bathrooms furniture are mainly natural. For sink cabinet bases, chairs or benches wood pieces of exceptional quality is what people use. And if we talk about colonial bathrooms, maple, oak, and cherry are the most used wood materials. And they can be found in the Northeastern U.S., where the American colonies were from.

Moreover, the material used for the sink and all the other bathroom fixtures are also made from porcelain or stone, that are of rather historic pedigree as well. Also common when it comes to traditional bathroom designs are a basin, pedestal, and console sink types.

Relaxing-Space-by-One-Week-Bath-Inc. Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: One Week Bath, Inc.

And nowadays those can come in a variety of materials, materials that can even improve the look which would be attained with classic porcelain. Additionally, there are as well versions that can be made from wood or even from metals, like bronze or copper.

When speaking about important features a traditional bathroom design may include, metals are very significant for them, as they can be used for lamps, faucets and even furniture hardware. Most frequent choices are iron, copper and oil-rubbed bronze.

Lastly, when talking about sheets and the rest of the accessories you can include in your traditional bathroom design ideas, opting for plain towels, shower curtains and other accessories will be a move with which you cannot go wrong.

East-Mountain-by-DD-Ford-Construction-1 Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: DD Ford Construction

Some of the colors that are mostly used are white, brown, blue, red and green.

There are plenty of attractive designs you can find among traditional styles, and it’s just the matter of choosing the right one for your home.

Fundamentally, all traditional styles are much more diverse and symmetrical than modern and contemporary styles. Sink Pedestals are differently chiseled, with depressions that are striped vertically, two-piece toilets are used, bases tend to be separate and their designs are different and fittings and hardware are decorated to an extent.

And the most prominent features of traditionalism are clawfoot tubs and arched Palladian windows.

Traditional-Bathroom-by-Chalet Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Chalet

From a Historical Viewpoint

Restricted space in a bathroom does not have to influence its style. There can be an arched doorway, made by a stone-look veneer. And if that’s spread all around the home, it can achieve a historic image. Additionally, a mixture of natural stone surfaces and dark wood stains maintain stylishness.

Enclosure of Stones

The versatility of bathroom gives you the room to furnish it as you want to combine both stylistic surfaces and delightful fixtures. For example, something, such as tiles for instance, or another fixture may emphasize a part of your bathroom, or simply to highlight a style you are going for.

You can also go for a glass door, which would give you a classy entrance to the bathroom, and a perfect view of it from your home.

Opting for Vanity

Regarding bathrooms, there is the furniture vanity you can put inside your bathroom’s entrance, just at the beginning. It has an open bottom, which you can use as storage; also, it can give you more room for roaming inside.

Arts-and-Crafts-Bathroom-by-Dresser-Homes Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Dresser Homes

Sophistication of Spouting

The sink you use can be made from copper patina and appealing textures which will add to your desired design. Also, the faucet that is installed in the wall can be quite an addition to your bathroom, stylistically wise.

Beams of Light

Always have a window in the bathroom, a porthole-style one. Not only it would help you with all that steam, but also nothing is better than natural daylight in a bathroom.

Stylish Features

What can make a bathroom design even more sophisticated is going for fleur-de-lis touches. It originates from New Orleans, roots of the homeowner, and its touches all over the bathroom take it to another level.

Kiawah-Renovation-by-Harper-Construction-Inc. Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Harper Construction Inc.

Classic and Contemporary

This bathroom has it all, both traditional style and contemporary functionality. Brittle whites mixing with dark stained wood attain a certain contrast, one that gives the room a feeling of sincerity and class.

Beauty of Contrasts

The vanity in the bathroom has cabinet doors made from simple wood and drawers that are framed with white, emphasizing the beauty of contrast even more. Also, mirror above it gives it artistic look.

A Vintage Touch

Knobs on the cabinet doors and drawers made from a vintage looking glass efficiently add up to the room’s traditional looks. It doesn’t interfere with the contrast and yet provides another classy feature.

