Decorating on a budget does not have to be synonymous with limiting our imagination. Especially when it comes to our personal room. We cannot do a mediocre job that we will later hate. Do you want to know some cool things for your room without having to mortgage the rest of the house? Then you came to the correct guide.

Our room is a special place. It is where we come to rest and relax after a tiring day. Having a messy room does not help this purpose, so we should pay special attention to its decor.

Thanks to these home decoration tips, you can give a special touch to this space of your home, so that your personality overflows in it.

Not all your home should be decorated in the same way

Spring-House-by-V-Fine-Homes Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)
Image source: V Fine Homes

Although it is possible that your home as a set has a unique style, each room has its own language in the decoration. A kitchen is not the same as the living room, and although we try to maintain similar furniture, they end up being very different. The same goes for our room, so you should not worry if some room decoration tips seem out of place with our entire home.

With this, we mean that you can freely consider the materials and details that you will use for the room. Everything that interests you is an option.

Painting is the secret of budget decoration

Bella-Fiore-by-Studio-V-Interior-Design Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Studio V Interior Design

You do cool things for your room just using paint. In addition, this is cheaper than the vast majority of decorating options.

Working and decorating with paint is relatively simple, it only takes time and perseverance. If you do not know how to start, try looking for colors that you like. Walk through the paint shops and see your possible options. Go reducing them until you have only a few.

If the store offers samples, take some and paint small pictures on the walls of your room. Wait a few days and study how they perform in different angles of light or with the furniture that surrounds them. Remember that not all have the same finish.

Be the artist of the artwork that decorates your room

UPPER-VINTAGE-ROAD-Laguna-Niguel-CA-Teen-girls-room-by-Grace-Blu-Design Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Grace Blu Design

No home is complete with at least one artwork on a wall. We do not say that we have to cover them with paintings, but there should be some to give the room more character. However, buying a professional painter can be very expensive.

One of the best decor ideas on a budget is that we ourselves are the artist. And if our ability with the brush is not very good, we can get away by painting basic patterns, lines or polka dots on a canvas. Remember to frame it so you can hang it.

Always look for a natural touch with a plant

Bella-Fiore-by-Studio-V-Interior-Design1 Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Studio V Interior Design

Among the cool things for your room that cannot miss, there are the plants. Plants that work indoors have relaxing properties, in addition to helping to clean the environment (although we must maintain the number of plants controlled or it will have the opposite effect).

Mirrors are smart solutions

Southampton-Beach-House-by-Amy-Hill-Designs Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Amy Hill Designs

Thanks to the qualities of the mirrors, we can create visually larger rooms or dispense with the use of so many lamps as they reflect the lighting. A budget decoration of easy installation and with an immediate effect on the environment.

Stack all the cushions you can

Sea-Cliff-SF-by-Tamalpais-Construction-Company Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Tamalpais Construction Company

When you are not using your bed to sleep, stack all the cushions you can on it. Immediately, you have created the ideal sofa. Sitting will be like being on a cloud, and just seeing it will make you want to throw yourself on it.

Create removable designs with washi tape

Mod-Playroom-by-Abaca-Interiors Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Abaca Interiors

The paper tape, or washi tape, is ideal if we want to make fast decorations that we can eliminate or modify without much effort. This tape sticks gently on the walls, so you will not damage the paint or coatings you have.

Look for different options, since it has multiple colors and patterns. Use it to create simple lines or figures that are more complex. You can even use it to create a minimalist bedroom on a budget if we use the correct quantities and colors.

Create your own candles

Interior-Design-Residential-Photography-by-Grossman-Photography Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Grossman Photography

If we are fans of candles, either by the lighting they give or by the aromas that some include, we can create our own candles using teacups.

Simply put a wick in a teacup and then pour melted wax on it. Wait until it dries and you will have a new vintage candle to decorate your room.

Nails and strings for unique artworks

Playing-Around-By-22-INTERIORS Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: 22 INTERIORS

Budget home decor is 100% about being creative. The artworks do not have to be only painting on a canvas. In fact, one way to make them that provide a unique result with light is with strings.

The process is simple; we just have to put some nails on a board and begin to tie one or more ropes around them, creating the designs and patterns we want.

Polka dots never go out of style

Girls-Polka-Dot-Bedroom-by-Emily-A-Clark Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Emily A. Clark

Be for wall or floor decoration, painting polka dots never go out of style. They give a creative touch to the room where they are used, being especially ideal for children.

