Many of us like staying on top of the latest interior trends but don’t have the finances to keep our interiors right up to date.  You could invest in one big change that won’t date, such as adding a good quality wooden floor. Sure, wooden flooring costs a reasonable amount of money, but it could be a good investment.

However, you could be looking for subtle changes that won’t hurt the bank balance.  Giving our rooms a little refresh once in a while can be beneficial.  And the living room is a great place to start.

Paint it

Painting the walls in a new color is a simple and quick way to refresh a whole room. But if you want to cut down on your paint costs, try your hand at color-blocking techniques or adding an accent wall.

Hang it up

Walls don’t need to be painted to have a refresh.  They can be renewed by adding fresh wall décor.  Large mirrors, gallery walls and wall hangings are easy additions to make.  If you’re a fan of vintage, try hanging retro signage.  Or if you like modern designs, try using metal or wooden wall sculptures.

New rug

Especially when you’re not thinking of investing in a new floor, adding a rug is a quick and cost-effective change to make.  Choose a style that will invigorate the room’s décor without clashing with your furnishings.


If you want to introduce a new color or style without buying new furniture, you could look at refreshing your living room accessories.  New throws, cushion covers, vases, plant pots, cushion covers and candle holders are all simple and affordable items to change.

Cover it

If you’ve got a sofa that you like but it’s starting to look a bit shabby, why not consider getting it reupholstered?  Alternatively, you could buy some new loose covers for it.  Stretchy sofa covers are designed to fit many sofa styles; however, you may prefer a custom-made set of covers that fit more snugly.

Table swap

If you can’t afford to buy new furniture for the whole room, why not change one small piece?  Coffee tables are often in the center of the room, so changing this one item of furniture could make a noticeable impact.

New light

And finally, why not consider a new ceiling light in your lounge?  There are light fittings available for most budgets, so this is a good cost-effective change to make.  Go for ceiling pendants or cluster lights as these will create more of an impact than a flush light fitting.

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