The colors are all around us, and their impact on our lives is enormous and too often underestimated.

They affect our moods subconsciously, and because of that when arranging the living space, you should take into account what type of feelings you want to generate by using them.

If you want to change the look of your home without spending too much money, the simplest solution is to change the color of the walls, the furniture and the decorative details – such as pillows, curtains or carpet.

But before starting a makeover, as we already said, pay attention when choosing the colors according to the atmosphere you want to create.

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun1 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Kolbe Windows & Doors

Scientifically speaking, color is the first thing you notice when you come across something new and they affect our mood and behavior.

Human reaction to them is subjective and therefore unpredictable, so there’s no color that is universally attractive or repulsive, but small changes in tone can wake up or suppress certain emotions.

Yellow is the color of the sun and is therefore considered to be a symbol of optimism. It affects positively on the concentration and if you use it in your home it will spread optimism and good mood.

This fun and bright color is best to used only as an alternative to highlight a particular piece of furniture.

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Yellow carpet or other accessories will surely be pleasing to the eyes, but the yellow walls are not such a good idea. Because of that, we suggest you to incorporate a yellow sofa or yellow couch into your living room.

It will definitely become the focal point of the living room and through this article we will give you a few yellow sofa decorating ideas.

How to decorate the yellow couches and the space around them?

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The sofa is one of the largest pieces of furniture in each living room and how are you going to decorate your sofa and the space around it is really important.

If you want to bring a cheerful yet modern look into your living room, you can certainly do it by using yellow sofa. Incorporating the right decorative elements around it will make it look not so “out of place”.

There is an endless number of options on how you can decorate the sofa. A really good solution to make the yellow sofa not so over reachingly outstanding and eye-catching is to use patterns.

You can also use different tones of yellow, starting from yellow-beige, banana yellow, lemon yellow, Tuscan san yellow and many more.

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun18 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Cory Connor Designs

When you choose the color that according to you will look best in your living room, you can continue to add accessories in different colors.

In order to figure out which color match best with the yellow color, we suggest you to buy a wheel of colors, or to find one online and print it.

The colors that are next to the yellow and across of it in the wheel of colors are suitable for using. In this group belong: green, orange, violet, blue and brown, as well as black and white.

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun6 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Interiors by Design, Ltd.

The arrangement of the interior of the house in retro style is becoming a popular global trend. It’s no surprise that as this trend develops the number of antique shops with vintage decorations is increasing.

The living room is suitable to exhibit the small retro treasures. The vintage furniture can be easily combined with all other styles.

So, if you want to incorporate a dose of vintage in the living room, the yellow sofa is the perfect solution for that.

It can be easily combined with other retro inspired elements such as music instruments, some cool pillows or even plants.

If you want to create a living room that is highly modern and luxury, we suggest you to combine the yellow sofa color with metal decorative elements.

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun10 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Horchow

You can use any type of metal, including the attractive silver, nickel and gold color. These colors can be used for the frames, the pillows or the vases.

If you want to achieve even more modern design, we suggest the sofa to be with a rounded shape. This combination will definitely create a very unique living room design.

In a situation when you are aiming for a more colorful and fresh design, we suggest you to add pillows in different colors (find which colors match with the yellow on the color wheel).

Try to add a minimal number of additional furniture, because you may end up creating a mess of colors.

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun5 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Foursquare Builders

If you don’t want a very catchy design, the best idea is to choose only one color that you will combine with the yellow. A good suggestion is the blue color.

You can use it for the pillow, for the curtains, for the rugs…it is your choice. But don’t stick with only one shade.

Try to use different shades of yellow and blue in the design, so that every accessory will stand out individually.

But, if you are aiming for a design where you don’t want the used colors to stand out individually, we suggest you to use neon shades of different colors that will create an overall eye-catching design.

The final step is to use the appropriate lightning, that will act as a “cherry to the cream”.

Choose lightning that matches the colors that you previously choose for your living room design.

Yellow couch design ideas

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun7 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio

If you can’t decide which yellow tone from the color wheel you want to use, here we will give a few suggestions depending on what kind of mood you want to generate in the space.

Cheerful mood

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun14 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Ryan Group Architects

If you want to create a living room with a cheerful personality, decorating with a yellow couch is the right thing. It will brighten the entire space and bring a dose of happiness.

You can even add more color by incorporating some fun pillows that will complement the couch.

Make it stand out

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun8 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Donald Lococo Architects

If you want to sofa to really stand out into the overall design of the room, you can paint the walls and floors with some gentle, not eye-catching color (for example white or beige). This way, your yellow sofa will definitely be the main point of attention.

Make a difference

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun13 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Carolyn Baylon Design

By only changing the color of the furniture and adding color different from the entire color scheme, will definitely make the difference you are aiming for.

Create a sunny atmosphere

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun9 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Rethink Design Studio

If your living room is decorated with dark “liveliness” colors, the yellow sofa will definitely bring the cheerful atmosphere that you always wanted.

Relaxing environment

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun12 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro

The combination of yellow furniture and creamy pillows and other accessories will create a living room where you can definitely relax yourself from the long day at work.

Magical living room

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun0 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Hobbs’ Ink, LLC

The combination of yellow and silver shades will create a highly luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere in the living room. Incorporate silver color for the chairs, rungs and chandeliers and will make no mistake.

Lovely design

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun15 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Chloe Warner

A round yellow sofa combined with fluffy pillows, interesting bookshelves and a bunch of fresh flowers will definitely create a gorgeous and captivating living room!

French style

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun17 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: Kukk Architecture & Design P.A.

If you want to create a French style living room, the usage of glassy chandelier and decorative mirrors will surely help you to achieve your wish.

Choose yellow without any hesitations!

Decorating-With-A-Yellow-Couch-Color-Of-The-Sun11 Decorating With A Yellow CouchImage source: IC360 Images/Jim Tschetter

Yellow is the color of the sun, and just like it, this color radiates vivacity, warmth and energy. It is therefore an excellent choice when it comes to color for decorating and arranging the interior in a home or office extension.

Depending on the space you have and your desire, the intensity and amount of this color is chosen.

The yellow color is great for emphasizing things, so if you want to increase your self-confidence use our yellow sofa living room ideas and bring positive vibes in your home