Basement-Bathroom-by-Classic-Homeworks Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Classic Homeworks


Sconces paired with the mirror frame and beautiful glass door is a successful combination, especially because sconces are decorated with crystals.

The Styles of Tiles

Onyx golden tiles bring out the colorfulness of the cabinetry, also they mix perfectly with white marble adding so a layer of pattern to the floor of the bathroom. Additionally, floor heating maintains the warmth of the tiles always. All of these are just traditional bathroom tile ideas you can have in mind if opt for something like this.

Filler Addition

What metal tub filler can bring out of a look of a bathroom not many other things can. It adds to the elegance of it, and just like cabinet pulls and sconces it helps to attain a certain vintage style.

The-Boland-Home-by-Mitch-Wise-Design-Inc Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Mitch Wise Design,Inc.

Contemporary Convenience

A handheld showerhead is included in the marble shower enclosure, and it’s the best purpose is its pairing with a ceiling-mount rain-style that is above. The mount that can be adjusted is connected with a wall bar, which gives you a commodity of fixing everything as you like.

Progressive Thinking

With the help from some traditional touches, a small bathroom all of a sudden becomes very stylish. Also, glimmering chrome bathroom fixtures bring elegance and class.

Simplicity Is the Key

The bathroom’s small custom vanity was painted a neutral gray and topped with crisp white marble, a surface often found in traditional-style bathrooms. The wall-mount medicine cabinet was painted the same color as the walls to blend in with its surroundings, allowing the marble countertop to stand out.

The small vanity placed in the bathroom was painted with gray, and it’s topped with white crisp marble, which is a surface mostly found in bathrooms with traditional style. Of the same color is the medicine cabinet that is attached to the wall.

Brady-House-by-Avenue-B-Development Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Avenue B Development

Remarkable Fixtures

One of the shower features is showerhead, an adjustable one, mounted on a chrome bar, enabling you easy showers. Additionally, it reflects beams of light from the window, and that way only improves the experience in the bathroom.

Suitable Shelving

Having a niche in the shower can only help you. You can place there shelving, one shelf for the bottles and soap bars, and another one shampoo and conditioner.

Delightful Surfaces

What can also help the appeal of the vanity are the shapely sink and a curvy faucet. Both of them plain and simple, allowing other fixtures to thrive.

Hurlingham-by-Dennis-Mayer-Photographer Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Dennis Mayer Photographer


A light fixture installed above the vanity mirror conveys vintage style, which enhances the bathroom’s traditional look. The crisp white shades provide contrast to the bluish-gray wall color.

There is a light element placed above the mirror of the vanity, which improves the traditional appearance the bathroom has. Also, it adds to the contrast with its crisp white shades.

Functionality and Stylishness

The white subway tiles on the walls and shower benefit also from contrast, mostly because there are black liner tiles all across the room. Also, the glass door of the shower gives you a view from the entrance.

When Texture Comes to Help

Adding texture can only improve the design of this exceptional bathroom. Its traditional image only benefits from these walnut-stained cabinets and granite countertop. Moreover, a mirror of carved wood, nickel sink bowl, and grasscloth wallpaper make an effort as well.

Fremont-Georgian-Residence-by-Peterssen-Keller-Architecture Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Peterssen Keller Architecture

Modern Vintage Style

There are some additions that are contemporary; however, they can also show a traditional, retro appearance. What adds most to it is wide-plank beaded-board wainscoting. Also, oval freestanding tub, a pedestal sink, and other retro fixtures are complementing the vintage image.

Contemporary Traditional Design

Usage of traditional patterns and colors gives this bathroom a certain extent of cheerfulness. Bright yellow tiles beautified with a raised scroll add to the provincial decorative image. Also, elements that are furniture-like, such as a double-pedestal sink and cabinetry improve that provincial decorative image even further.

An Ultimate Womanish Bathroom

What emphasizes effeminacy of a bathroom the best is an arched alcove with windows that provides a bubble bath shelter. Floral fabrics and pink tiles assert the sweet touches. There is also the clawfoot tub that matches the style of faucets, and all of that corresponds with a mosaic tile floor, with some crystal chandelier beaming from above.