You can use them with contrasting colors or with simple changes of shades to the base paint. We can also apply it to a specific part of the room or to all the walls.

Take advantage of the space created with fairy lights

Hanging lights, also called fairy lights, are one of the cool things for your room that gives you more freedom when using them. With this, we mean that, in addition to giving life to the room because of the bright colors they have, they are ideal to use as support for other decorations.

We can decorate the cables with small pins that show our personality. Alternatively, we can hang some trinkets that we have loose on the floor or furniture, eliminating the mess of the room.

Minimalism allows us to keep costs low

Carroll-Gardens-Abode-by-CWB-Architects-1 Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: CWB Architects

One of the styles of modern design, and of which you have surely heard more than once, is minimalism. This style consists of following the philosophy that “less is more” without abandoning good taste.

In the past, exaggerated ornaments were the way to decorate homes. However, our modern lives have led us to appreciate open spaces and having a minimum quantity of details.

Minimalism is highlighted by its few elements, which have a very strong emphasis within the whole, thus limiting the amount used. For example, the furniture is just the right, and the colors are mostly neutral or pastel, so each contrast has an important value.

The best part is that, with the use of the ideal elements, we can achieve a minimalist design that hardly costs us money. With a couple of large pieces, it will be more than enough. In addition, if you achieve a strong natural lighting input, you will have half the work done.

Add colors and designs to the walls

Hillgrove-by-Tim-Barber-Ltd-Architecture Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

If you like colors and you think that each day is a carnival, you should try sticking confetti on the walls. A multicolored rain of different shapes will adorn all your mornings (be it painted or on sticky paper).

Another idea, but equally motivating, is to place our personal photos on the wall, but without framing in the traditional way. In this case, what we will do is create the frame on the same wall, being able to enclose multiple photos inside one to form a kind of collage.

Light your room with chandeliers

HAMPSTEAD-APARTMENT-No1-by-STEPHEN-FLETCHER-ARCHITECTS Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: STEPHEN FLETCHER ARCHITECTS

Candlesticks are not exclusive to dining rooms. If space allows, we can install one in our bedroom to give it an air of luxury.

If we do not have as much space, we can always use a more modest option like sconces. In general, any crystal luminaire is exceptional for decoration.

Do not limit the entry of natural light

York-Living-Room-by-Marcye-Philbrook Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Marcye Philbrook

One of the most pleasant decor on a budget is to simply let sunlight enter. Our decoration in this section will be done through curtains of fine fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk. Also, if the sun hits a lot, try using light colors so they do not burn.

A small and brilliant night ally

These friends, more than lights, are small accessories that illuminate the road in times of need, but without dazzling us. A night light is extremely useful when we get up at night, and as a benefit, they can serve as decoration, as they come in many forms.

Our room can be high with visual tricks

Peoples-Choice-Award-Best-Master-Suite-by-Angela-Todd-Studios-Portland-OR Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Angela Todd Studios | Portland, OR

We do not have to live in a small claustrophobic room. One of the cool things for your room you can do with a bit of effort is to visually increase its height. How can we move the roof without demolishing it? It is easy.

The first thing we can do is paint it white. This light color helps reduce the feeling of confinement in the bedroom. In addition, a tip presented by Allen- Brett suggests that we should install curtains that are taller than windows. It does not need to be much higher than these, with 3 inches is enough.

Just as vertical stripes make people look thinner when worn as garments, vertical lines on the upholstery can help us create a taller room.

We mentioned it previously, but installing a mirror is one of the best visual tricks that exist since they create a sense of depth.

Show your books to the world

If we collect books, we can order them in shelves in strategic ways that help us decorate the room. Find all the ones that are the same tone and create patterns on the shelves. You can also show one or two front covers instead of just the side.

The decoration of the shelves is paramount

Portfolio-by-Barbara-Genda-Bespoke-Furniture-n-Interiors Cool things for your room to try now (awesome decorating ideas)Image source: Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture & Interiors

Mix objects of different sizes on the shelves to create the same contrast that is created with the largest decoration in the room. A pair of large objects will stand out from the smallest ones, but it makes the latter have an important role in the details. Try that the small ones are the majority to balance the impact that large objects create.

If you still need help in this section, you can hire an organizer to guide you through the cleaning process. It is said that, in general, our shelves have twice the objects we really need.

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