Vanities Alike Furniture

All these specifically designed vanities, give respect actually to the furniture found in French bathrooms, with its support of the extended sinks. Also, the cabinetry has an enormous storage and its appearance is uniquely designed.

Master-Bathroom-by-Fairview-Builders-LLC Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Fairview Builders, LLC

Incredulous Bathroom Storage

The benefit of having built-in cabinetry is an enormous storage space found in the bathroom. The mesmerizing mixture of mahogany and maple woods gives quite a sight to the eye. Counters of white marble and gilded elements with help from wallpaper with 19th-century damask-print portray the home’s Victorian roots.

Traditional Red

True to tradition, this bathroom features classic molding and fixtures, dressed up with red walls and a few soft touches of fabric on an ottoman and area rug.

The red color is the perfect one to give life to a bathroom and to help its traditional image at the same time. With its traditional heritage, the bathroom has classic elements and molding, embraced by red walls and a couple of tender touches fabric on an ottoman rug.

Modest Powder Room

Having warm chocolate color with some cream wainscoting and crisp white elements are what portrays this power room as a commodious. What adds to its image without endangering the small space are a Roman shade, beautiful pedestal sink, and a quintessential Roman shade.

Borrowing Ideas from Other Rooms

Introducing elements from the other rooms is what makes this bathroom’s design more captivating. There’s a huge mirror, resembling one that may be found in a formal dining room here serves as a substitute for a medicine cabinet. You can plan that in advance, and ask the contractor to reserve space for openings through the glass for plumbing and lighting.

Chorley-Cottage-by-Clark-Co-Homes Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Clark & Co Homes

Embedded Dressing Table

If there’s enough space, a dressing table area is a welcome element among the traditional bathroom decorating ideas. Also, cabinetry is groomed to comply with the rest of the bathroom, and its purpose is to create more space. Additionally, upper cabinets have mirrored doors that are angled, so they create the look of a trifold mirror.

Timeless Wall Treatment

Wood paneling offers a timeless, traditional look. In this bathroom, rich mahogany with a matte furniture finish gives the classic design element a sophisticated modern appearance.

A timeless and traditional image can be attained with wood paneling. In the bathroom, matte furniture and mahogany add to the refined contemporary image.

The Classic Attraction of Marble

Glimmering white marble stands for a lovely style statement. It was used for this capacious double vanity in the traditional master bathroom, not only for the countertop but also for a shelf above. The final appearance carries a vintage resemblance to a 1950s hotel.

Victorian Style Inspired Bathroom

Maintaining that traditional note was essential to the homeowners who enriched their 1880s San Francisco Queen Anne home with these traditional master bathroom ideas. It was necessary to pair the Victorian design with some today’s functionality.

Custom-designed sinks provide you with more space for a counter. And floor made of marble tiles obtains warmth from radiant flooring. And incredulous storage is available with help of a cabinet that’s built to fit.

The-Reserve-Lake-Chateau-by-Dillard-Jones-Builders-LLC-1 Traditional Bathroom Ideas To Use For A Neat Look
Image source: Dillard-Jones Builders, LLC

Design of a Functional Room

Even though what’s of the primary importance of a bathroom is its function, this master bathroom shows us that design is possible as well. All of the elements can help out the design, from the draperies and wallpapers to the chandelier-style elements. In addition, even things such as furniture can find its place in this functional bathroom.

What can help you to maintain that classic image of a bathroom is using sturdy and solid materials. Placing a clawfoot tub as a centerpiece, or marble for a sink stand is useful in these situations. Mixing all this will enable your design to look as traditional as possible while keeping its functionality.

Patterns and color shades are essential for traditional bathrooms, even though they tend to be simple. Bright, gray and black shades are all colors you need if you are to make yourself a truly traditional bathroom.

Ending thoughts on these traditional bathroom ideas 

If it’s a traditional bathroom, it’s not boring. It’s classic, timeless, vintage, simple but respected throughout the whole world.

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